Chapter 18: The villainess doesn’t know restraint (part 2)

The Mage Tower had a somewhat unique setting.

At night, outsiders were not allowed to move freely inside the Mage Tower. It was because of the curse it had received from the demons. Aside from the people who had learned the special magic of the Mage Tower, only the truly strong who were adept at handling magic were free from the curse of the Mage Tower. 

Otherwise, normal people would lose some of their senses, which included— sight, hearing, and even smell. Moreover, if they remain affected by it for a long time, they might even lose their senses forever. The setting in the novel was that the demons had so much resentment against Aren Jaygers that all the high-ranking demons cursed the Mage Tower in exchange for their lives.

You might think that this was a ridiculous setting, but it was also a setting created by the writer of a romantic fantasy novel. Perhaps they did it to develop the story of the Mage Tower Lord and the female protagonist.

That setting was also harmful for Shael. It was because she, who had the Azbel family’s magical power, had to visit the Mage Tower. She had to do it because the Azbel family’s magical power itself suppressed the demon’s curse. But why didn’t Aren, the Mage Tower lord, just move the Mage Tower to another location even though it was under such a curse?

It was exactly because Aren, the Mage Tower Lord  was a very eccentric character. The setting made it so, and it would continue like that. Anyway, that’s why outsiders had to stay in designated rooms during their night at the Mage Tower.

The special magic of the Mage Tower was cast on the rooms so that the outsiders would be protected from the curse that could deprive them of their senses. 

Me and Shael were also following the guide and heading to the room that the Mage Tower Lord had designated for us.

“Here it is. If you need anything, you can call me by pressing this button here. And as you know, you should never go out during the night.”

This was also because of the curse. Shael and I tried to enter the room. But I had to stop. Why did they guide both of us to the same room?

“Are we supposed to stay in the same room?”

“Yes? They were allotted according to what the Mage Tower Lost has instructed. Is there a problem?”

The guide responded at Shael’s words in bewilderment.

“Please let me sleep in a different room from this person.”

“Sorry. All accommodations are already full.”

“This Mage Tower should be very big.”

This was also one of the setting for that damn novel. There were not many rooms in the Mage Tower. I don’t even know the reason why. If I had to guess, it must have been because of the chapter in which the Crown Prince, who had come secretly in disguise was beaten up due to the lack of rooms.

That was the setting that the writer had forcefully put in place in order to achieve that purpose.

“The curse begins in 5 minutes. I think you should use this place for now.”

“Then, go.”

Shael had no choice but to accept and told the guide to leave.


Perhaps she was cursing the the Mage Tower Lord. No, I was pretty sure it was like that


I think this was the first time that curse had come out of Shael’s mouth. Apparently, the villainess seemed to have learned a new curse word!

Shael headed for the door.


It was the sound of Shael opening the door.


Then she closed it again.

“Why is there… only one room?”


It seemed that Shael was firing some swear words at the Mage Tower Lord again.


I opened the door that Shael had closed. It was because the curse of the Mage Tower would begin soon. It was a decent sized room. It was smaller than Shael’s room, but that was because Shael’s room way too large.

The Mage Tower Lord treated us better than I thought. The room was cleaner than expected. It almost made me wonder if it was the same Mage Tower Lord, who had the personality of a mad dog who even tried to use magic to attack Shael. He seemed to be a person with some common sense?

It might be because at tomorrow’s banquet, he would need the Azbel’s family’s, or more specifically Shael’s help. But if I think about it again… the Mage Tower Lord wasn’t a person who would care about such things.

‘Ah, is it because of the Pill of Lies? Maybe he tried to assign some strange room and then said the opposite.’

Anyway, there was food on the table, and books for leisure on the bookshelf. There were even magic tools for other conveniences.



But why was there only one bed?

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