Chapter 17: The villainess is narrow-minded (part 1)

I acciddentally posted the wrong chapter in the past. I am sorry for the trouble. I was taking care of one of my close relatives at the hospital and wasn’t really in the right psychological condition. I will be releasing an extra chapter to make up for my mistake. I hope you understand.

The banquet at the MageTower was held over two days. Today was the first day of the banquet, and the banquet had just begun.

In the banquet hall, there were only people who had aristocratic background.

Me and Shael were quietly keeping to ourselves in the corner. Shael was just annoyed, and I was there to somehow prevent conflict between Shael and the female protagonist.

Of course, we couldn’t stay still like that for long.

It was because the Mage Tower Lord, Aren Jaygers, found us and approached us.

“What are you doing?”

I hurriedly approached the Mage Tower Lord and asked. I did that because Shael was about to open her mouth, and nothing good would come out every time he opened her mouth. I had expected that he would react violently as soon as he saw me, but the Mage Tower Lord seemed calmer than I thought. 

No, rather he was smiling.

It was strange. Where did that Mage Tower Lord, who had such a terrible personality, go? 

Right at that moment, an ominous sound forced me to stop thinking.

Chang… crang!!!

I looked back at the ominous sound. There was a broken wine glass on the floor.

The female protagonist, Clie, was lying face down on the floor. And… Shael’s clothes were red from wine.

“Oh, that! Sorry! Sorry!”


It happened within just a few seconds of the Mage Tower Lord approaching me. 

‘No, how could it be like that? It doesn’t make sense!’

Shael looked down at Clie, and said, “You did it on purpose.”

“Eh, it wasn’t intentional! The floor is very slippery. I… I’ll help you get a new outfit from the dressing room!”

The Azbel family’s Lady Shael and the Mage Tower Lord’s eyes were pasted on Clie. However, the eyes of the other people at the banquet hall were focused on the two of them. Of course, it was a great blunder to spill wine on Shael, who was reputed to be a cruel villainess. It was a situation where every were waiting to see what would happen next.


It was exactly at that moment that Clie coughed again. It was also at a point when she needed people’s attention. As if she wanted to arouse people’s sympathy.

Something was strange. No matter how pretentious the female protagonist Clie was in the original novel, it wasn’t to this extent.

She made mistakes, and kept coughing only in opportunistic moments. It certainly wasn’t something that a normal person would do.

Then, the Mage Tower Lord in front of me moved. He walked over to Clie’s side. Shael coldly glared at the Mage Tower Lord. It was a situation where anyone could tell that the two were not on good terms.

A completely unexpected thing happened at the very moment when I was thinking that something big might happen.

The ill-tempered Mage Tower Lord actually lowered his head!

“I should have taken good care of the floor. I apologize.”

Shael just silently looked at the Mage Tower Lord. 

I couldn’t help but stare at him in bewilderment as well. That bad tempered Mage Tower Lord lowered his head? Even if it was for the sake of the female protagonist, it was really strange.

“Apologizing by merely lowering your head? Get down on your knees!”

Then, the Mage Tower Lord knelt down, without hesitation!!!

People gasped for breath.

It was nonsense! That Mage Tower Lord knelt down on his knees?

However, the truth was immediately apparent. People who were present immediately began to whisper some things about Shael. The Mage Tower Lord was instigating the people.

I concentrated my magic and listened to what people were saying. I could hear people say that Shael made the Mage Tower Lord kneel down just because someone ruined her clothes. What followed was that people confirmed that Shael Azbel had a vicious personality.

Most of these were words from the mages of the Mage Tower. Before things got even worse, I took Shael’s hand and led her away.

“Come, Shael.”

Fortunately, Shael followed my advice. Or maybe, she was waiting for those words.

Shael and I walked silently until everyone was out of sight.


“Are you okay?”

“What is it? I am fine.”

Unexpectedly, the villainess looked calm. It was different from when she was trying hard to not lose to me. On the contrary, maybe that’s why, Shael didn’t seem the same. I didn’t know if she was really okay, but…

“Puh, pouhh…”

Shael suddenly laughed. 

‘Was she really that shocked by what happened earlier?’

It was something that would definitely upset the villainess. Before the banquet, she got into a fight with the Mage Tower Lord, and during the banquet, her clothes were stained with wine, and people cursed at her. Moreover, she was forced to leave the banquet. It was a situation that would make anyone angry.

“Ah, I feel much better now.”

I couldn’t understand Shael’s behavior at all. Was she really upset? She did understand that she had suffered, right? No matter how ignorant the villainess was there’s no way she didn’t know that. 

As I was looking at Shael with a puzzled expression, she spoke to me.

“Look at this.”

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  1. >”Something was strange. No matter how pretentious the female protagonist Clie was in the original novel, it wasn’t to this extent.”

    I genuinely hope this isn’t a sign of her being another reincarnator/transmigrator. I’ve already read 10+ novels where the white lotus heroine gets possessed by a green tea bitch.

    It wouldn’t be so bad except that the Green tea is always 2-dimensional and very dumb.

      1. A Green Tea is someone who acts like a white lotus but is instead deceptive and only pretending to be good.
        A white Lotus is a pure female lead.

  2. Thanks for the chapter !!
    I think I missed something when did the mage tower lord drink the pill. The chapter start directly with the FL and the ML explaining that she purchased another pill ????

    1. I acciddentally posted the wrong chapter in the past. I am sorry for the trouble. I was taking care of one of my close relatives and wasn’t really in the right psychological condition.

    1. I acciddentally posted the wrong chapter in the past. I am sorry for the trouble. I was taking care of one of my close relatives and wasn’t really in the right psychological condition.

  3. JustCallMeDaBoss

    mannn i hope this isn’t k e of those novels where the precious female lead that’s supposed to be a nice person turns into a complete and utterly evil annoying bitxh, but it seems things will go that way, I guess they need something from Shael dying to fix up ciel ?

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