Chapter 07: The one who won’t get girls

Gu Xia didn’t know why, but he went to bed very early that night and it was before ten o’clock. This was also because mobile phones were not smart and did not have as many functions. Therefore, people of this time would watch TV at night, or chat in QQ.

What Gu Xia didn’t know was that there was a girl downstairs, looking at the third floor of his house with a complicated face. The girl was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, and it couldn’t hide her good figure even at such a young age. She watched on for more than ten minutes before leaving.

This girl wass Tu Sisi who had come to Xinghua Road for supper with her sister.

This night, Tu Sisi’s sister, Tu Fangfang, got paid, so she invited her sister to have a late-night snack. She originally planned to eat it near her home, but who knew that Tu Sisi would come here to eat. Tu Fangfang noticed that her sister was very familiar with this place, but thought that Tu Sisi must’ve been here before. How would she know that her sister had lived here for several years in her previous life. So, she kept complaining that Tu Sisi had brought her to such a far away place for supper, which cost her dozens of yuan for a taxi.

“Why did it take you so long to use the toilet? The barbecue is already here, let’s eat it! I have to say, although it is a little far away, the taste is pretty good.” Tu Fangfang said when she saw her sister coming back.

“If it didn’t taste good, then I wouldn’t have brought you here to eat.” Tu Sisi said in a low voice.

She looked at this familiar shop. Compared with her previous life, the facilities in it were much newer, and the proprietress was only in her twenties, just at the age of blooming flowers.

“Why do you seem so nervous these days? Are you secretly thinking about your little boyfriend outside?” Tu Fangfang said with a look of gossip on her face.

“Did you think about your boyfriend yourself?” Tu Sisi glanced at her and said.

Her sister was 6 years older than her. Since she didn’t go to the university, she went out to work very early. She had been working in a hotel. 

One day, she brought her boyfriend home and said that she was going to get married. At that time, she was pregnant, which made her parents and herself stunned. How could she bring a boyfriend home quietly, and declare that she was pregnant? Fortunately, her boyfriend, Tang Qiusheng, was very nice, and he was very kind to her sister, so there was no objection from her family.

“No…no, don’t talk nonsense!” Tu Fangfang blushed when she heard those words, and then quickly denied it.


Tu Sisi smiled and looked at her. What else could she say? Yes, she just had to keep watching and experience it herself.

Tu Fangfang was in a state of turmoil. She felt that she had done a good job of keeping secrets! And she had only been seeing him for less than a year, how did Sisi know that? Did she bump into her on a date? Or did she peek at her phone?

Seeing her uneasy look, Tu Sisi felt a lot better. While eating the grilled fish, she secretly said in her heart, ‘No matter what you think, you can never imagine that I was reborn ten years from the future. Not only do I know that you are in love, but I also know when you will get married and have children.’

It’s just that Tu Sisi would never say these words out loud, otherwise it would be too shocking.


The next morning, Gu Xia got up early to run as usual, then finished breakfast and went out at 8 o’clock.

He took out his bicycle and was about to go to the district square. Since he agreed to go to the class reunion, Gu Xia would naturally go there on time.

But the appointment was to meet at 10 o’clock. He wanted to cut his hair first. Now he had very long hair on his head. Gu Xia didn’t like it very much. Although this hairstyle was popular now, but as a person who had been reborn, Gu Xia Xia couldn’t really accept it.

In the barbershop, he asked the barber to shave the hair on both sides and the back according to his own requirements, and make short pieces on the top. Only then did Gu Xia pay for it with satisfaction. This hairstyle was comfortable. Before this haircut, his bangs covered his eyes, the hair on the sideburns and the back reached to his neck, it was really unbearable! It felt so refreshing now! Now that he had cut all that hair off, his head felt a lot lighter in an instant.

The men and women on the street had the same old hairstyles and looked at Gu Xia with strange eyes. They seemed to be wondering why he kept his hair so short and did not follow the trend at all.

Gu Xia rode his bicycle and moved slowly to the square. The sun was not very strong today, so it was not particularly hot.

When we arrived at the square, the time was 9: 40 am. Gu Xia locked his bicycle and walked to the fountain in the square. There were many adults and children playing in the square, and some elderly people were exercising.

When Gu Xia walked to the fountain, there were already more than a dozen people standing there chatting. Gu Xia looked at those people, some he could recognise, and for some he had no impression at all.

“Gu Xia is here.” Class leader Li Xia shouted.

“Hello. Haven’t the others arrived yet ? It’s 10 o’clock.” Gu Xia nodded and inquired.

“I just asked in the group chat, they’re almost here!” Li Xia said while looking at her phone.

“Gu Xia, why did you get such an ugly hairstyle? It’s not as good-looking as it used to be. Did you forget that now our long hair is popular.” A boy who was not impressed by Gu Xia’s new hairstyle looked at his hair and commented.

“Hehe, I think this is cooler.” Gu Xia smiled.

“I think Gu Xia’s hairstyle is good, he seems much more refreshed, and he looks energetic, so he looks like a boy.” Said another girl named Tang Dandan.

“He he …” Gu Xia smiled, touched his nose, but didn’t answer.

“Hey~ Gu Xia, I heard that you were admitted to Jiangbei University? We can be classmates from now on.” Li Xia smiled.

“Wel… Class leader, you also went to Jiangbei. With your grades, aside from those major universities in the capital, there was no problem getting into a first class university, right?” Gu Xia asked in surprise.

“I was too nervous during the entrance examination, and I didn’t perform well. My dad asked me to repeat the exam. I didn’t want to repeat the exam, so I applied for Jiangbei University.” Li Xia’s face darkened, and she responded with a somewhat depressed mood.

“It’s okay, even if you didn’t get into the one you wanted, you can still learn things in the one you have. As long as you study hard, who can say what will happen after you find work in the future? So many students from those famous universities struggle to find jobs everywhere every year, don’t they?” Gu Xia comforted her.

“Yeah! Class leader, it’s alright, don’t be sad.” Tang Dandan also spoke up.

“Hey, it’s okay, it’s been a long time since I finished the exam, and I’ve figured it out a long time ago. Maybe this is my life! Besides, who can say what will happen in the future? There are so many rich people in the world, and some of them have never gone to university. Didn’t they still succeed? Right!” Li Xia said with a smile.

Li Xia saw a group of people coming from a distance, and recognized that they were her classmates and the teacher. So she turned her head and said, “Okay, the teacher and other students are also here, let’s go over and say hello to the teacher!”

“It’s good to see you, head teacher.”

“I hope you’ve been well, Mr. Zhang.”

“Our teacher is dressed very handsomely today!”

“The class leader also looks very beautiful today!”


The two groups of people met, and everyone said hello, then began chatting. 

Gu Xia felt that he couldn’t fit in and had nothing to say. After all, he didn’t even remember two-thirds of the people. Many people still listened to them chatting and talking about their life. His psychological age was different, and he had nothing to talk about with them, so he was just standing on one corner.

He watched them chatting happily, those who were admitted to university were looking forward to their campus life, and those who didn’t were talking about what they were going to do, exuding a high-spirited atmosphere.

“Gu Xia!”

Gu Xia turned his head to look, it turned out that it was the fatty Li Yuanbao who was calling him. This guy was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, and he was sweating profusely, wiping the sweat off his face from time to time.

“Fatty, it’s time for you to control your weight. How fat are you? Exercise more, or you won’t be able to get girls like this.” Gu Xia laughed.

“Who said I can’t get girls! I watched on TV that many girls like fat boys, they say they have a sense of security. But you…you were already so thin, and now that you cut your hair so short, you look thinner, just like a bamboo pole. You will make girls feel insecure like this, and you are the one who won’t get any girl.” Fatty pouted and said.

Gu Xia shook his head with a wry smile. He wanted to use the allure of girls to stimulate this friend and make him lose weight, but he was taught by him instead.

“Classmates, let’s go! The bus has arrived.” The head teacher, Mr. Huang, shouted.

Everyone walked to the gate of the square together, and saw a dilapidated bus parked on the side of the road from a distance. Everyone got on the bus and took a seat. The bus drove to Meiling in the suburbs.

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