Chapter 12: Refining a Lapis Lazuli IV (part 2)

And later, the protagonist used that knowledge to cure the incurable disease of the daughter of Bertina’s trusted aide, and succeeded in catching Bertina’s hidden weakness through that trusted aide.

The cure for that incurable disease was surprisingly simple.

Feeding them pearls made of mermaid tears, which were produced in the Dragona Empire. It was something that could be obtained with a little effort at the market in Vienna even now.

To the general populace, it was simply regarded as a jewel, but Bahamut, as a reader of the novel, knew that it was a hidden secret drug for treating that particular disease.

In addition, as he was well aware of the incident in which numerous small and medium-sized merchants were ruined in the accident of the Eastern Trade, he knew the exact time when Bertina’s scheme would be in motion. 

So, he prepared all the things necessary to deal with her, thereby grabbing the vile villainess by the neck.


This man named, Bahamut knew about all her plans!

But… even at the moment, as she knelt in front of him, Bertina’s mind was thinking without stopping.

It was clear that the man in front of her had grabbed her achilles heel.

Given his reputation and influence as the owner of the Beden Merchant Company, it was possible that Bahamut could easily make her plan a mess at once, just by announcing the fact to the people who were still forming a huge crowd in front of the building.

Even if he didn’t do that right away, it was clear that the Uranus Merchant Company would be destroyed in an instant, simply by sending these materials scattered in front of her eyes to the Emperor of the Holy Empire.

For the Emperor of the Holy Empire, if he had such an enormous justification in his hands, he would proceed without hesitation! That man would definitely move with the aim of extorting the enormous wealth of the Uranus Merchant Company.

In addition, he would be more that happy to send Bertina to prison for life in the process.

‘But… this man didn’t do that. He came directly to me like this without announcing the truth or handing over these materials to the emperor. Doesn’t that mean…’

Any normal person would’ve done that, but the man in front of her eyes was also a merchant like her.

A person who knew how to make the best choice for profit.

Destroying Bertina and the Uranus Merchant Company might make him feel good for a moment, but it wouldn’t be of much benefit to him. 

‘In other words, this man came here to make a deal with me using my weakness!’

Bertina, who had thought that far, asked the scary man in front of her in the calmest voice possible.

“What do you… want?”

“Hmm… well… how much will our Lady of Blue Gold be willing to give me?”

Talking in an amused tone, Bahamut sat down on the chair.

For Bertina, it was a situation where her life was at stake, but on the contrary, Bahamut’s appearance seemed excessively comfortable.

In fact, considering that he was in the position of holding the hilt of the knife, Bahamut’s attitude couldn’t be more appropriate for the situation.

But Bertina didn’t show any reactions at all. 

The most important thing for her now was to survive no matter what.

The only thing she could do was to try her best to get away from the blade hanging above the nape of her neck.

Even if it meant losing all of her limbs in the process!

After completing the calculation, Bertina unconsciously frowned.

‘It hurt so much.’

This blow… was so terrible and deadly that it was incomparable to anything she had ever suffered.

Everything she has accomplished over the past nine years would be ruined in an instant!

Her dream, which seemed to be almost in the palm of her hand… would really be just a dream, and would go away to a place where she would never be able to grab it.

But, nonetheless, she had to survive.

‘Another 9 years… no, even if it takes 90 years, I will be able to make a comeback!’

Swallowing such a bone-crunching feeling, the villainess, Bertina, politely bowed her head and answered Bahamut’s question in a calm voice.

“Anything… if you want it… everything.”


The moment he heard that, a deep smile began to bloom on Baramut’s lips.


“Well then, first of all, shall we test how sincere you really are?”


For a moment, Bertina felt confused due to Bahamut’s incomprehensible words.

And while looking straight at Bertina’s face, Bahamut erased the smile from his face and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Dear Lady, take off your clothes.”


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