Chapter 2: Fall of the Villainess II (part 2)

Isolda Evergarden.

In the first place, Bahamut wouldn’t have believed her even if she apologized with tears in her eyes, but even in this situation, Isolda maintained a dignified appearance.

‘In some ways, she is better than those who spout lies to avoid punishment… she is a hundred times better!’

While thinking so, Bahamut was giving Isolda the worst humiliation she could ever feel.

It was… to take away what she cherished the most!

Her pride.

Although it was also for his own enjoyment. His main goal was always to make the evil woman suffer.

The kind of suffering the people she had plunged into the abyss had to suffer.

In order to let her experience all that, Bahamut couldn’t treat her as a human being.

What was in front of his eyes was not human. It was just another monster.

A monster that must be punished, whipped without mercy or hesitation, and tormented to the point it crawled on the floor.

With such feelings in mind, Bahamut began to treat her more harshly, and at some point Isolda began pouring out screams of pain instead of swear words.

Even in the midst of that, she didn’t do anything unsightly like asking for mercy until the end.

Feeling a slight exciting emotion from that defiant appearance, Bahamut began to have expectations for the future.

He began to feel anticipation for the moment when this wicked monster crawled on the floor with tears of regret.



At the moment, that was the only word that lingered in the head of the villainess Isolda Evergarden.

He was a man, who she thought as an insignificant dog even just a few hours ago.

However, Isolda was now undergoing a thorough quenching of pain from head to toe by his hand.

‘Bahamut… this… you motherf*cking son of a bitch…’

Isolda burned with anger at the man who was playing with her.

At the moment, for this woman named Isolda, the concept of reflection or forgiveness didn’t come to mind at all.

The feelings she was feeling were simple resentment and regret for failing to see through this person.

That was all.

Isolda was a woman who judged everything from an objective point of view, while putting away all emotions.

But… even in this situation, when the pain she was feeling was getting more severe.

She tried to persevere somehow, but this ‘corporal punishment’ that Bahamut was inflicting was so terrible!

Her stamina was exhausted, her mind was becoming confused, and in the meantime, the slight sense of pleasure that she was beginning to feel was maximizing her pain even more.

However, despite that, she didn’t give in.

No matter how much Bahamut insulted her, even if she was forced to kneel before him.

Isolda vowed that she would never truly obey this man.

‘You’ll see… never… never… this debt… I’ll definitely…’

In the midst of such intense pain, Isolda felt a strange feeling that started to fill up inside her body, burning her desire for revenge against this man.


Bahamut felt the stormy time pass, and his excitement subside.

In front of him was the figure of Isolda, the villainess who had been running wild just before.

Unlike the time when she hurled venomous curses at him, Isolda was now completely exhausted and limp.

To be honest, he was feeling as much fatigue as she was. So Bahamut slowly rose from his seat.

“Ha ha.. ha.. it’s my first time, but.. this was really great. To live without knowing such a good thing, I feel like half of my life has been in vain. Don’t you think so too?”

“Ah… no… ah… hah.. ah.. you…’

Isolda spasmed and lets out a mesmerizing voice.

Her whole body was soaked in sweat, and saliva that had not yet been wiped was dripping from the corner of her mouth.

It was the very appearance of a broken woman. Who would think that this was the woman who had once fooled countless people and shed countless blood.

However, even after seeing this, Bahamut’s heart naturally didn’t show any mercy.

She was a villainess who plunged countless people into abyss without feeling any guilt.

There was no need for him to sympathize with the miserable appearance of such a wicked woman, and rather, he had to make her pay for her sins! 

It was necessary to inflict more pain for a longer period of time in the future.

Bahamut looked at Isolda with an expression as if he was looking at a non-human beast and spoke with a voice that sent chills down her spine.

“Alright, I had enough fun today, and I’ll look forward to doing it again later. Let’s be a little more honest next time, Miss Isolda.”

With those words, Bahamut left the prison with light steps.

Seeing the man leaving like that, Isolda’s mind eventually relaxed.

She looked at him with eyes full of clear hatred… until the last moment.

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  1. what did the MC do anyway? I can’t remember and even tried to re-read it but it feels like it’s blocking information or did the novel just make it vague as to what he was doing to the woman

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