Chapter 05: To the city

“Xiaofei, why are you up so early? Are you going to the city?”

“Xiaofei, are you out for a walk?” 

As soon as it was dawn, Wang Xiaofei got up, carefully put the can of wine in the bag, and then left the house after putting it on his back. Today Wang Xiaofei was going to the city to sell the medicinal wine for money.

All the villagers who saw Wang Xiaofei along the way greeted Wang Xiaofei kindly.

“Yeah, I am going to the city.”

Walking to the city was not a big deal for the villagers. After greeting everyone along the way, Wang Xiaofei walked towards the main road.

In fact, Wang Xiaofei didn’t sleep well last night. When lying in his bed, his mind was filled with that special white place of Aunt Xiang. That was a mysterious place that Wang Xiaofei had never seen before, and he couldn’t get it out of his head.

However, because of his habit, when he woke up early in the morning. Wang Xiaofei didn’t feel that tired, and he still felt very energetic while walking on the road.

In fact, their village was not too far from the city. After a journey of more than two hours, with the sun, Wang Xiaofei also entered the city.

After walking around the city all morning, Wang Xiaofei didn’t directly contact his target until it was almost noon.

Taking out two yuan from his cloth bag, Wang Xiaofei came to a roadside phone stop and dialed a phone number he had memorized.

After the phone rang for a while, he heard a voice from the other side that seemed lacking in vigor, “I am Pang Huoxiong, who are you?”

“Brother Pang, I am Wang Xiaofei.”

“Wang Xiaofei? Ah, Xiaofei, you came out?”

“Yes, I just came out, and now I’m in the city.”

“That’s right, how can you not find this brother when you arrive in the city! Where are you? I’ll send someone to pick you up.”

Wang Xiaofei told the guy his location.

This Pang Huoxiong was the one who castrated the man who stole his wife and went to prison. During a labor day inside the prison, if Wang Xiaofei hadn’t rescued him, he would have been killed by a boulder that fell from the mountain. He was also very loyal and helped Wang Xiaofei for a while. And with the help of several elder brothers in prison, Wang Xiaofei was able to come out so quickly.

After standing on the side of the road for a while, a big car came over.

Pang Huoxiong came out of the car and said, “Quickly get in the car.”

Seeing that it was actually Pang Huoxiong himself who came to pick him up, Wang Xiaofei secretly nodded to himself.

After getting into the car, Pang Huoxiong laughed and said, “You finally came out! Let’s go eat first, after eating and resting, this brother will take you to have a good time.”

Having said that, he noticed that Wang Xiaofei had a bag on his back, so he laughed and said, “What are you carrying in this?”

“I was able to come out this time all thanks to my few big brothers. There was good wine in our house, and I specially brought it for us to drink.”

Pang Huoxiong laughed and said, ” Alright, this grandpa is a good drinker, as long as he is notified, he will be there as soon as possible.” After saying that, he picked up the phone and informed people.     

After a few phone calls, Pang Huoxiong laughed and said, “Okay, everyone said that they would come over when they heard that you’re out. Let’s wait for them.”

“Old Cao was already at my place today.”

As soon as the car stopped, the two saw a middle-aged man approaching the car.

“Brother Cao.”

“Xiaofei…sigh…it’s good that you’ve come out!”

Brother Cao’s full name was Cao Yonghe, and he was a civil servant. In order to pay his brother’s debts, he embezzled public funds and ended up in prison. He had expended a lot of effort to get Wang Xiaofei out of the prison so quickly, and Wang Xiaofei was grateful towards him from the bottom of his heart.

After the three entered a luxurious restaurant, Pang Huoxiong said with a smile: “Your business is getting bigger and bigger, not bad!”

“It’s okay, only so so.” Cao Yonghe smiled.

At that moment, another young man walked in from the outside. This man was a little older than Wang Xiaofei, and he came in holding a bewitching beauty in his arms.


While calling out, the young man walked towards Wang Xiaofei with a smile.

“Brother Zheng.” The two shook hands and hugged.

“This is my brother.” Zheng Linwei said to the beautiful woman who followed him.

The beauty, however, did not show any enthusiasm, and looked at Wang Xiaofei scrutinizingly.


At that moment, Zheng Linwei slapped the woman in the face and cursed, “Why are you looking at my brother like that, you stinky bitch, I introduced you to my brother to give you face! How dare you look at him like that, get out!”

Then he was about to raise his hand again.

Wang Xiaofei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “This… is this my sister-in-law?”

“She deserves it!”

After speaking, he looked at the woman and said, “Go away, don’t ruin our dinner.”

The woman was already frightened beyond words and she quickly ran out.

Pang Huoxiong smiled and said, “You brat, you still have such a bad temper!”

Cao Yonghe also smiled bitterly, “You!”

“Don’t worry, if it wasn’t for Xiaofei, I, Zheng Linwei, would have died long ago!”

Wang Xiaofei thought back to his days in prison. There were a lot of factions in the prison, and everyone was fighting against each other. Once Zheng Linwei had a conflict with another faction. Back then, if he hadn’t tried his best to protect Zheng Linwei, even if Zheng Linwei didn’t die, he would have lost a leg at the very least.

This Zheng Linwei was a little unusual. His old man was a high official in the county, and he was also a powerful person.

“Xiaofei, I asked someone to help you check the case file, and I found some witnesses. You were indeed helping others by taking the blame, and that matter has nothing to do with you. I’ve understood your suffering— even the woman you helped has now become someone else’s woman!” Zheng Linwei also had some connections of his own, so he found out about the Wang Xiaofei case and had it checked.

Cao Yonghe said, “The key to this matter is what Xiaofei wants, and it is not impossible to turn this matter over. I have already checked that the family of that man surnamed Zheng is not a good one, and his father did not help your father according to the promise. And, the guy himself slept with the girl you wanted to help!” 

“Let’s fu*k them up!” Zheng Linwei said in a deep voice.

Wang Xiaofei sighed, “Forget it, my dad really needed money at the time. If it wasn’t for that money, my dad’s surgery wouldn’t be possible. This is what I wish for.”

“Even so, their Zheng family has not fulfilled their promise, Xiaofei, don’t worry about this. As your brother, I have to help you! The small factory of the Zheng family is nothing special, I will make sure they know, what is justice!” Pang Huoxiong said with a snort.

After some chit chat, everyone sat down.

At that moment, a middle-aged man hurried in and said, “I’m late, I’m late!”

“Old Wei, you sure do run faster when you hear there’s alcohol!” Pang Huoxiong laughed.

Wang Xiaofei saw that it was his cellmate Wei Bugao, and he went to greet him.

“Where’s the wine? I’ll have a sip first.”

Wei Bugao asked about the wine in a hurry.

Everyone laughed when they saw him acting like this.

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