Chapter 12: The villainess pretends (part 1)

“I’m sorry I interrupted you.”

This was what Duke Jespen said to Shael and Eran, who were, at the time, “passionately” staring at each other. He turned his head to the side, but his eyes remained locked on his daughter. To think that Shael would be caressing Eran’s cheek! It was absolutely unbelievable. And, the corner of his mouth raised up before he knew it. 

‘To think that the rumor that Eran and Shael were in intense love was true!’

Shael had refused to talk about the rumor, which had caused others to believe it even more, but Duke Jespen himself couldn’t believe the rumor at all.

Shael stiffened at her fathers gaze. ‘Why on earth did he come in now? This situation is so bad!’

“Hmmm, if you want each other so intensely, shouldn’t you married?”

Duke Jespen said while hiding his smile. Eran and Shael were only engaged, and the date of the wedding had not even been set. That’s why Duke Jespen had a lot of worries. However, with an opportunity like this, there was no way he would not take advantage of it.

“It might take me a while to think about that.” Eran said with a troubled expression. 

Honestly, it wasn’t for his dedication to rehabilitate the villainess, Eran would have rejected it outright.

Shael was in a situation where she would mess up if she tried to say something, so she just chose to keep her silence.

“I would like that.”

Of course, even the decision to remain silent didn’t go her way. Shael’s mouth just moved on its own. 

At her words, Duke Jespen grinned and said.

“I don’t know how you made my daughter like this.”


Eran was also taken aback by those words. Shael, who would normally enjoy his surprised expression, felt even more surprised than Eran was. She also felt quite distraught. ‘If I can’t even be silent, what on earth should I do? I don’t know how long the medicinal effect will last…’

“Then why don’t we set a date for the wedding in advance?”

Hearing her words, Shael thought. ‘If the negative becomes the positive, wouldn’t the positive become the negative?’

“Yes, I would like that.”

But even that was a wrong idea. In fact, it was a pill that would make people only tell lies. So no matter what she did, she would lie.

“Yeah, hahahaha! I can’t be the only one should talk about this matter.”


Duke Jespen hurriedly left before Eran could even say something to stop him. Because Duke Jespen really wanted to see his grandchildren. Moreover, it was also because he thought that Eran was the only one who could accept Shael, who had a bad personality.

“What should we do?”

“What is it?”

She was supposed to remain silent at Eran’s question. Still, she asked back as if she didn’t understand what was wrong with this situation.


‘Da*n you auctioneer!’ Shael cursed the auctioneer in her mind. That guy only said that the dru*g would only make people tell lies, and that an overdose would reverse their behavior, but he didn’t mention that they would not even be able to remain silent.

‘Someday, I will destroy that auction house.’ Inwardly, she swore vengeance against the auctioneer.

‘Basta*d. Dog-like guy.’

‘A guy worse than Eran.’

Those were the biggest curses she could do. 

‘No, it would be wrong to say that he was a guy worse than Eran.’ 

No one could be worse than Eran. Because he was a crazy person who cursed at his fiancé all the time and even pointed a sword at her.



It was fortunate that she was able to speak normally at time like this. It was a comforting fact.

“Have you gone mad?”

Eran insulted her again. Normally, she would have sighed and insulted him back, but now she herself was genuinely worried if she had really lost her mind.

‘Why did I eat the pill? Even if I did, why so much?’

‘Did I really have to test the pills?’

Not at all. No matter how much she was doubtful about the medicinal effect of the dru*g, shouldn’t she have tried feeding it to someone else?

‘No, even if I wanted to test the pills myself, why did I take that pill in front of Eran in the first place?’

‘Imust have gone mad…’ Shael thought.

“No, that’s normal.”

But Shael was someone who wouldn’t agree to the comment that she was crazy. Fortunately, Eran didn’t get the chance to look at her strangely. Because someone knocked on the door.


“Come in.”

The maid, Astin, came in. Judging from her blushing face, it was clear that she had overheard their conversation with Duke Jespen earlier.

“The Duke is calling you.”

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