Chapter 07: Accidental encounter

Cao Yonghe’s establishment offered both catering and entertainment services. After eating, Cao Yonghe arranged for everyone to go to a place to get a foot massage.

Wang Xiaofei didn’t want to get a foot massage at first, but he couldn’t stand the repeated nagging of these overly excited people, and so he was also dragged along as well.

A very beautiful and scantily clad girl helped him take off his shoes and washed his feet in the basin. Wang Xiaofei felt uncomfortable all over, and hurriedly said, “No, no, I will do that myself!”

Zheng Linwei laughed and said, “You’ve always been a good boy! How about I will help you arrange a place to ascend that stair?”

Wang Xiaofei blushed a little, and hurriedly waved his hand, “No, you don’t need to do that!”

The beauty who was helping him wash his feet was also intrigued, and she intentionally rubbed Wang Xiaofei’s feet with her well endowed mounds, making him even more uncomfortable. He had never experienced such a thing at all.

Everyone continued to have fun, and it was soon afternoon. Wang Xiaofei felt jittery and said to the others, “I’ll go for a quick shopping and come back.”

After speaking, he put on his shoes and socks and quickly rushed out. Leaving the crazy laughter of everyone behind him, with a blushing face.

Looking back at the luxuriously decorated door, Wang Xiaofei felt his heart still beating like a drum. In fact, Wang Xiaofei had many complicated emotions about today’s events, and the emotions that he didn’t dare to think were surging in his heart.

‘Forget it, let’s go for a walk on the street and then come back!’

With that thought, Wang Xiaofei sorted out his mood and walked towards the place ahead. It was another section of Cao Yonghe’s establishment. Here, they served food and there was also a large courtyard for guests to sit.. 

As Wang Xiaofei walked out from the room, a beautiful woman in business attire hurriedly greeted him. “Sir, what service do you require?”  She knew about Wang Xiaofei’s relationship with her boss, and knew that this man, despite his young age, was an important person.

“No need, I’m just going out for a walk.”

Wang Xiaofei leisurely walked out from there. Just walking outside the hall, Wang Xiaofei’s eyes got fixed on the two young people who were coming over, and the past memories hidden in his heart suddenly resurfaced.

In a strange twist of fate, Wang Xiaofei found Li Fangfang and Zheng Zhi walking side by side.

He hadn’t seen them for three years, but Zheng Zhi was dressed completely like a person who had succeeded in life. His hair was well done, he wore an expensive looking suit, and on his feet, were a pair of well-polished leather shoes.

Li Fangfang was holding Zheng Zhi’s hand, and she had also changed from her original youthful appearance. She was wearing gold ornaments, a fur dress, and a pair of high-heeled leather boots, which made her seem very unfamiliar.

When he saw these two people, Wang Xiaofei’s mood became complicated. One of them used to be his good friend, and the other was his ex-girlfriend. What he didn’t expect was that they would end up being together.

When Wang Xiaofei saw them, the two looked up and saw Wang Xiaofei who was standing there, and both sides stopped.

The expression on his face changed a bit for a moment, as Zheng Zhi walked over with a confident smile and said, “Wang Xiaofei, I heard that you came out of prison.”

Li Fangfang also approached him alongside Zheng Zhi, but her expression was a little unnatural. .

“Yes, I came out…”

At that instant, Wang Xiaofei thought about the fact that the Zheng family did not help his father according to their agreement. Before the three of them could speak further, a middle-aged man hurried over and loudly said, “Xiaozhi, hurry up and arrange the best room, the guests we invited today are very important.”

After saying that, when he noticed Wang Xiaofei standing there, the middle-aged man’s expression changed. However, soon, his expression became full of smiles and said, “Ah…it’s Wang Xiaofei, you come out?”

“Mr. Zheng, I remember we had an agreement, right?”

This middle-aged man was Zheng Zhi’s father Zheng Datong. When he heard Wang Xiaofei mention the agreement between them, his expression changed again, and his tone became gloomy, “What agreement, why I don’t know about such a thing?”

Wang Xiaofei originally planned to ​​put aside the fact that the Zheng family had not fulfilled their original promise, but now, when he heard Zheng Datong speak like this, his eyes turned to Zheng Zhi and said, “Do you think so too?

“Hmph, Wang Xiaofei, I didn’t want to talk about what happened a few years ago, but since we studied in the same class, I will give you some advice. You are but a mere farmer, it would be better for you to just stay in the dirt.” Zheng Zhi suddenly changed his attitude and looked at Wang Xiaofei with a fierce light in his eyes.

As he spoke, Zheng Zhi hugged Li Fangfang and said, “Haha, who do you think you are? When I hung out with you, it was only because I liked Li Fangfang. If I didn’t like her, you think I would treat you as my friend? See here, now this beauty is mine. Hehe… I really didn’t expect that even though Li Fangfang had been with you for so long, you didn’t even touch her!”

“Zheng Zhi!” Li Fangfang exclaimed as if she was a little startled.

“What? You’re not happy? Hmph, if you don’t want to, then I can let you go. I am not lacking women anyways!” Zheng Zhi yelled at Li Fangfang.

However, to Wang Xiaofei’s surprise, Li Fangfang didn’t mean to resist at all, but instead said with a whimper, “Brother Zheng, you know what my thoughts are. I don’t mind at all. Besides, I already gave you everything. 

Zheng Zhi gave a triumphant laugh, then looked at Wang Xiaofei and said, “You see, this is what women are like. Wang Xiaofei, I really don’t know you were this stupid, no wonder you were so easily fooled. But, considering you took the blame for me, I can still arrange for you to work in my factory or something. As long as you are obedient, I can still give you a bowl of rice to eat.”

Wang Xiaofei stood there without any words. He was really stunned by Li Fangfang’s change of character, and even more saddened by Zheng Zhi’s change of attitude.

‘Is this the good friend and girlfriend that I used to treat with so much sincerity?’

Wang Xiaofei suddenly felt liberated, and realized that he had truly been really stupid in the past.

At that moment, Zheng Datong said with a grimm expression, “Wang Xiaofei, since you’ve managed to come out, keep your mouth shut and don’t look for trouble. Our family is not something you can afford to offend. In this county, if I, Zheng Datong, wanted to, you’d be locked in prison again!”

Li Fangfang also wanted to show off in front of Zheng Zhi at the moment, and said to Wang Xiaofei, “Wang Xiaofei, we used to be young and ignorant, those things were just expressions of immaturity. From now on, don’t look for me, we have nothing to do with each other.”

‘Nothing to do with each other?’

Wang Xiaofei was really lost for words. One was his ex-girlfriend for whom he got in a fight, and the other used to be his good friend for whom he took the blame. And now they said that it didn’t even matter.

Wang Xiaofei was so angry that he let out a laugh, and took a deep look at the faces of the three before him, then he nodded slightly and said, “Yes, from now on I won’t care anymore, of course, it’s the same for our friendship. But, let me tell you, from now on, we will still have another relationship, that is the relationship between enemies!”

After saying this, Wang Xiaofei stepped forward to leave.

“Wang Xiaofei, what do you mean, you dare to fight with our Zheng family! Who do you think you are?” Zheng Zhi shouted loudly from behind.

“Yes, who do you think you are!”

At that moment, a middle-aged man strode over while being guarded by several people.

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