Chapter 1: If the wicked woman is rude (part 1)

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No one becomes evil without a cause.

At least I think so.

But that may not be the case for the novels I read. It reminds me of a certain romance fantasy novel.

In this novel, which is commonly referred to as a romance novel, several villainess appear.

Among them was one who piqued my interest.

Her name was Shael Azbel, the wicked woman who tormented the main character endlessly. She was a typical villainess who did evil deeds from a young age and interfered with the main character when she grew up.

Interfering with the main character? If that was the case, her fate was predetermined.

Shael, the wicked woman, met a miserable end in the end.

An obvious development that anyone would expect. Still, I had one question.

‘Why did she become a villainess?’

Good parents, good fiancé, and she had a lot of money along with a noble status. She had it all.

Every cruel villain has a reason for being a villain. So I asked in the comment section.

– Aren’t there any side stories about Shael?

NEBWJ32: Why did you suddenly leave him?

ropanjoa: Maybe she was jealous to see the male lead and the female lead conversing together???

– What .. Why did she become a villainess?

tjswkrwha: It must be her nature!

No one spoke sympathetically.

Well, most readers wanted to see the love between the male and female protagonists as an anecdotal story, no one wanted to know about the villainess’ past.

‘What do you mean by nature?’

Anyway, Shael, the reason I read the novel, died, and there was no more information about her.

My reason for reading the novel disappeared. So I stopped reading.

And… what I saw before me was a luxurious room.

I didn’t know that I would be possessing someone in the novel.


I looked around. Luxurious furniture, and mysteriously shaped houses. Strangely, his room was even more spacious.

What was reflected in the glass window was a young man, with blue hair, dark blue eyes and distinct features. Next, the strong muscles come into view. It was a body that made it hard to fathom just how much effort he must have put into it. To match this, a stylish sword was placed at his side.


I remained silent with my gaze fixed on the window. But that silence didn’t last long.


It was the sound of a door opening.

“Eran, it’s time to go to meer Shael. I expect that you’re ready.”

A man’s voice. And two familiar names, Eran and Shael. Shael was the villain of the novel I read, and Eran was the name of the fiancée of the wicked woman who would be killed by her.

The middle-aged man looked at me and called me ‘Eran’.

‘…I became Eran Baslettt? So, does that mean I was transported in the novel?’

“What are you doing, Eran? Wake up.”

The middle-aged man said. This man also had blue hair and dark blue eyes. I could easily guess who this person was. Perhaps his identity was Ezran Baslett, Eran’s father and the Duke.

I found it very hard to comprehend the situation. Of course I did. To think that I would suddenly become the fiancé of the villainess in the novel! It was a situation which anyone would find hard to believe.

But I got up and answered. Because the only thing I was confident about was my ability to adapt.

“Yes, Father.”

“Yes, your betrothed is waiting. You must not keep your fiance waiting. Come with me.”

We left the room with a fairly quick gait. Still, the time it took showed just how big the mansion really was.

Leaving the large mansion, we got on the huge carriage. Its speed was incredible!

As I thought about what the hell had happened, we reached our destination. This time, it was a mansion of enormous size. 

A man who appeared to be a butler approached us and said.

“Eran Baslett, the Lady is inside. I will guide you.”

I followed the butler, who guided me to a door to a room. 

It was a room that looked like it would be occupied by a high-ranking person. The situation was advancing so fast. Nonetheless, I knew only one thing. This was Shael Azbel’s room. So, it was the room of the wicked woman in the novel. I took a deep breath and opened the door.


“You’re late.”

What I saw, was a woman. And, I heard the woman’s voice too. It was a cold voice, as if it could freeze the surroundings.

“Why the hell are you standing there in a daze?”

Her light blue hair fluttered. At the same time, her sky blue eyes stared at me. It was a look that seemed to project her scorn.


“Sorry, Shael.”

I reflexively apologized when prompted. Then the eyes that were looking at me turned to the chair across from her.

Recognizing the hidden meaning, I carefully sat down. A moment of silence lingered in the room. An atmosphere of deathly suffocation. Unable to bear the atmosphere, I was the one who spoke first,

“…How are you, Shael?”



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    1. Was listening through T2S and when it read out your comment, I honestly thought this was the title of some wn. I feel so dirty, being so used to these kinds of titles that I’d think that.

  1. Hello, first of all thank you for the kind translations and hard work! I’m excited to read this story! Quick note to help out: Eran should be a “fiance” (one e, with accent on e) and not
    “fiancee” (double e,also with accent on e) as he is a guy? Thanks!

  2. And Shael’s referred to as “villain,” but as she’s a girl, I believe it’s “villainess”? Hope this helps, with love ????

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