Chapter 11: Refining a Lapis Lazuli III (part 1)

Coming out of the still crowded building, Ophelia found Ashbel waiting for her at a distance.

“How did it go?”

“Here it is. I just followed what you said.”

“Good job.”

With those words, Ashbel took the certificate from Ophelia.

When they purchased the certificate, the receptionist also recorded it, so even if they lost it, they would receive the profit. The receptionists did it especially for the top investors of 1% or more.

However, it was good to take care of the certificate and not lose it, as it would inevitably make the process more inconvenient.

“Looks like we’re done with the task.”

“Fortunately. But where did the Master go? I haven’t seen him since yesterday…”

“Umm… not too long ago, he said that he was simply going somewhere to play around, but…”

Usually, Bahamut refused to come to such a place even for work, but this time around, he not only wanted to come, but he also disappeared somewhere with the excuse of just playing around.

However, Ashubel thought that the current Bahamut, who seemed to have matured completely after dumping Isolda, wouldn’t do that.

Above all, didn’t Bahamut himself say that he wanted to come here in the first place?

As he was thinking along that line, suddenly, bits of information regarding a certain event from before began to pop up in Ashbel’s mind, and he asked, “Come to think of it, Ophelia, what was that thing you bought for the Master?”

“Yes? Ah… that’s…”

Even though he had asked Bahamut the other day, he only received some vague answers.

As a result, Ashbel asked Ophelia about the identity of that thing, just in case.

Regarding that, Ophelia told Ashbel the things she knew.

However, after hearing the answer, Ashbel’s doubts started to grow even more.

“Hoh… why would he need that…”

“I don’t know any more than that. But… the Lord said something else too, right? That, it was a key to opening a treasure chest containing immeasurable riches…”

“I don’t know how it could be considered a key. Well… I did hear that the Dragona Empire makes a key of luck with it.”

“Why don’t we just wait and see? It’s our Master, so it must have a deeper meaning.”


Ophelia nodded with unwavering trust.

Seeing her attitude, Ashbel didn’t show it, but inside he began to feel a bit proud.

Bahamut had been an incompetent master who even Ashbel couldn’t trust until not long ago.

Then, one day, Ashbel suddenly began to feel proud of the fact that the young man suddenly grew up! He then captured the heart of a woman whom he had just met in less than a month, and even received her full trust.

‘That’s true, but where did he really go? I’m still a little worried…’

With that thought in mind, Ashbel and Ophelia headed for the inn where the party was staying as planned.


Looking at the person prostrated in front of his eyes, Bahamut quietly nodded.

The man was holding a small child in one hand and was bowing his head in tears.

Bahamut confirmed once again that the puzzle he had been thinking of fit perfectly now, and he began to slowly smile as the corner of his mouth lifted up.

“Now then… shall we stop here? You’d better hurry up and get ready to leave. If she finds out about this, she won’t let you go.”

“Yes… thank you! Thank you!”

With those words, the man took his leave along with the child.

Watching this scene, Bahamut began to recall the contents of the novel again.

‘It’s darkest under the lamp… it was a difficult problem to solve without knowing the correct answer.’

With those thoughts, Bahamut took the bottle that Ophelia had given him and slowly went outside.

There was nothing in it anymore, but he packed it with care, as it was the first thing the woman he loved had bought him. 

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  1. Poisoning her? or getting blackmail on her? I mean she could be a villain for all we know. I mean since it’s a dark ages setting most of the time the top merchant places are not innocent so maybe

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