Chapter 19: Are you asking me out?

“Everyone be quiet, I will be the one hosting the party from now on.” A hot female instructor walked to the middle and started talking. 

“Everyone must contribute a performance for the occasion, it doesn’t matter whether it’s singing or dancing. So who will volunteer to come up first?” The female instructor glanced around and smiled.

“I’ll come!” A girl raised her hand and said.

“Very good, what’s your name? What will you be performing for everyone?” The female instructor asked with a smile.

“Hello everyone, I’m Xia Wei from the Chinese Department. I’ll perform a dance for everyone, I hope you like it.” The girl said shyly.


Everyone applauded, and many boys even whistled.

Xia Wei danced the ballet with gracefulness. Although she was wearing a camouflage uniform, her beautiful face and figure quickly conquered many boys.

Gu Xia listened to the people beside him talking about Xia Wei. When he heard that they wanted to pursue her, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Thank you all!”

After Xia Wei finished dancing, she bowed to everyone, and then returned to her place.

“Thank you very much for the dance performed by Xia Wei, so who is next?”

After that, people continued to come on stage, some people performed comedy sketches, some danced and sang, it was very lively!


“Who else is coming? I noticed that in today’s party, it was the girls who came on stage the most. What about boys?” said the female instructor as she looked around.

Many boys looked eager to try, but they didn’t get up. After all, it took  real courage to perform in front of so many people. And, with so many girls watching, if the performance was not good, it would lead to a massive loss of face.

Anyway, Gu Xia didn’t want to go on stage. He couldn’t do anything except sing. Even if he sings, he had enough of that on KTV for a long time in his previous life, and he also really didn’t want to be in the limelight.

“Gu Xia, sing a song.” Suddenly a sharp female voice was heard.

Gu Xia was stunned for a moment, he looked towards the voice, and saw Li Xia looking at him with a smile.

Gu Xia suddenly felt that there were 10,000 divine beasts running around in his heart. When did he ever offend her? What was she calling him for?

“Gu Xia, sing a song!”

Li Xia shouted again. This time, she was not alone, but many people followed.

“Gu Xia, sing a song!”

“Gu Xia, sing a song!”

More and more people followed the flow, shouting loudly, their voice resounding throughout the training ground.

Gu Xia could only smile bitterly when he heard everyone calling out his name.

“Hey…Gu Xia, isn’t that you?” Wang Qun asked Gu Xia while pocking him with his elbow.

Gu Xia squinted at him and didn’t answer.

“Is that even a question? It must be Gu Xia! Gu Xia, why don’t you go to the stage?” Liu Shu said affirmatively.

“Haahh…” Gu Xia sighed, stood up slowly, and walked towards the center of the circle.

When everyone saw that the main protagonist had appeared, they all stopped shouting and looked at the boy named Gu Xia in the middle.

Gu Xia already had quite a handsome face, but after a month of military training, he tanned a little and looked more masculine. After they saw him, many girls’ eyes lit up.

“Hello everyone, I’m Gu Xia. And, I am also the Gu Xia everyone was just screaming for!” Gu Xia laughed.


Everyone was amused by Gu Xia’s words, and they all laughed.

“Since my old classmate Li Xia tried so hard, I naturally have to work hard as well, or I will not be worthy of her hard work!” Gu Xia looked at Li Xia and spoke with a look of resentment.

Everyone applauded and cheered. When Li Xia saw that everyone was looking at her, her face flushed, and her eyes glared at Gu Xia, knowing that he was taking revenge for calling him out just now.

“I will be singing the song, [Who do you think of when you’re alone]”.

After Gu Xia looked at the instructor on the side, the instructor immediately released the tune of this song.

The familiar tune of the song slowly started playing. This song was Tu Sisi’s favorite. This song was the ringtone of Tu Sisi’s mobile phone in their previous life. Every time she heard this song, she would also sing it. And, Gu Xia would complain about this to her every time, [Are you not tired of singing this song, and I am almost tired of listening to it.]

“Your mood is always rushing

To chase after everything

You want to grab a little comfort…


Who do you think of when you’re alone

Do you want to find someone to accompany you?

To share your happiness and sadness

Only I can feel…” 

(Goblin: A song by singer Zhang Dongliang)

Gu Xia’s hoarse voice resounded all over the training ground. The way he sang was different from how Zhang Dongliang originally sang. Zhang Dongliang sang it a little briskly, with the feelings of missing someone, while Gu Xia sang with the feeling of reminiscence.

After the song was over, a thunderous applause sounded, Gu Xia bowed to express his thanks, and returned to his position.

“Yes! Third bro, you can become a star now.” Wang Qun joked.

“Third bro, did you see that when you sang just now, so many girls looked at you with glowing eyes? If I could sing as well as you, I would be as popular too, and I’d definitely be able to get a girlfriend in no time.” Liu Shu looked envious and hateful.

“Hehe, how can it be so exaggerated.” Gu Xia touched his nose and said.

Soon, the party was coming to an end. After all, it was already eight o’clock, and everyone had not eaten dinner yet.

At the end of the party, a strange thing happened in Gu Xia. There were several girls who came asking for his QQ and phone number.

This scene made the other boys quite envious. They all looked at Gu Xia with murderous eyes. If eyes could kill, then Gu Xia would have died tens of thousands of times.

“How will our [Love Song Prince] thank me!” Li Xia walked over and said, her face flushed, thinking of the words of the girl next to her just now.

“Class leader, I didn’t even ask you to settle the account yet, and you want me to thank you?” Gu Xia said with a pouted lip.

“You really don’t know what’s good for you! Didn’t you impress so many girls with this opportunity? This will help you a lot in pursuing girls!” Li Xia said angrily.

“Really! So why don’t you be my girlfriend, class leader! How about it?” Gu Xia looked at Li Xia with a sullen look in his eyes and said.

“Keep dreaming~”

Li Xia blushed when Gu Xia looked at her, and remembering what her companion just said, she could only run away with a blushing face.


After dinner, Gu Xia was lying on the bed watching the news, and suddenly Tu Sisi sent a message, 

[You were very impressive today, The Love Song Prince!]

Gu Xia was puzzled by this, and replied, [What do you mean?]

[Singing love songs in front of so many people, messing around with pretty flowers behind my back, humm~]

[I’m being wronged! I didn’t even want to sing!] Gu Xia couldn’t help shouting.

[If it wasn’t for my classmate’s sister who took a video and sent it to her, I wouldn’t have known if the handsome Gu could be so majestic.] Tu Sisi replied with a pang of jealousy.

[Hehe~ Do you have any plans for the National Day?] Gu Xia hurriedly changed the subject.

[No plans, why are you asking? Do you have any plans?]

Tu Sisi’s response to the message was very fast this time. Gu Xia had just sent it, and she replied.

[Then you come to People’s Park tomorrow, and I’ll take you to play. It just so happens that Li Sicheng and Wang Qian will be there. We will also have some company.] Gu Xia replied.

[Are you asking me out on a date?]

Gu Xia looked at the message, smiled bitterly, and replied helplessly, 

[Yes, how about it, Young Miss Tu, will you give me some face!]

[Then I shall reluctantly accompany you!]

[See you tomorrow…good night!]

[Good night!]

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