Chapter 03: Herb gathering

Wang Xiaofei thought about it all night, earning more than 40,000 yuan was a big thing in his heart. If this matter was not solved, his little sister would not be able to go to the university, and his family would continue to be poor.

It seemed that he could only rely on the things he knew from the ancient knowledge. If it was really feasible, maybe that could prove to be the turning point for his family!

Waking up early the next morning, Wang Xiaofei prepared to go out with a bag on his back.

“Xiaofei, what are you doing?”

Lu Xianglian asked hurriedly when she saw that her son was going out with a bag on his back.

“Mom, I learned some knowledge about herbal medicine from someone in prison, and I also learned a lot from other books. I wanted to go up the mountain to see if I could get some medicinal materials to sell in the city. It is said that the medicinal materials are very valuable.” 

‘So that’s it…’ Lu Xianglian nodded and said, “Be careful, don’t go too far.” 

After nodding, Wang Xiaofei walked up the mountain along the mountain road.

“Ah! It’s Xiaofei, what’s the matter, you are going out as soon as you get back?” On the way, Wang Xiaofei saw Aunt Xiang working in the field.

“I am going into the mountains to collect herbs.” Wang Xiaofei responded.

“You know how to pick herbs?”

“I learned some.”

“Can you still learn these in prison?” Aunt Xiang shook her head and continued to pluck the weeds in the paddy.

This Aunt Xiang was a beautiful woman in her twenties, but her husband has been working outside the home all the time, and she had to do all the work at home by herself. So, over the years, her face had become tanned.

As Wang Xiaofei walked, he recalled how surprised Aunt Xiang was when she first married and came to the village. She was only seventeen when she arrived in the village!

Before you knew it, three years had passed!

Wang Xiaofei shook his head, feeling that his lost memories were returning.

“Spring Breeze Grass!”

While walking, a weed caught Wang Xiaofei’s attention and he quickly walked in front of the weed. Wang Xiaofei sorted the information of the Spring Breeze Grass in his memory and carefully compared it, and suddenly a smile appeared on his face. It really was the kind of herbal medicine he needed.

As he carefully dug out the spring breeze grass and put it in the backpack, Wang Xiaofei once again had confidence in the content in his memory.

What Wang Xiaofei was most worried about was that the herbs in his memory would now be extinct. Although these herbs were the most common herbs in the vast knowledge, and it said that they could be found on the roadside. But as such a long time had passed, Wang Xiaofei had been a little worried about accuracy.

Now that he found this herb, Wang Xiaofei finally let go of that worry.

“Xiaofei, why are you digging for that pig grass?” At this moment, a loud voice came over from ahead.

When Wang Xiaofei looked up, he saw it was Zhou Jin, so he hurriedly said, “Hello, Uncle Zhou.”

“I say Xiaofei, these weeds are all over the mountains, what do you want to do with them? Your family doesn’t seem to raise pigs.”

“I learned some knowledge about medicine recognition from people in the prison, so I am trying to recognize medicine on the mountain.”

“Oh, there is no medicine in this mountain, but there are quite a lot of weeds. Be careful, there are also many snakes on the mountain.” Zhou Jin said a few words and went down the mountain.

After watching Zhou Jin go down the mountain, Wang Xiaofei continued to look for the herbs he needed.

When Wang Xiaofei found another Spring Breeze Grass, he knew that Zhou Jinfa was right, this type of herbal medicine was really common, and it could be found everywhere on this mountain.

In the following hours, Wang Xiaofei’s backpack was filled with the herbs he needed.

Now Wang Xiaofei could be considered to be well understood. Because the knowledge he had acquired was too ancient, the names of many herbs had completely changed.

“Brother, why did you bring so many weeds!” Wang Caixia saw Wang Xiaofei put down the bag, and immediately leaned over to look at it.

“Is this the herb you were talking about?” Lu Xianglian also came over and looked at it for a while, with deep worry in her eyes.

Wang Xiaofei smiled and said, “Don’t underestimate these things, in fact, everything in this world has value, even the weeds on the roadside have their value. Whether it can be useful or not, the key lies in the formula, as long as the combination is correct, the effects they show would be powerful.”

After gathering some of the herbs, Wang Xiaofei had more confidence in the knowledge in his head, and he spoke with a sense of confidence.

Looking at Wang Xiaofei’s face for a moment, Wang Caixia smiled and said, “Brother, you are so knowledgeable!”

Lu Xianglian also smiled and said, “Okay, okay, you are right.”

“Mom, do you have any wine at home?”

“Yes, yes, there is still half a bottle. I bought it when your grandfather was here, and we haven’t drunk it.”

When she said this, Lu Xianglian thought of the dead grandfather of Wang Xiaofei, and her expression became sad. .

Looking at the very old pot, Wang Xiaofei nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll make medicinal wine.”

According to the techniques he learned, Wang Xiaofei kept preparing it in the house.

The only useful part of the Spring Breeze Grass was the tip of its root, for the Cypress Bark it was the layer inside, and for the Three-segmented Grass only the mid section could be used.

Wang Xiaofei didn’t know what these herbs were called now. He just found it in the wild according to the name in his memory, and then he started to prepare the medicine according to the recipe and requirements in his memory.

“Brother, why do you only take a small part of everything?” Wang Caixia looked at her brother curiously. She found that her brother was a little unfamiliar after coming back this time. He knew too many things, and he was no longer as impulsive as he was before. He behaved very calmly.

‘My brother has changed!’

Looking at Wang Xiaofei’s work, Wang Caixia became more and more confused.

“This is the knowledge of pharmacology, you won’t understand, this is a medicinal wine that will provide the money for your university.”

Wang Xiaofei smiled and talked to his little sister while doing his own thing.

After carefully inspecting the jar of wine, Wang Xiaofei put the prepared herbs into the jar in the order he remembered.

After finishing, Wang Xiaofei closed the jar, then smiled and said to the little girl, “Okay, we can sell it for money tomorrow.”

Wang Caixia pointed to the jar of wine and said, “Can you really sell this for money?” 

Then she started laughing.

Wang Xiaofei also smiled and said, “Don’t believe it, if you can’t.” 

During lunch, Wang Xiongshan also heard about Wang Xiaofei making medicinal wine, and sighed, “Son, take your time with the repayment. Don’t worry too much, you should rest at home for a while, and then consider your future plan after you have rested enough.”

“Yes, Xiaofei, don’t worry.”

Lu Xianglian was also deeply concerned, thinking that her son had finally managed to come back home and he should not have to worry about any more problems.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be impulsive anymore!”

Of course Wang Xiaofei understood what his parents were thinking.

“Brother, it doesn’t matter if I don’t go to university. Many sisters have gone to work in the city. Then I will go to work in the city as well. Anyway, if we work hard together, we will be able to pay back the money we owe.”

Wang Caixia also said seriously.

Seeing his three relatives talking like this, Wang Xiaofei didn’t want to explain more, he just smiled and didn’t say any more.

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