Chapter 12: The villainess pretends (part 2)

Duke Jespen was calling them. This could mean only one thing. Everyone in the Duke’s family would know all about this incident by tomorrow. Shael got up from her seat. This, too, was not of her own will. She followed Astin to the door of the dining area of the Azbel family.


When she opened that large door, she saw the Duke and Duchess Azbel.

Duke Jespen was talking to his first wife, Enella. They had the perfect appearance of a very noble couple. 

‘Doesn’t it look like he’ll try to convince the two of us to get married?’

‘Just like this without consulting?’ Shael couldn’t help but panic. She had no idea that her father could be so impulsive. Aside from herself, who had been giving false replies under the effect of the strange pill, they decided to call them to this place without even listening to Eran’s opinion. ‘They must have thought that Eran was just a pure and kind person, so they decided to do this…’ Shael thought.

But, that guy might be cursing ‘she’s a bit*ch’ in his heart even at this very moment.

Yeah, her own fiancé, Eran, was in fact a person with a vicious personality.

Shael and Eran sat down. Then Shael’s mother, Enella Azbel, asked.

“Did you really come to like Eran, Shael?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

‘No, not at all!’ Shael was thinking that. Of course, her mouth spewed only the lies. The corners of Enella’s mouth also went up like Duke Jespen and couldn’t come down.

‘I will finally see my grandchildren!’ That was both of their thoughts. The Duchess’ question, Sael’s answer, and Eran’s silence. The next few conversation was the repetition of that. After the meal was over, Eran suddenly grabbed Shael’s hand and left for somewhere quiet.

“So, explain what happened.”


Of course, Sael couldn’t answer. It was because the dru*g was still in effect.

“Do you really like me?”

“Yes, I like you.”

Shael wanted to die by biting off her tongue. ‘Why is this person asking such a question?’

“How much do you like me?”

‘I hate you enough to want to kill you.’ But the reply didn’t come out like that.

“I love you to death.”

“Is that so?” Eran grinned. 

Something was wrong with this. ‘Why are you mocking me instead of panicking?’

“So, why did you take that strange medicine?”


‘You knew that!’ 

Eran’s words proved that he knew she was doing this because of the pills.

“I’ll let you go with this much.”

A weak wind blew from Eran. Then, Shaels body felt lighter. She was finally released from the effect of the drug.

“Did you know?”

“Yes, why the hell did you eat that?”


Shael remained silent and glared at Eran. Still, she felt relieved inside.

What would she have done if Eran asked that question while she was under the effect of the dr*ug?

‘I did it because I was wondering if you really liked me..’ She would have given such a weird answer.

She felt relieved, then annoyed. “What the hell, why didn’t you release it sooner?”

“Because, it was interesting.”


It was a situation where Shael would have normally cursed. However, another thought popped into her head. ‘Could it be that Eran had directly nullified the medicinal effect yesterday?’

“Perhaps, yesterday’s incident…”


“No, nothing.”

But Shael decided not to ask. ‘Yeah, did it really matter if my fiancé likes her or hates me?’

The most important thing was that she hated her fiancé.

So the villainess ignored her curiosity.


The next day.

I was sitting in front of Shael today as well.

“How about learning magic?”

“You said the same thing the other day.”

It was one of the things I have been proposing to her lately. Learning magic to protect oneself. Of course, it wasn’t going quite well. The Duke and his wife must have suggested and tried to persuade her countless times. But persuasion was not the only way.

“You will learn it.”

“I won’t learn even if I die.”

“Even though your fiancé, whom you love to death, recommends it?”

The villainess glared at me for those words. 

Then she said, “I’m sorry,” and continued with a laugh. “Did I say that?”

“Yes, you did.”

“Oops, I can’t remember.”

She was a wicked woman who refused to acknowledge her words. So, I pulled something out of my sleeves.

“Do you know what this is?”

“That’s my Serpent Orb…”

“No, it’s mine now.”

“What, what?”

I wasn’t going to answer her questions. The Serpent Orb would do that for me.

[Hmmm, if you want each other so intensely, shouldn’t you married]

[I would like that.]

She raised her eyes and looked at me.

[Yes, I like you.]

[I love you to death.]


She sounded like an idiot.

“As you know, this Serpent Orb can store voices whenever the user wants. And, it can’t be manipulated.”


“Isn’t that right?”


Yes, this was one of the steps to rehabilitate the villainess. In order to deal with the villainess, you have to catch her weakness.

And, use intimidation.

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