Chapter 04: Testing the medicinal wine

The next day, everyone in the family went to work in the field, and everyone refused to let Wang Xiaofei follow them. Wang Xiaofei had to wait at home for the soaking time of the medicinal wine.

According to the ancient information in his mind, this simplest medicinal wine could be prepared in only one day, and the effect was very strong.

At noon, looking at the scorching sun outside, Wang Xiaofei took the jar out and opened it carefully.

As the jar was opened, a fragrant fragrance wafted over.

When he took a deep breath, Wang Xiaofei felt intoxicated.

‘It smells so good!’

The medicinal wine had a special scent, completely different from the wine scent that Wang Xiaofei had smelled before.

When he poured some wine into the bowl, he saw that at first glance the wine was very clear, without any color or turbidity.

‘Ohh…this fragrance, this color, and this feeling…’

After comparing with the knowledge in his mind, Wang Xiaofei was able to determine that this was the kind of wine he needed.

‘Is it really that strong?’

Sitting there watching the wine, Wang Xiaofei thought of the effect of the wine in his memory.

When he was in prison, Wang Xiaofei hung out with a lot of people. There were all kinds of people, and they usually made a lot of jokes in private, most of which were about adult matters.

Although he was only seventeen years old, Wang Xiaofei still knew a lot of things about adult matters from everyone’s conversations. What he remembered most was the things that men couldn’t do, which was often the focus of everyone’s jokes.

Wang Xiaofei even heard a cellmate sigh when he talked about this matter. The guy even said he was ready to spend as much as it required if it fixed his problem.

When Wang Xiaofei was thinking about solving his family’s financial problem, he naturally thought of that middle-aged man. That man was a gang boss, but he couldn’t get it up. That’s why his wife followed another man and gave him a green hat. The man then cut the manhood of the man who stole his wife, and was sent to prison. However, the man was very powerful, and he got out after only two years.

The target of Wang Xiaofei’s medicinal wine was exactly that middle-aged man.

‘Does this wine have any effect? ​I will become a joke if it doesn’t work!’

Wang Xiaofei was also somewhat worried about the effect of this wine.

After hesitating for a while, Wang Xiaofei picked up the bowl and drank the wine in one gulp. 

‘It doesn’t matter, I will try it myself first!’

“Nothings happening!”

After drinking, Wang Xiaofei felt his physical condition and sighed, feeling that he was thinking too much.

After covering the jar and putting it back in place, Wang Xiaofei was still somewhat disappointed.

However, when Wang Xiaofei just put the wine away, he felt a stream of hot air rise from his lower abdomen, and then he suddenly felt his whole body heat up.


When he looked down, Wang Xiaofei was visibly startled. Then he hurriedly glanced around, and he carefully grabbed his shaft with his hands. He clearly felt that it was very strong.

‘It’s really useful!’

Now Wang Xiaofei had no doubts.

However, Wang Xiaofei found that after drinking this wine, his whole body felt hot, and the key part in question was extremely swollen.

‘I drank too much!’

Wang Xiaofei panicked at the strong effect of the medicine. He couldn’t find a suitable solution.

The only way out was to soak in the river!

Without thinking much, Wang Xiaofei rushed out of the house.

As soon as he left the house, Wang Xiaofei ran towards the river.

“Xiaofei, what’s going on! Why are you in such a hurry to run to the river?” Just after a few steps, Wang Xiaofei heard someone calling him.

“It’s Aunt Xiang!”

Wang Xiaofei had to stop when he saw that it was his neighbor Aunt Xiang. Then Wang Xiaofei suddenly noticed that Aunt Xiang’s gaze was pasted down on his body.

When he followed her gaze, Wang Xiaofei’s face turned red, and he subconsciously covered the tent in his pants with his hands. Then he hurriedly said, “It’s too hot today, I’ll go swimming!”

After speaking, he didn’t say any more, and quickly ran out towards the river.

Aunt Xiang stared at Wang Xiaofei who was running away, and her face turned a little red, she had clearly seen the situation in that place.

“This stinky boy is really…” As she muttered to herself, Aunt Xiang’s eyes became a little hot, and she saw Wang Xiaofei jumping into the river from a distance.

“This stinky boy!”

Aunt Xiang hurriedly entered the house.

Wang Xiaofei didn’t know that his actions aroused Aunt Xiang’s emotions, and only after jumping into the river did he feel that the heat dissipated a little.

‘It shouldn’t be harmful!’

After thinking about the contents of his memory for a while, Wang Xiaofei was somewhat relieved. This medicinal wine was not harmful to the body. After taking this medicinal wine and doing that kind of thing with women, there would be no problems such as fatigue, and it even had the effect of health preservation for ordinary people.

After soaking in the river water, Wang Xiaofei circulated his own cultivation technique for a while. He obviously felt that the medicinal power was dissolving, and then entering into his body further enhancing it as a result.

‘It seems that after earning the money, I have to soak some more in the river!’

Wang Xiaofei also knew that he drank a little too much today. If it was just a small cup, he wouldn’t have to come and soak in the river water.

‘This is the case even for myself. It seems that I should warn others when prescribing them to drink this. They shouldn’t drink too much.’

More than an hour later, Wang Xiaofei came out of the river. He subconsciously looked at his lower part, and not to mention fatigued, he even felt more energetic.

Putting on his trousers, Wang Xiaofei put his shirt on his shoulders, and walked towards the house without his shirt on.

Because of the long-term practice, Wang Xiaofei’s upper body muscles had become very uniform, and his muscles looked more aesthetic. The little girls and women he met on the road even sneaked a glance at him from time to time.

“Xiaofei, are you back?” As soon as he approached the house, Aunt Xiang, who was next door, appeared out of nowhere, and called out to him.

“Aunt Xiang, did you need me for something?”

“Ah… the electric light bulb in the house won’t turn on, could you come fix it?” (G: I feel something…something very mil*fy!)

“Okay, let me take a look.” Wang Xiaofei followed Aunt Xiang into her house.

“Look at you, you are covered in sweat.”

Aunt Xiang reached out and touched Wang Xiaofei’s back as she spoke.

Before Wang Xiaofei could react, Aunt Xiang took a towel and said, “Come here, Aunt will help you wipe the sweat off your back, you can’t wipe it yourself.”

“No, no…there’s no need for that. I’ll just take a look at the light bulb then go back home and wipe it.” 

As he spoke, Wang Xiaofei checked the light bulb and found that the light bulb was burnt out, so he hurriedly said, “It’s the light bulb that is broken, is there a spare, I can help you replace it.”

“Yes, there just happens to be another one.”

After speaking, Aunt Xiang took a light bulb from the table and gave it to Wang Xiaofei.

“Be careful, the stool you’re stepping on is dangerous, I’ll support you.”

After speaking, Aunt Xiang hugged Wang Xiaofei’s leg.


When he was hugged by this woman, Wang Xiaofei, who had just installed the light bulb, looked down and saw where Aunt Xiang’s face was, and he was startled. That caused him to lose his balance and he fell down, pressing Aunt Xiang down on the ground in the process.

Wang Xiaofei hurriedly got up and rushed out even before Aunt Xiang could ask if he was okay.

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