Chapter 15: Option (part 1)

Victory was like sweet fruit. Once you taste it, you become addicted to it and you can’t let it go.

It was the same for me as well.

“Kiyaah! All I need now is a can of beer…”

But, it was a shame that cadet’s were not allowed to consume alcohol.

Currently, I lay on my bed, busy with checking the quest window.

[Take the first place in the midterm exam.]

-Get a perfect score in the written test (???)

-Win the competition (1 of 1)

[Reward: Increase in favorability of wishing rights and Stella Eritz]

[In case of failure: Heirloom (random) disappears, Stella Eritz’s favorability decreases.]

Obviously, I won the contest. 

It doesn’t need much explanation.

I defeated the lady of the House Eritz, who had a 4-star summon, with Anna, who was perceived to be a 3-star summon.


And suddenly, it began to rain.

The sound of rain hitting the window was accompanied by the sound of someone knocking on the door.

As I slowly got up and opened the door, Stella, with her fingers covered in bandages, was standing outside the door.

Seeing my face, she blushed and turned her face aside in anger. Then, she handed me the lunchbox she was holding in her hand.

“Take it.”

“Would you like to eat together?”

“Haah!? I’d be crazy if I did that with you…”

As she spoke and turned her head, I grabbed her arm and dragged her into the room.


After closing the door so strongly that it seemed like the door would break, I said to Stella, who was slightly trembling.

“Now that you’re inside, are you going to eat?”

“I won’t eat.”

“Okay, then, you can watch while I eat.”

As I brought Stella inside, I smelled a sweet scent spread through the gloomy room.

Maybe it was the smell of the perfume, or maybe it was her natural body scent.

When I sat in front of the table in the room and opened the lunch box, it was full of high-quality ingredients that could only be obtained by a lady from a ducal house.

Meat, seafood, and all kinds of salad dressings—a combination that could be nothing but tasty.

Stella stared at me restlessly, as I took a bite of the food.

“Uh, how is it?”

“Hmm, it’s delicious.”

“Right? I was the one who made it, so it wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t taste good!”

Stella, who was fond of hearing compliments, seemed quite satisfied with her work.

“Eat it all quickly, I mean, I’m busy.”

“What are you so busy with? The second place.”

“We’re not the second place yet!”

“Heh, if you win the next match, you’ll be in second place.”


Hearing that, Stella quietly bit her lip, not knowing what to say. 

The place turned quiet, as I finished eating and returned the empty box to her.

“Good luck tomorrow.”


Saying so, she took the empty lunch box and left the room.

I jumped into bed, caressed my slightly swollen stomach, and remembered how things had come to this.

* * *

Immediately after the match, I headed straight to Stella. 

Stella, who was still reeling over her defeat, didn’t say anything.

“Do you accept your defeat?”


“You lost, and didn’t we have a bet?”


Stella then remembered the bet she had made with me. 

In the midterm exam, the one who lost the contest would have to grant the other person’s request.

“It was about who got the first place, it wasn’t about winning this match.”

“Are you sure?”


“Do you have the confidence to get top marks in the test and get the first place?”

At that, she kept her mouth shut. 

Actually, although the grading of the written exam wasn’t over yet, even I couldn’t think that I could take the top spot unless something was wrong.

However, Stella was knocked out of the quarterfinals, and I won the competition. 

In an academy that focused on practical skills, that made a lot of difference.

“If you admit defeat now, I will give you another option.”


“Yeah, another option.”

No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t ask her for an unreasonable request. Meaning, I couldn’t just ask for a s*xual favor or ask her to be my concubine.

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  1. I don’t know if this is translator fault or rather more probable author fault but Stella lost in semifinals not quaterfinals and the highest place she can reach is third place because in championship format losers of semifinals fight for 3rd place, 2nd place is for losers of finał match. Also I don’t understand why the finals couldn’t be on the same day, but author got reasons. Logic in this novel…
    MC is an arrogant as*hole like always but now he is also a coward as he is too scared to take advantage of Stella. Funny he doesn’t care how many enemies he makes but suddenly cares when it comes to sexual relations with Stella? Yep aurhor’s logic.
    Thanks for chapter

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