Chapter 16: The villainess is unpopular (part 1)

Mages belonging to the Mage Tower. They were treated the same as nobles.

Because only the very skilled mages could join to the Mage Tower. So it was only natural that they would be treated well.

Among them.. Aren Jaygers, the Lord of the Mage Tower, was a mage of great skill. He even once said that if the nobles bothered him, he would leave the empire at once. Even for the imperial family, it was not easy to touch him. Aren Jaygers possessed independent power through his overwhelming force.

People often compared the power of the Mage Tower and the various dukes. The most common one amongst them was the Azbel family, a famous mage family. Of course, no one knew for sure.

The Azbel family had the Duke and Duchess of Azbel, who were excellent mages, and the Mage Tower, had the Mage Tower Lord. However, the power of the Mage Tower Lord was very mysterious. That’s why people secretly regarded the Mage Tower as more powerful than the Azbel family.

So what did the Mage Tower built by such a Mage Tower Lord look like?

“This is the area where the Mage Tower is located.”

“You had exaggerated it before, but it’s smaller than I thought.”

She looked at the tower and said.

“It’s probably smaller than the Azbel family’s mansion. Shouldn’t it be at least bigger than that?”

“That’s not the Mage Tower.”


Shael was looking at the wrong thing.

The size of the Mage Tower I pointed out was so huge that it couldn’t be compared to the Azbel family’s mansion that she boasted about just now. It was huge to the extent that it made me wonder how that was a even a tower.

“Really, it’s size can’t be compared to the Azbel family’s mansion.”

That’s what I said. ‘It was truly absurd!’


Shael walked towards the Mage Tower without saying a word, her ears had turned red.

The Mage Tower was mysterious in a different way. There were many unique structures inside the tower as if to show the eccentric nature of the owner of the tower. We finally found the banquet hall after passing many of such structures .

“That should be it, right?”

“Let’s go.”

I asked and Shael replied. She seemed to be bothered by the banquet. Well, the villainess had no social skills. The entirety of her human interactions were limited to me and the Duke and Duchess Azbel. 

Shael stopped abruptly and looked at me.


“What is it?”

“You seem to be thinking something strange.”

The villainess was strangely perceptive only at times like this.

“I didn’t think anything that might be considered as such.”

“Oh, is that so?”

I had no time to give a reply. It was because someone was standing in front of Shael and me.

“Eran Baslett and Shael Azbel. You are late.”

This person didn’t add honorifics before the name of the heirs of two dukes. He even spoke rude words about being late.

‘Even though we aren’t late. Rather, we are early.’

It must have been a very long time before the banquet started. This person was just saying this to intimidate us. I could tell from the look on his face. He was looking at us with a very unwelcome expression.

I looked at his face… it was quite a familiar face. It was because he was one of the people on the cover of the original novel. It was one of the main male characters in the original novel, Aren Jaygers.

I was immediately convinced. If someone else was as strong as this person, they would be as arrogant as well. To the extent that they could afford to act in such a rude manner towards the heirs of the two dukes. I was about to greet the Mage Tower Lord. However, Shael was faster. 

She said to the Mage Tower Lord.

“You have no manners.”


The Mage Tower Lord questioned the villainess once again as if he hadn’t heard it clearly. There was no way the villainess would just let things go.

“You dare…”



The villainess let out a sigh and passed by the Lord of the Mage Tower. The Mage Tower Lord glared at Shael as if he were going to kill her.

‘Haah, it’s ruined.’

“Then, we will be going. Have a good time, Aren Jaygers.”


He silently glared at me even after my courteous greeting. It seemed that being with Shael had made the Mage Tower Lord hate me as well. Well, for now, I should just follow Shael.

“You’d better stop!”

The Mage Tower Lord made me stop. Feeling somewhat uneasy, I immediately looked at the the Mage Tower Lord.

Magical power was gathering in his hands. It was something that should be seen just before someone was preparing to use magic.

The Mage Tower lord, Aren Jaygers. He was a cold, and obsessive character. The kind which usually appeared in romantic fantasy novels. So in other words, he had a very nasty personality.

How could one of the main characters have a personality so nasty that he would resort to violence for such an insignificant matter?

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