Chapter 14: The collision of fates

At the Battle Internet Cafe at the entrance of Jiangbei University, Gu Xia and the others were sitting in a private room.

“What game do you guys play?” Gu Xia asked.

“Would you like to play Dungeon and Warriors? My level 50 Berserker will carry you to farm your levels.” Wang Qun said proudly.

“Such a high level? I’m only level 32.” Liu Shu exclaimed.

“Okay, then we’ll let the second bro lead us to absolute glory.” Li Wen smiled.

With that in mind the four people logged into the game. When Gu Xia logged in to the game, and saw his game character, Asura, who was level 54. The character was called Gu Xia Xia. 

Gu Xia was stunned. Was his character level 54? He really didn’t remember.

‘Now…now…Which 50th-level guy just said that he wanted to carry us?’

‘Come out, and look if you can say that again!’ Gu Xia secretly thought.

“Come on, come to the game and assemble a team first, and I will carry you to level up.” Wang Qun said with a smile.

Soon Wang Qun, Liu Shu, and Li Wen joined the team. Gu Xia was nowhere to be seen, but there was a level 54 Asura who kept applying to join the team, but Wang Qun refused every time.

Wang Qun raised his head and shouted to Gu Xia, “Gu Xia, why haven’t you come yet? It can’t be that not only you’re a level 1 but you also don’t even know how to play, right? Damn it, this Asura is really annoying and keeps asking to join the team.”

“Can I say that I am that Asura?” Gu Xia said with a wry smile.

“Fu*k! Is this 54th-level Asura your character? You’re too good at pretending, I thought you were only level 1?” Wang Qun looked at Gu Xia resentfully with a sour expression on his face.

“I don’t remember either, I haven’t played for a long time.” Gu Xia explained.

“It seems that the real fat thigh here is Gu Xia!”

The four of them teamed up to level up until they were tired and could play no longer. By the time they walked out of the Internet cafe, it was 6:50 in the evening.

“Gu Xia, you are a local, recommend us some delicious restaurants nearby.” Li Wen asked.

“My family doesn’t live near here, how would I know where to eat! There’s a row of restaurants over there. Let’s go and see which one is more popular. Then choose the most popular one, how about it?” Gu Xia touched his nose and suggested.

The other three were even more unfamiliar than him, and they all nodded in agreement with Gu Xia’s opinion.

The group of four finally chose a restaurant with a relatively hot business for dinner.

“Four students, sit here, the menu is on the table, what do you want to eat?” the waiter asked.

“What signature dishes do you have?” Li Wen asked.

“Our signature dishes include braised small turtle, spicy crayfish, rice noodles, and braised beef feet.” The waiter said with a smile.

“Bring all the four dishes you just mentioned, and then you can bring two more vegetable dishes.” Li Wen said without caring for money.

“Okay, please wait a minute.” The waiter went to place the order after memorizing the dishes.

“Haha~ The fourth bro is really generous.” Wang Qun laughed.

“If I am treating you to a meal, then I’ll do it grandly. You said that I was covered in gold, so if I get stingy here, wouldn’t I lose my face?” Li Wen said indifferently.

“Haha, that makes sense!” Liu Shu said and gave him a thumbs up.

Gu Xia found that his three roommates were quite fun and friendly. He felt very fortunate to have these three roommates with him for the next four years.

Soon the dishes were served one by one. This was how restaurants were. They gave priority to serve the dishes for those with high consumption. Gu Xia’s table ordered food worth only 700 or 800 yuan, and it equaled the food consumed by several other tables. Most of the people who eat here were students, and the consumption level of students was not very high.

“Waiter, bring us a case of beer.” Wang Qun shouted at the bar.

“Hello, what kind of beer do you need? There are Jiangbei Beer, Xuejin and Budweiser, which one do you drink?” The waiter soon came up and asked.

“Of course it’s Budweiser, do you still need to ask? ” Wang Qun looked at Li Wen with a smile and answered.

“OK, please wait.”


The four of them drank three cases of beer before they finished. Wang Qun and Liu Shu both drank too much. There was no way they could walk back, so Gu Xia and Li Wen could only support one each back to the dormitory.

“Hey~ I’m exhausted, this second bro is quite heavy, even though he looks thin.” Li Wen put Wang Qun on the bed and said with a sigh.

“Hehe~ He’s heavy? What about the big bro I’m supporting?” Gu Xia smiled bitterly as he looked at the big bro Liu Shu, who was quite tall.

“This Budweiser is a bit too strong, I have to take a bath before going to bed.” Li Wen shook his head and frowned.

Gu Xia looked at his watch. It was almost nine o’clock. He remembered that he didn’t buy anything like toothbrushes and towels, so he said, “Go to sleep, I’ll go shopping outside and buy some daily necessities.”

“Okay~ Remember to close the door.”


Gu Xia asked the guard at the gate of the university and learned that the large supermarket was only two kilometers away. The gate of the university was full of small shops, but they didn’t have what he wanted. Feeling helpless, Gu Xia could only walk there.

At present, there were no Mobike or small yellow bikes. If there were, it would be much more convenient to ride a bicycle.

Gu Xia asked another person on the road before walking to the door of the supermarket. There was a steady stream of people coming in and out of the supermarket. Gu Xia bought some daily necessities in the supermarket. When he came out, the supermarket was almost close to closing down.

“Di Di~”

Gu Xia opened his QQ, and the notification kept ringing.

His sister Gu Qin sent several messages:

“Brother, is university fun?”

“Smelly Gu Xia, why don’t you reply to my messages, hum~”

“Gu Xia???”

Gu Xia carried the baggage in one hand, and typed  back: “I just left home today, you miss me already?”

The next message was from Fatty: “Ask yourself if you have gone to school to report.”

And the class leader Li Xia sent a message asking which department he was in.

Gu Xia replied to the messages one by one.

Since Gu Xia kept his head down and replied to the message, when he got out of the elevator in the supermarket, he didn’t notice that someone was tying their shoelaces in front of him, and clashed with the person’s butt.


A coquettish cry sounded, and a girl in a white T-shirt and jeans was knocked to the ground by Gu Xia.

Gu Xia’s face changed, and he immediately said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, are you hurt?”

After saying that, Gu Xia put down the things in his hand, and saw the girl sitting on the ground, her long hair covering her face, her hand covering her right foot, it was probably twisted by his bump.

‘Other things don’t matter now, her feet are more important, I’ll help her up first! Then go to the hospital to have it checked.’ Gu Xia grabbed the girl’s hand and helped her up.

“Hey~ it hurts, how can I walk, didn’t you see me tying my shoelaces? And you bumped into me first, did you do it on purpose? Are you a pervert?”

The girl was helped up, and without looking at Gu Xia, she cursed him for a while.

Her voice seemed very familiar to Gu Xia. He didn’t look at her properly before, but now that he looked at this figure carefully, it was really too familiar.

And the girl turned her head to look at him after cursing. She was just trying to tie her shoelaces, but some idiot bumped onto her butt, and she even hurt her leg. All this made her very angry. Thinking that a place that should not be touched was hit by a man, she felt so angry that she almost died from anger, but when she turned her head, she was stunned.

Under the dim street lights, a boy was supporting a girl, and the two gazed at each other like that for a long time, which attracted pedestrians who were passing by, some even pointed at them.

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