Chapter 02: Lack of money

After going inside the house, taking a bath, changing clothes and some rest, everyone sat down in the room and chatted about what happened in the past years.

Only then did Wang Xiaofei really understand the situation in his home.

At first glance, there was no good furniture in the house at all, let alone a TV.

He took a look at the clothes of his parents and younger sister. Although they are very clean, it could be seen that their clothes were very old and even had patches.

“I’m going to return the carriage.” Wang Xiongshan said and walked out.

“The carriage doesn’t belong to our family?” At this time, Wang Xiaofei realized that in order to pick him up, they even had to borrow a carriage!

“It’s from the Zhao’s family in the village. They say that his daughter has made a fortune in the provincial capital, and she sends some money back from time to time.” Lu Xianglian said.

“Is the situation in the house that bad?” Thinking that they were even reluctant to spend the money on the bus when they picked him up, Wang Xiaofei understood even more. His family was probably too poor to even cook a full pot.

“It’s alright, it’s alright, you should have a good rest after just coming out, and leave the family affairs alone.” Lu Xianglian looked at her son with a smile on her face.

After a while, the neighbors started coming to Wang Xiaofei’s house one after another.

The people in the village lived close by, and they all knew about the big and small things about each other. Today, the people from the Wang family went into the city to pick up Wang Xiaofei, and everyone knew that they were here now.

“Xiaofei, you have to learn well, don’t fight and make trouble in the future.” Uncle Huang looked at Wang Xiaofei and sighed.

“Xiaofei, please help your family. Look, Caixia is going to drop out of school now, alas…” Teacher Li, who taught Wang Xiaofei, shook his head and sighed.

“Little sister, are you not going to school?” Wang Xiaofei looked at his sister.

Looking at her brother, Wang Caixia hesitated and said, “There is no money at home for me to go to university.”

It was only then that Wang Xiaofei remembered that his sister was admitted to university.

“Caixia, what will girls do by reading so many books? What do you think about the marriage your aunt said some time ago? You have to give the old friend Qiu an answer, right? They even said that the betrothal gift will be 30,000 yuan!”

“Yeah, If this marriage happens, your family will be able to repay more than half of the money they owed.”

Wang Xiaofei became anxious when he heard it, and loudly asked, “Little sister, what’s all this about?”

Lu Xianglian sighed and didn’t say anything. 

The neighbor Aunt Xiang said, “Xiaofei, you probably don’t know, after your father’s surgery, the later recovery cost a lot of money, and your grandfather died shortly after that as well.  Your family needed a lot of money, and borrowed money from almost everyone in the village. Before you didn’t know it, it was fine. Now that you are out, everyone is counting on you. “

“Aunt Xiang, don’t worry, we will pay back the money!” Lu Xianglian glanced at her son and said hurriedly.

“Mom, why didn’t you say anything to me?” “Wang Xiaofei got a little angry.

“Brother, you have been inside prison for three years, and you don’t know what’s going on outside. I’ll tell you about things at home slowly.”

Seeing more and more people in the village were coming, Wang Xiaofei finally understood in his heart that everyone wanted to collect debts now, it’s just that they were not saying out loud. 

Looking at everyone, he said, “All uncles and aunts, since I, Wang Xiaofei, am back, even if I have to work all day, I will pay back the money, so don’t worry. “

 “Xiao Fei, we can rest assured with your words, alas, everyone has difficulties!” Uncle Zhou looked at Wang Xiaofei and praised him.

Everyone sat and talked for a while and then left.

After a while, his father Wang Xiongshan also came back. When Wang Xiaofei took a closer look, he saw that his father’s expression did not look very good. 

“Dad, what’s wrong? “

“Hmph, I borrowed the carriage and promised to work in their house for a day, but now it’s changed again. They said that the horse was starving and asked me to work for an extra day.”

Looking at the situation at home, and hearing his father’s complaint, Wang Xiaofei finally understood the harsh reality of his family.

“Mom and Dad, since I’m back, the affairs at home will be on my shoulders, and I hope you will stop hiding things from me.”

With a sigh, Lu Xianglian said, “Since you already know, let me tell you something. Well, the Zheng family paid for your father’s surgery, but they didn’t pay for the later recuperation expenses. In order to recuperate your father’s injury, and to handle your grandfather’s funeral, we borrowed money from people in the village one after another. We owe them money and it must be paid back.”

Wang Xiaofei’s expression changed. At that time, the Zheng family had agreed that if he accepted the crime, including the operation expenses, they would bear the nutrition expenses, and expenses during the recuperation period. How did it become like this?

Wang Xiongshan lowered his head and squatted on the ground, “It’s your mother’s misery, and your father’s incompetence. Your mother was busy, she had to take care of me, and she had to support your sister in school, at that time your sister was taking the exam. She even got into a good university in the capital, but where can our family find money for her to go study!”

“Don’t worry, I will pay back the money!” Wang Xiaofei was also very sad when he saw his parents’ helpless appearance.

When looking at his sister again, Wang Xiaofei said, “Little sister, there should be half a month before the university starts, right?”

“Little sister, don’t worry, you still have a chance to go to this university. Big brother will find a way to do something about the money. No matter what, I will help you go to university!”     

“Xiaofei, we can’t do bad things!” Lu Xianglian was surprised and looked at him in panic, as if she was afraid that her son would do something dangerous again.     

“Xiaofei, it will take time to repay the debt, and it can be done if we try hard. But it would be hard to pay for Caixia’s studies. Sooner or later all women will have to get married.” Wang Xiongshan was also a little worried about what Wang Xiaofei would do for money.

“Dad, don’t worry, I will definitely not do bad things. Isn’t it just a few thousand yuans, I will definitely earn more than that!”

At that moment, Wang Caixia looked at her brother with shining eyes and said, “Brother, can I really go to university?”

Looking at the eager eyes of his little sister, Wang Xiaofei felt sour in his heart, “Don’t worry, your brother will take care of everything!”

“That’s great!”

Wang Caixia’s eyes lit up.

Lu Xianglian and Wang Xiongshan looked at each other, but their eyes were full of worry.

Everyone chatted till very late at night, and they were all asking about Wang Xiaofei’s situation in prison. Wang Xiaofei also narrated some of his own experiences.

Laying in bed at night, smelling the quilt that was obviously washed for his arrival, Wang Xiaofei couldn’t fall asleep, and thoughts about earning money kept appearing in his mind.

His family was in extreme need of money. Moreover, if he wanted to cultivate, he needed to buy some medicinal materials and other items, and he would need money for that as well.

But how will he earn all that money?

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