Chapter 06: Good wine

As soon as the jar was opened, a special fragrance hit their noses, and the people who had not experienced this kind of fragrance before all took a sniff.

“What kind of wine is this? It smells so good..yup, I’ll drink more today!”

Zheng Linwei was also considered to be someone who had special appreciation for good wine, so he quickly rushed to the jar.

“Yes, it smells really good!” Cao Yonghe gave genuine praise.

Seeing that Zheng Linwei was about to pour the wine, Wang Xiaofei hurriedly stopped him and said, “Brother Zheng, this wine has strong medicinal properties. It’s not for you to drink it here. Go home and drink it there!”

“What, go home and drink it?” Zheng Linwei looked at Wang Xiaofei in a daze and said, “You brought wine and telling us to go home to drink it?”

Wei Bugao was not happy anymore, and said loudly, “Damn it, it’s dinner time! We can’t drink here, and we have to go home to drink?”

Wang Xiaofei felt a little embarrassed and said, “The thing is, I’ve actually drank this wine before, and after drinking it, my little bro swelled so badly that I had to run in the river and soak for two hours to calm it down. Even a small cup is very powerful.”

“What?” When Wang Xiaofei said that, the eyes of the several people there lit up.

“Really so powerful?” Zheng Linwei was stunned.

Wang Xiaofei said with an embarrassed expression, “Actually, I just wanted you to try this jar of wine first, and if it’s good, I wanted to ask you to help me sell it.”

“If it’s really as powerful as you said, it won’t have any side effects on the body, right?” Cao Yonghe asked .

“It’s an ancient medicinal recipe. Not only does it have no side effects on the human body, but it even has a restoring effect.” Wang Xiaofei had no choice but to explain further.

At that moment, Pang Huoxiong, who had not spoken, was finally moved, and he seriously asked, “Really?” 

Wang Xiaofei said, “Would I ever lie to you elder brothers?”

“Alright, pour me a cup!” Pang Huoxiong waved his hand and said, “Don’t talk about it anymore. If it really has the effect you mentioned, wouldn’t it be okay if we just solve the problem? Let’s drink!”

Wei Bugao also smiled and said, “That’s right, let’s drink it!”

“Don’t blame me if something goes wrong!” Wang Xiaofei gave a wry smile.

Zheng Linwei smiled and said, “Who will blame you? As long as it’s what you said, your wine is amazing!” Saying that, he drank the wine in his cup in one gulp.

“It’s good!” After pondering for a while with his eyes closed, Zheng Linwei sighed, “It really is a good wine.”

Wei Bugao had already drunk the wine in his glass by that time, and had also closed his eyes to savor the aftertaste, but he kept his eyes closed.

Wang Xiaofei scratched his head, and found that these people were getting more and more excited, and they didn’t listen to his wasting at all.

But, when he thought that the wine itself was medicinal wine, he was not too worried that it would harm their body.

At that moment, Pang Huoxiong also drank a bowl of wine.

“Yes, it’s a good wine!” Pang Huoxiong praised.

Looking at the table full of dishes, Wang Xiaofei felt hungry after walking all morning. He decided that he should just leave them alone and fill his stomach first, so he lowered his head and started eating.

“Xiaofei, won’t you drink a cup? Zheng Linwei asked when he saw that Wang Xiaofei didn’t drink.

With a wry smile, Wang Xiaofei said, “I’ll pass, this wine is really quite strong.”

“Just how strong can it be, I don’t feel anything!” Zheng Linwei just finished saying this, then suddenly his expression changed. When he looked at the other people who had been drinking, he noticed that their expressions had changed as well. 

Pang Huoxiong opened his eyes, which were full of surprise and directly asked., “Old Cao, does your place provide that service?”  

Cao Yonghe also felt the effect at the moment, and said to them, “Come with me.”

After speaking, he looked at Wang Xiaofei and said, “Xiaofei, are you coming?”

Wang Xiaofei hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I’m going to eat.”

“Alright!” They didn’t say much and just left.

Wang Xiaofei was not so naive that he didn’t understand, he knew exactly what they were going to do. At that moment, that plump peachy place of Aunt Xiang appeared in his mind, and he hurriedly shook his head, then buried his head in the food before him.

When he glanced at the wine, Wang Xiaofei felt happy, thinking that the wine should really have some effect, otherwise those people wouldn’t be running so fast.

‘I hope they can help me sell this wine at a good price.’

In fact, Wang Xiaofei’s original intention was to sell the wine directly to make money. He also thought the same on the way here. Then he realized that no one would pay money for something they didn’t understand. So he came up with the idea to invite his friends from the prison first. After they taste it, he could ask them to promote the wine and sell it.

After eating, Wang Xiaofei sat there drinking tea while waiting for everyone to come back.

After some time passed, Cao Yonghe was the first to come back.

As soon as Cao Yonghe came in, he turned his attention to the jar of wine. He quickly grabbed the wine, and said, “I want this wine, how much do you want?”

When Wang Xiaofei was about to speak, Pang Huoxiong also came in. He saw the jar in front of Cao Yonghe at a glance, and hurriedly said, “Give me this wine! Even if I have to give you one million, I want it!”

Pang Huoxiong directly offered one million to buy the wine!

You must understand that today was the most proudest moment for Pangxiong in many years. That refreshing feeling just now was something that he had not experienced in years. He never thought that this wine would be so potent. He even felt that his vitality was more abundant and he didn’t feel any discomfort at all.

Wang Xiaofei was stunned for a moment, and looked at Pang Huoxiong with wide eyes. He knew that this wine was good, but he didn’t expect that Pang Huoxiong would want to buy it at such a high price.

“Old Pang, I must get this wine, and I will also give one million.” Cao Yonghe also offered the same price.

During the quarrel between the two, Wei Bugao trotted in in a hurry. When he saw the wine in front of Cao Yonghe, his expression changed and he said, “I want this wine!”

The three started arguing again. At that moment, Zheng Linwei also walked in with a bright face, then he looked at Wang Xiaofei and said, “It was a really good wine. Brother, you don’t have only one jar in there, right? How many do you have? I can help you sell it.”

Several people who were arguing then remembered that Wang Xiaofei had come to ask everyone to help with the selling of this wine, so they all turned their attention to Wang Xiaofei.

Wang Xiaofei looked at everyone and said, “This wine is indeed a good wine. I do have a few more, and their effect is absolutely the same. But the price should not be as exaggerated as Brother Pang’s bid. It’s not worth a million. If you need it, I’ll go back and prepare enough for each of you, so you don’t have to fight over it.”

Pang Huoxiong shook his head and said, “Brother, to be honest, this matter has always been a bane in my heart, and today you have cured my problem. You don’t have to talk anymore to your brother Pang about this matter. I just want to thank you!

Alas, if it wasn’t for my own problem, how could that bitc*h do that with another man? After that incident, I promised myself in prison, whoever can help me, I will reward him no matter how much money it takes. Xiaofei, don’t refuse this money. I think it’s worth it!”

Zheng Linwei also said with a smile, “Brother Pang is right, the price of this wine depends on who it is aimed at, and it can be worthless to some people, but, for those who need it, it is a thing that can be regarded as priceless. Brother, don’t talk about it anymore. We all know the situation in your family. We are all people who are not short of money. We can help you, and at the same time, we can still use this thing to form new connections. It’s actually us who will profit the most.”

Cao Yonghe nodded and said, “Xiaofei, let’s do it like this, you will be in charge of preparing the wine, and we will be in charge of distribution. We will divide the money when there is a profit, what do you think?”

Wang Xiaofei nodded and said, “Okay, that’s okay with me. However, the amount of medicinal herbs is limited, so the amount will not be large.”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as we have this much that’ll be good enough.” Pang Huoxiong turned his attention to the wine jar.

Now that he knew that Wang Xiaofei could make more, Cao Yonghe pushed the jar to Pang Huoxiong and said, “I know you need it, so I’ll give it to you first.”

Pang Huoxiong laughed, took out a cheque and handed it to Wang Xiaofei, “This is the payment for the jar of wine I will be taking.” 

When the other’s also wanted to pay, Wang Xiaofei hurriedly waved his hands, “It doesn’t cost much to prepare it, and I will take my share when the time comes. Alright, take it back.”

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