Chapter 13: Refining a Lapis Lazuli V (part 5)

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Her precious place, was now tightly clamping Bahamut’s big spear as if it was craving for more, as it prickled with extreme pleasure.

That wasn’t all. 

There was drool flowing from her mouth like a hungry animal, and her eyes were blurry, with tears pouring down her cheeks.

No matter how much she tried to deny it in her head… her body, which had experienced that primal pleasure at an extreme level, had already been completely captured.

‘Ahnn… that’s right… already… I already am.. even I…’

The moment she realized that fact. That locked door finally started to open…

At the same time, Bertina had no choice but to admit it.

She couldn’t go back anymore.

That ambition of bringing the world under her feet… she could no longer go back to that.

Her reputation, the Uranus Merchant Company, and… her body and mind. 

Everything had already been put to an end by this man’s perfect blow.

‘I promised… him… I promised… I’d make Uranus the best… I was about to keep that promise… but I… ended up failing… now… now I…’

Bertina realized that even her last remaining will had completely disappeared.

In this situation, there was only one thing left for her to do.

That was… to adapt to the present situation.

She to be honest with herself. She could no longer wallow in endless denial.

“Hooh… the Lady is suddenly being active? Have you finally accepted reality?”

Bertina suddenly started to shake her waist.

In response, Bahamut began to recognize that her mentality had changed from a moment before.

The sign of resistance was now completely gone, and she was moving her hips without hesitation!

So Bahamut finally let go of her hand and grabbed her voluptuous twin mounds— soft lumps which he couldn’t hold in the palm of his hand.

While Bahamut was savoring the pleasant touch, Bertina started to move more violently, as if she had been released from her shackles, and at the same time she began to clamp Bahamut’s spear more tightly with her honey cave.

‘Kuuh! No, wait a minute… how could it be so tight? She kept pretending she wasn’t… but this lady is unexpectedly… very good at this, isn’t she? Did her husband really die a natural death?’

Bertina was skillfully moving her waist while balancing her body on her own, rather than simply rocking it up and down.

While Bahamut was startled by her rather skilled movements, Bertina’s mouth began to groan with excitement.

“Ahnn… Ahaaa! Ahhhhhnnn!!”

As she passionately stirred the huge rod embedded in her body, Bertina completely surrendered herself to the pleasure of the present moment.

Losing everything meant, she had nothing to be worried about.

With all her despair, worry, and hesitation blown away, she started to be honest with herself.

‘Ah… that’s right… I’ve been wanting this all along… I’ve been wanting this ever since my husband died!’

‘This pleasure! A man! Good, good! I love it!’

‘Poke some more! With that tremendous weapon that even my husband couldn’t compare with! Deeper! Stronger! Inside me! Please explore every corner of my lewd pu*s*sy to your heart’s content!’

With all of her arrogance and pride stripped away, Bertina was just honestly enjoying the present moment. 

She shook her waist more passionately, concentrating all her attention on the large spear filling her inside, savoring it to the fullest!

“Ugh! Oh my god! Great… that’s great, Lady! Really… you’re really doing great!”

“Ahng… ahahahaha… ahahahaha!!!”

Bertia shed tears at Bahamut’s cry and began to burst out in laughter.

Madly stimulated by her furious movements, Bahamut quickly began to reach his limits.




Soon, they felt the brief moment of euphoria which bursts forth at the end of the extremely violent act of passion.

At the same time, Bertina felt her inside fill up with hot liquid.

The Bahamut’s huge spear filled her wo*mb with his seed to the point of overflowing.

As she felt her wo*mb get filled up with a man’s seed after 9 years, Bertina began to be overcome with the reverberation of sin and the greatest ecstasy she had ever felt.

It was an ecstasy that was sweet to the point of losing one’s mind and yet, so bitter.

“Ouuhh… heh heh heh… ”

Bertina gasped wildly, and at the same time, love juice started spewing out the from from the entrance of her wetness.

Bertina apologized to the man who was no longer in this world.

‘I’m sorry… honey… because I couldn’t keep my promise… and then… I… ended up like this… I… became someone else’s woman…’

She accepted another man’s seed into her wo*mb.

And… even the promise that was the last link with her husband was now shattered.

‘The time we spent together was short, but you were the man I truly loved.’

Bertina said goodbye to her husband after nine years, with a single tear flowing from her eyes.

“That was…”

Meanwhile, Bahamut sat down on the bed, feeling a little tired. Thinking that this was the end of this session, he tried to sort things out in his head.


Suddenly, Bertina knelt down in front of Bahamut.

Even without being told by anyone, she started licking Bahamut’s large spear, which was covered in their love juice. She began to carefully work on his rod, which was still standing erect.

Seeing that… Bahamut spoke to Bertina with a smile on his lips.

“What is it, Lady… are you still unsatisfied? Then.. shall we go for one more round?”

At those words, Bertina looked up at Bahamut’s face with her tongue still working on his rod.

Then, she silently looked at her new man and slowly nodded her head.

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