Chapter 11: My Senior Bought Me Food (part 1)

In the faculty room, the instructors who had gathered for the meeting kept silent while looking at each other.

They may have been recruited for the purpose of training summoners in the same academy, but that didn’t mean they belonged to the same factions. Rather, they had intense conflicts behind the scene to make sure that at least one more summoner joined their faction after the graduation.

“Oh, everyone has gathered.”

“Principal Catherine.”

And among them, Catherine was one of the few neutrals who devoted herself purely for the betterment of her cadets. The reason why she was able to occupy an important position at the Academy at such a young age was not only because she was the summoner of a 4-star summon, but also because she didn’t bother herself with any political conflict.

“It looks like you’ve been waiting for me…my bad.”

“It’s okay. You’re still within the appointed time.”

Playna, a 3-star Summoner and the homeroom instructor of Stella Eritz, answered with a blank expression.

It may seem like she was defending her, but to Catherine, her tone seemed like she was saying ‘we’ve all already gathered, so why are you coming so late?’

“Hmmm, anyway. Let’s start the meeting.”

Catherine tried to ignore that fact and proceeded with the meeting. 

The meeting was about the midterm exam that was planned to be held in a few days.

“In the past, the cadets were evaluated with some ordinary written and practical tests… but this year, it’s going to be a little different.”

“Different, what do you mean by that?”

“How about a battle royale where everyone has to fight at the same time?”

“Principal, we have no facilities to gather such a large number of people in one place, and it would be difficult to control them when such a large number is gathered in one place.”

In fact, it was possible to gather the cadets together, but the hundreds of summons they would summon were dangerous.

No matter how powerful Catherine and the instructors were, even they would have a hard time controlling the cadets with 3-star and 4-star summons.

What would they do if a cadet had bad intentions? 

And even if that wasn’t the case, what if the situation overheats and led to a major accident?

It was almost impossible to control them all with the manpower the Academy had in its disposal.

“Then what should we do, wouldn’t it be too one-sided if we simply do a one-on-one match?”

“Then how about the three-to-three battle?”

“Hmmm… that’s not a bad idea.”

It would be too dependent on luck, and Catherine didn’t like that very much. 

However, didn’t she herself depend too much on luck from the moment she became a summoner?

If she hadn’t summoned a 4-star summons, she wouldn’t have been able to get the role of the Principal.

“Then we’ll do that… would it be better to add a written test?”

“Yes. There’s nothing more important than knowing your own summon. And the questions would be…”

“Principal. I have something to tell you concerning that matter.”

“Mr. Oliver, what is it?”

Raising his shiny head, Oliver got up and handed out the materials he had prepared to the other instructors.

Catherine received the material Oliver had handed over, and as she read it, she became intrigued.

“Heh, is this a new paper you want to publish?”

“This is the theory advocated by one of my cadets, Ian Clark.”

“Your cadet?”

‘Ian Clark.’ The name seemed quite familiar to Catherine. ‘I think I’ve heard that name somewhere…’

“I’m proposing that in this exam we…”

And soon after, as Oliver continued his speech, she had to shift her attention.

‘If this is true, to think that a cadet did this…’

This semester, there was bound to be a huge commotion.

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