Chapter 12: Jiangbei University

Early the next morning, Gu Xia got up. Today was the day of the new student orientation of the university. Although there would be no classes today, Gu Xia decided to go early because he was looking forward to it. He regretted not going to the university in his previous life, and now he could make up for it.

Gu Xia brought some things for the student orientation, and his mother packed his clothes and other items for him. Although the university was not very far from his home, it was still three or four hours’ journey back and forth. It was not very convenient for him to come home every day, so Gu Xia chose to live on campus, and come home when it was vacation.

“Xia Xia, you have to take care of yourself at the university, you hear? While it’s important to study hard, you must eat and sleep well, and don’t lose weight.” Deng Ling urged her son.

“Mom, don’t worry! I’m not a child, I know how to take care of myself, and the university is not far from home, so I can come back often.” Gu Xia listened to her mother’s advice and felt warm in his heart. All mothers love their children.

“Well, you should wait for the bicycle for two days, I will ask your father to borrow the hotel’s van to send it to you, so that you can ride out to play if you have nothing to do.” Deng Ling continued.

“Well, okay, Mom.” Gu Xia replied with a smile.

Gu Qin on the side suddenly said, “Gu Xia, you are not allowed to fall in love at the university. I heard that many people let themselves go as soon as they go to the university, and often skip classes to date and fall in love. Even if you do, let me and our parents know. We will check her out for you, you got that?”


Gu Feng and Deng Ling both laughed when they heard those words.

Gu Xia glanced at her, pinched her face, and said, “You’re still a little girl and you want to advise your brother? You better take care of yourself, study hard, and get into a good university next year, you got that?”

“Oh~ I hate you, don’t pinch my face.” Gu Qin said dissatisfied.

Gu Xia ignored Gu Qin’s dissatisfaction, opened the door, and said, “Mom and Dad, I’m leaving.”

“Go. Tell me if you lack something at the university, and I’ll send it to you, don’t you forget it! If there’s not enough money just call me.” Gu Feng said.

“I know Dad, I’m leaving, and I’ll be back soon.” Gu Xia waved his hands and walked down with his suitcase.

When he walked downstairs, Gu Xia was stunned, because he found that there was a pretty and lovely person standing in front of him. 

Li Jingjing was standing there wearing a white dress in the sun. She seemed like Snow White from that fairy tale.

“Brother Xia, this is for you.” Li Jingjing stuffed something in Gu Xia’s hand, and then hurried upstairs.

Gu Xia looked at the running figure of the girl, and there was still the fragrance of the girl in the air. Gu Xia looked at the transparent jar in his hand, which contained many folded paper cranes. The paper cranes were all folded with paper of various colors.

Gu Xia smiled, put the jar into the backpack on his back, and then looked back at the window of the stairwell, and saw Li Jingjing standing there, Gu Xia smiled and waved, and then walked ahead without looking back.

“Beep beep…”

Gu Xia turned on the phone and clicked on the message.

“Brother Xia, remember to miss me!”

‘Haha~ This girl.’ Gu Xia didn’t think Li Jingjing loved him, how could she know what love was at her age? It’s just that she grew up with him, she has a good impression of him, and she just regarded him as a brother-like figure. She would understand the difference when she met someone she truly liked.

Thinking about the matter with the person she liked, Gu Xia felt sad. At that time, he was afraid that the same tragedy as his previous life would happen again, but in this life, he wanted to save Li Jingjing. As for how he would save her, wasn’t it still too early to worry? Gu Xia also had no thoughts.

Gu Xia stopped a cab and took out the glass jar once he was inside. He left for the factory without telling anyone in his previous life, and he never received this glass jar.

Gu Xia opened the stopper and placed a few paper cranes in his hands. The paper cranes were very delicately folded. It obviously took a lot of thought to fold them, that girl probably spent a lot of time folding these paper cranes.

Gu Xia put back the paper crane, put down the jar, closed his eyes and rested.


More than an hour later.

At the gate of Jiangbei University, after Gu Xia paid for the cab, he dragged his suitcase and stood at the gate of Jiangbei University. The door was full of freshmen who came to report, many of them were brought by their parents by car, and there were many vendors selling snack, popsicles at the gate. .

Jiangbei University, as two local books and one for foreigners, had a history of more than 100 years. The gate was made of white marble with two red words “Jiangbei University” written on it. There were also two guards standing at the gate.

‘This is where I will study and live for the next four years!’

Gu Xia dragged the suitcase to the gate, showed the admission notice, and the guard let him enter the campus.

As soon as he entered the campus, he saw that there were many tables beside the road. The tables were full of people, and there was a banner behind each table.

  ”The Department of Computer Science warmly welcomes the freshmen of the department”

  ”The Department of Foreign Languages ​​warmly welcomes the freshmen of the Department”

  ”The Department of History warmly welcomes the freshmen of the Department”

They were all banners welcoming new students from each department, and the number of people at the desks of each department were different. Popular majors such as Computer Science and Economics and Management were crowded. The History and the Foreign Languages departments ​​were also very popular. 

In the Department of Chinese Language, the majority of the students were female, and the group of girls were talking and laughing, which attracted the boys to turn their heads and look over.

Gu Xia had applied for the Department of Economics and Management. Originally, Gu Feng wanted Gu Xia to apply for the most popular Computer Science Department, but Gu Xia did not want to study there, because at the Computer Science Department he would have to face the computer every day, which seemed boring.

Gu Xia went straight to the registration office of the Department of Economics and Management. Before he could even get close, a senior said, “Brother, are you from the Department of Economics and Management?”

Gu Xia nodded and replied, “Yes.”

“That’s right, Hu Feng, there is another one here, you can bring him over to sign up.” The senior turned his head and shouted back.

“Let’s go, junior, follow him to sign up.” The senior said to Gu Xia.

“Okay, thank you, senior.” Gu Xia walked aside after saying that. There were more than a dozen people gathered there, all of them from the Department of Economics and Management.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the freshman reception desk of the department to sign up.” Senior Hu Feng said.

After walking for about ten minutes, he arrived at the reception desk for new students. Hu Feng said he would be waiting at the door. 

There were two teachers sitting inside, and the line was full of students who wanted to sign up. Gu Xia also stood in line.

It had to be said that the teacher at the reception was very efficient, and it was Gu Xia’s turn soon.

“Please show your ID card, admission notice, and admission card.” said one of the teachers.

Gu Xia opened the backpack, took out the papers one by one and put it on the table. Then the teacher carefully read it one by one, and then he entered the information on the computer.

“Okay, this is your registration card. Your dormitory number is room 333. Take your things and go to the dormitory first.” The teacher handed Gu Xia a piece of paper.

“Okay, thank you teacher.” Gu Xia thanked him and went out. Senior Hu Feng was waiting at the door, and there were two other seniors waiting with him.

“Okay, let’s go, I’ll take you to the dormitory building.” Senior Hu Feng smiled.

Then there were things like paying for the admission procedures in the dormitory. By the time he was done, it was already noon. Gu Xia decided to have lunch first, and then go to the dormitory to sort things out.

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