Chapter 01: Explosion (part 1)

It was the month of November. Jiangbei City, Jiangbei Province, China.

The night was cold and windy, and people on the road were in a hurry. After all, it was already 10 o’clock in the evening, and the weather was so cold.

Jiangbei City, was the capital city of Jiangbei Province. Although it was only a small third-tier city, it was also a provincial capital, and there were things that big cities should have here. Therefore, the consumption level has always been high.

There were 4 counties and 5 districts in Jiangbei City, and this story starts from the 5th district, the Xinjian District.

Xinghua Road in the Xinjian District, this road was a commercial street in the Xinjian District. The crowds were surging, and the snack and supper shops along the road were full.

But the buildings here were all dilapidated. Each building had only 7 floors. There were no elevators, no property, not even a parking space. These buildings were over 20 years old. People who live here looked forward to them being demolished every day. But it just didn’t happen.


In front of the residential building, the dim street lights flickered, and it was quiet. Everyone turned off the lights and went to sleep.

And on the third floor of one of the buildings was brightly lit through the curtains.

“Wife, let’s do it… please…” An urgent and a bit miserable voice sounded.

It was a young man with black-rimmed glasses. He was wearing pajamas, rubbing his hands and smiling as he looked at the woman lying on the bed.

“I’m tired, sleep.”

The woman on the bed said in a cold voice.

“Tired… tired, Tu Sisi, tell me, when are you not tired? Eh? You take care of our son. You cook and wash clothes at home every day. You are more tired than I am at work. Tell me, how long have we been without doing that?” Gu Xia asked with a sneer.

Tu Sisi sat up with a frosty face when she heard those words, her long flaxen hair was draped behind her, and her delicate face fell. She first glanced at the child who was sleeping beside her, and saw that he was fast asleep. Then she raised her head and said coldly, “I just coaxed Chengcheng to fall asleep? And, you wanted to wake him up? What else do you think about all day long except for that shit?”

“Hehe… yes, I only think about this shit. I’m exhausted from work every day. Isn’t it normal to think about that at night? But since Chengcheng was born, we only have one time per month on average. Only once! We are only 30. I’m far from being old, but I’m living the life of an old man.” Gu Xia sneered.

“It’s just you who worked hard? You come back in the middle of the night every day. When you come home, the fumes of alcohol on your body can kill people. When you come back, you either fall asleep or go crazy with alcohol. You’re working hard? I haven’t asked you about the fact that you sometimes have the scent of women on your body. Can you explain the smell of perfume? You lost your temper with me today, if it wasn’t for Chengcheng, I would have divorced you already.” Tu Sisi glanced at Gu Xia with contempt, and asked with a sneer.

Gu Xia felt that he was about to explode with anger, and he suddenly thought about what he was really working so hard for!

‘I run business during the day, till my feet are blistered, and at night I have to accompany clients to drink and laugh like they are my grandfather. I have to drink even if I can’t and vomit, just to make a deal and make more money. As for the perfume on my body, There must be more or less women on some occasions, but I have always acted upright, and I have never messed around outside. Unexpectedly, when it came to my wife, she thought I was eating, drinking, and playing every day!’

Gu Xia has never been so angry and sad like today. In the past, even if his wife didn’t let him make out with her, Gu Xia could solve it by himself at best, but he couldn’t accept his tiring work every day, earning money to support his family and paying the mortgage. But, what he still couldn’t understand was the word “divorce”. Was it that easy to say? 

Gu Xia was very worried, he didn’t know why it became like this.

“Hahaha. Divorce? Divorce is good! I knew you had this idea for a long time, well, tomorrow I will fulfill that for you. And you can finally go to your Hu Chao. I know you have always been obsessed with him.” Gu Xia laughed madly.

Gu Xia frantically put on his clothes, and then walked out of the house.

Tu Sisi saw Gu Xia wearing clothes and walking out, even though she regretted what she just said, but when she saw Gu Xia going out, she became angry again, and said loudly to Gu Xia’s back, “Okay, we will divorce tomorrow, who cares?.”


The sound of closing the door responded to her.


Tu Sisi threw the pillow on the floor, lying on the bed she sobbed in a low voice.


The kitchen opposite Gu Xia’s house had a strong smell of gas, and the pipe of the gas tank cracked. Through that small gap, the gas started leaking. Maybe the owner didn’t turn off his gas after cooking at night, which caused gas leakage.


After Gu Xia went out, he tightened his clothes, but he still felt extremely cold. Looking at his watch, it was almost 12 o’clock. Gu Xia took out his mobile phone and wanted to call his few friends. I wanted them to come out to drink and talk with him, but his fingers didn’t dial out those numbers.

Gu Xia knew that if he called, they would definitely come out, but it was very late at this time. In addition, they used to drink and play until they went back late. Their wives had long been angry and blamed him every time they met. Yes, and the relationship between them was not very good because of this. If he called them out now, they would definitely come out, but Gu Xia didn’t want them to quarrel, so he didn’t dial out the phone. It was because they were brothers that he had to be considerate for them. They were no longer unmarried young men, and everything must be considered clearly.

Gu Xia walked quickly to a late-night snack shop downstairs. There were many people in the late-night snack shop, but there were still two empty tables. As soon as Gu Xia entered the door, he heard the clear voice of the proprietress, “Oh! Gu Xia is here. Now, sit here, you haven’t been here for a while, are you the only one today?”

“Yah… bring me a plate of Braised Sheep Scorpion, a plate of peanuts, and a bottle of Niulanshan.” Gu Xia said with a smile. (Goblin: Braised Sheep Scorpion is a dish made from sheep spinal cord, from neck to the tail, complete vertebrae. Google it, it looks delicious! Niulanshan is a brand of wine.)

“Okay, wait.” After the proprietress finished speaking, she twisted her waist with a smile and went to place the order.

After a while, the steaming hanging pot was lifted up, hung on the hook above the table, lit with charcoal fire, and a fragrance came out.

It was great to have some Braised Sheep Scorpion on this cold day. The strong smell of meat, the spicy aroma, reminded him of the past.

Goblin: Draaamaaa~

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