Chapter 01: New beginning

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The small door of the prison opened, and he took a step forward. The sun shone on Wang Xiaofei’s body. He blocked the light with his hand and narrowed his eyes. Wang Xiaofei slowly adapted to the sunshine full of spring atmosphere.

He was finally free!

Wang Xiaofei had the urge to cry.

Three years!

After three years in prison, Wang Xiaofei felt as if a century had passed. During these three years, Wang Xiaofei had experienced too much.


At this moment, a young girl timidly called out to him.

 “Xiao Fei!”

A hoarse voice came at the same time.

When he looked at the source of the voices, Wang Xiaofei lost his words, “Mom!” 

After shouting, Wang Xiaofei was already on his knees in front of this middle-aged woman who was full of vicissitudes and exhaustion.

“Brother…” His little sister Wang Caixia was already holding Wang Xiaofei’s hand.

“You come out…you come out!” Lu Xianglian held Wang Xiaofei’s hand and tears were streaming down her face.

“Wang Xiaofei, after you go out, you have to live as a renewed person, don’t come in here again!” The guard said as he looked at Wang Xiaofei and then turned around.

The prison door closed again.

 Looking at the closed door, Wang Xiaofei stood there in a daze, and scenes in the prison appeared before his eyes.

Wang Xiaofei was really overwhelmed with emotion at the moment. Since that incident, he knew that his life had completely changed.

The inmates of all backgrounds he met in prison taught him a lot of knowledge, which made Wang Xiaofei full of confidence in his life after he would be released from prison.

Of course, these were not the key points. The key was the ancient knowledge inheritance that he obtained at that time in the past. All the knowledge he inherited was stored in his mind. Although he could not verify the knowledge in prison, he firmly remembered the content in his mind. He could not forget even if he wanted to.

During these three years of secret cultivation, Wang Xiaofei had clearly felt that his body had undergone great changes.

‘Where is Xiaofang?’

Wang Xiaofei’s gaze looked around, and a figure of a beautiful girl appeared in his mind.

“Brother, what are you looking for… you don’t have to look, Li Fangfang has already changed her mind long ago. It’s just that Mom has never let you tell me.” The little girl had already become a big girl; she could see what her brother was thinking at a glance, and then snorted.

“Son, let’s go home!”

Lu Xianglian wiped her eyes with the corner of her clothes. 

When he turned his eyes to Xiaomei, he heard Wang Caixia say, “Brother, too many things have happened in three years, so you don’t know many things.”

“Let’s go…let’s just go home.”

“Son, let’s live a good life from now on. Women like that don’t deserve you.”

“Mom, I know.”

Wang Xiaofei was not from the city, but from the country, and even more so he was a child from a very poor farmer family. However, he had been smart since he was a child, and his academic performance was also at the top of his class. From middle school to high school, he went to school in the county town. When he was in the third year of high school, he went shopping with his classmate Zheng Zhi and others. There he got into some minor disputes which turned into gang fights.

Wang Xiaofei still remembered the situation at that time. There was a street gangster who molested Li Fangfang, and then the two sides started fighting. As a result, Zheng Zhi accidentally stabbed one of the gangsters to death.

At that time, Wang Xiaofei wasn’t blamed for anything and at most he was reprimanded and released. Later, it was Zheng Zhi’s father who pulled some strings and put the blame for the murder to Wang Xiaofei.

At that time, something suddenly happened to Wang Xiaofei’s family. Wang Xiaofei’s father was hit by a car and they were in a hurry to have an operation which had exorbitant fees.

Then, Zheng Zhi’s father suddenly appeared in front of Wang Xiaofei. Zheng Zhi’s father put forward a condition that as long as Wang Xiaofei agreed to take the blame, all the medical expenses of Wang Xiaofei’s father would be borne by him.

Thinking of his father’s situation, Wang Xiaofei, who was only 17 years old, and had not even graduated from high school yet, resolutely agreed to take the blame for the crime.

The final result was that Wang Xiaofei was sentenced to ten years and had since entered prison.

Fortunately, Wang Xiaofei’s reputation was very good. In addition, a few big bosses he met inside helped him out. As a result, after three years in prison, Wang Xiaofei finally came out.

The past was like a smoke, Wang Xiaofei didn’t care about the crimes in his heart. That was a transaction in itself, but it was Li Fangfang’s behavior which made him a little sad. This matter started because of her, and he was actually sent to prison due to that for three years. She hadn’t come to see him even once, and she just casually found another man.

“Dad, how are you?” Wang Xiaofei’s nose was a little sore, looking at his excited father standing beside a carriage.

“Xiao Fei, Dad owes you so much!”

Wang Xiongshan grabbed his son’s hand, his voice choking with enotion.

“No, as long as Dad’s body recovers, everything will be fine.”

“Hurry up, let’s go home.”

Lu Xianglian glanced at Wang Xiongshan.

“Okay, go home, go home.” With the swing of a whip, Wang Xiongshan drove the carriage towards the countryside.

From the fact that his parents drove a carriage for a few hours to pick him up, Wang Xiaofei could guess that the situation at home was not good.

Sitting in the carriage, his sister told him many things. He heard that his classmates were admitted to university one by one. Those who didn’t get admitted to university were doing business, and some had even become civil servants. Wang Xiaofei suddenly felt a sense of loss in his heart.

However, Wang Xiaofei quickly put this sense of loss aside again. He knew his situation. Since the time of the fight, his life has already changed.

In fact, Wang Xiaofei has always had a secret, which he had never told anyone until now, and even in the future, he will also not tell anyone.

When that incident happened, the place where everyone fought was a waste collection station. Wang Xiaofei was stabbed with a knife. When he fell down, he knocked open the door of the waste collection station, and hit a pile of waste. He didn’t really know what happened. The blood on his body dripped on a pile of waste products, and the blood was soaked by a seemingly antique wooden sign. Suddenly, a lot of information was transmitted directly into his mind.

As soon as the information was completely transmitted, the wooden sign turned into ash, and everything felt so weird.

It was this incident that brought Wang Xiaofei into contact with a knowledge that could almost subvert his logic.

What surprised Wang Xiaofei the most was that the content of the information was very complicated, and there were various kinds as well.

The carriage finally came to a small mountain village after three hours.

Wang Xiaofei looked at the familiar and yet unfamiliar village scenery, and then at their dilapidated house. This familiar mountain village gave him a feeling that from now onwards, he was really going to embark on a special journey. A new beginning.

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