Chapter 102: Sweet Business Method I


“…don’t laugh… I really didn’t know it would end like this.”

At the moment, Mina Roseveta, the Empress of the Dragona Empire, was laughing cheerfully in front of Elios, the White Dragon Princess. 

Elios, with a slightly flushed face, showed a puzzled expression. She never imagined that the plan she had been preparing with all her heart for years would end up in such a way.

“Ahahahaha! Ha…I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. Hangury, which had been steadily weakening, is now reviving like this again. And using the plan you made as a stepping stone, no less?”

Elios could only mumble in response.

The intervention of the Sakiel and the scheming of Princess Leira had played out as planned. Empress Roseveta saw it as beneficial, even if one side collapsed—whether it was the audacious Sakiel, who carried out the s1ave trade without fear, or Hangury, the original enemy. However, while it was expected that the Sakiels would lose their power and the s1ave trade would stop, what happened afterward was entirely unexpected.

The Kingdom of Hangury, which had been divided, was now united again, and the Black Legion was revived. This meant that Elios’ long-term plans through Princess Leira were in vain. The weakened Sakiel went under Bahamut, completely destroying Elios’ influence over them.

However, the Empress wasn’t particularly angry. Instead, she was enjoying the exciting turn of events. Her primary goal was achieved, and the damage wasn’t particularly painful. Although her influence over other factions was slightly reduced, sorting things out without spilling ally blood was most important to her.

“Anyway, this confirms the true nature of that man called Bahamut. I’ve always felt this at Benessa; he’s a talent I covet.”

“Certainly, he is too valuable to be taken away by Hangury. What should I do? If my mother desires it, I might take action.”

With those words, Elios showed a meaningful expression. 

The Empress smiled contemptuously in response, understanding her intentions.

“Hmm…it’s definitely tempting. But there’s no need to rush. After all, he’s a merchant. If we arrange the right time and place, he will act on his own.”

“…I see what you mean. Then, we will take a step-by-step look at the situation and prepare.”

“Good, keep doing well.”

Empress Roseveta, as usual, spoke with a voice overflowing with composure. 

Seeing that, Elios smiled slightly, understanding her message: ‘I’ll give you a chance first, try what you can.’ 

Either way, it didn’t matter much to her.



In the depths of the luxurious royal castle, a boy sighed softly. 

Robert, the heir to the Hangurian royal family and the man expected to succeed the throne, was slowly turning pages with a bored expression.

“…what is it, prince? Your complexion doesn’t look good lately.”

“No…just a little…”

Robert hesitated at the servant’s question. The servant started to worry, noticing the prince’s demeanor since the previous war with the Sakiels. 

King Mohichi, hearing reports about this, was concerned as well.

“Yeah… still depressed?”

“Your Majesty, it seems that losing the princess has had a significant impact.”

“Uhm… I’m sure it would, but…”

Due to the previous war, Princess Leira was no longer alive. This was not a simple assassination but a result of her failed attempt to take over the country. 

King Mohichi and others who knew this avoided mentioning Princess Leira. 

Prince Robert, unaware of the true circumstances, only knew she died in the war. Despite their age difference and awkward relationship, Robert seemed deeply affected by her death.

“I know. I will try to talk to the prince myself.”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

“If Your Majesty steps forward, the Prince will surely cheer up.”


A slightly awkward atmosphere pervaded the meeting between the king and the prince.

“How are you doing these days? I’ve been busy, so I couldn’t visit.”

“Yes, father. I am working hard on my studies and fulfilling my duties as a prince.”


The prince spoke in a businesslike manner. 

Seeing him trying to hide his emotions, King Mohichi felt hurt and spoke kindly.

“Okay. You don’t have to do that in front of me. Even though I am the king and you are the prince, in private, I am your father. If you have something in your heart, you can talk about it.”


The prince finally reacted to the king’s words. 

Seeing this, the king, sensing his son’s discomfort, smiled warmly.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s uncomfortable to talk about. Like I said, this is a private place. No matter what you say, I will accept it as a father, so just say it.”

“If it’s true…Father… I have one request…”

The son tried to bring up the story cautiously. 

The king naturally assumed it would be about Princess Leira.


After the meeting, the king left, feeling troubled by his son’s unexpected request. 

Prince Robert had somewhat overcome his sister’s death but then made an earnest request to get out of the palace and see the wider world. He cited Bahamut, a hero who saved Hangury, as an example.

Despite initial displeasure, the king couldn’t refuse. It was a request from his grieving son, and it had educational merit for the future heir. Yet, the king worried about his son’s safety.

‘I’ve definitely sheltered him too much. The world isn’t something you learn about just from books. Before unexpectedly ascending the throne, I traveled a lot…’

Though he had done many immature things, those experiences were valuable to the current King Mohichi. However, simply assigning an escort was insufficient. He needed someone who knew the outside world well.

Thinking it over, a person came to mind—someone trustworthy and knowledgeable about other countries, more than anyone else in Hangury. 

If it was this person, the king decided, they would surely keep his son safe and give him good experiences.

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