Chapter 2: The villainess is unfair

The wicked woman Shael Azbel looked at me. There was bewilderment in her eyes. I felt sorry for her for some reason, and I laughed.

Then she spoke to me.

“Why are you laughing all of a sudden? Rather, you should explain what the hell is with the remark you just made.”

“What…? It makes me feel better when you look at me like that.”


Now Shael Azbel looked at me like I’m crazy. Of course, it wasn’t really because I was crazy that I felt good. It had a reason of its own. It wasn’t like the only thing I had endured was all kinds of bullying and cold gaze from this woman. However, when I threw away my patience and poured out my rage, her embarrassed look made me feel a lot better than before.

That look on her face made me feel really good. Maybe, it was the villainess that changed me. Maybe because I was the fiancé of the villainess, even I have become a villain with a strange personality. What made me feel that this was so absurd was the ridicule that she was directing at me. 

‘What the hell have I been doing all this time?’ I have had many of such thoughts because all my efforts seem to have been in vain.

Looking ahead, Shael’s expression was changing in real time. Her embarrassment was gradually turning to anger, but…’you deserve all that.’

That’s right, you should have done well when I was good. I put in a lot of effort. It wasn’t just that I tried to put up with her words and actions. I thought back to the very difficult past. It had been six months since I had possessed a character in a novel. It was a very painful time. If one day she opened up to me and became a good person, then I would not feel this miserable. All my great efforts ended up in vain.

In order to maintain the body I possessed, I had to spend every day exhausted from exercise. It was the same for my swordsmanship. It was fantasy world. Despite a world full of all kinds of mysterious potions,

wounds covered my body every day. It was psychologically taxing when she ridiculed me for such a wound.

I also learned magic. It’s only been six months since I came to this world, but I had gained the confidence that I wouldn’t lose in a fight with anyone my age. It was true that this body had great talent for all sorts of things. However, this was only possible because my efforts were also enormous.

That wasn’t all!

I absorbed all kinds of knowledge like a sponge. I came from a completely different world, and the journey to acquire knowledge of completely different things was very long. I made those efforts for me to live well, but most of them were for her sake.

That made things even more bitter. The thing that scratched my heart was the words of the villainess who complained out of bewilderment.

“That’s ridiculous, Eran.”

“Is that so? Me too.”

“If you ask for forgiveness right now, I’ll take care of it.”


Shael demands for me to ask for forgiveness. Of course, I wouldn’t do that. Rather, it was she who should ask for my forgiveness.

“Are you sure you won’t regret it?”

The meaning behind the question was simple. If I don’t ask for forgiveness right away, she will cause great damage to me. Let’s calculate possibilities. Will I be in danger if I don’t ask for forgiveness? 

‘Not at all.’

More than anything, I was convinced that if I give in to her here, I wouldn’t be able to change her. Trying to change her halfheartedly could do more harm than good. So what came out was a quick answer.

“You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Ha. No more chances.”

Shael Azbel sighed. Maybe it was a sigh she let out because she thought the person she was going to bully would disappear. She stood up straight away. The sound of a chair scratching the floor was heard in the room as Shael stood up. Considering that it was something she didn’t normally do, you could see how flustered she was.

Next, it was the sound of my chair.

“Don’t follow me.”

“Don’t follow me. This hurt me a quite a lot as your fiancé.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I’m worried about even a brief separation, Shael.”

Shael told me not to follow her. Still, it would not be proper for me to not follow her as she was my fiancé. Of course, I ignored her words and still followed her. After leaving Shael’s large room, we went upstairs. I had never been upstairs before. In the center of the upper floor, I could see a room larger than Shael’s.

As expected, this was the room of the Duke and Duchess of Azbel. It was the room of the head of household, Jespen, and his wife, Enella. 

Shael knocked on the room.


A rather violent knock for a duke’s daughter. Seeing this, I became even more sure that I did a good job.

Shael was not afraid of her own parents at all. From one perspective, it didn’t seem like much of a problem, but it was really not the case. Sometimes, scary parents were model parents. Otherwise, it would be difficult to correct a child who was going down a wrong path. Moreover, Shael was walking down an extremely wrong path, the path of becoming a cruel villainess.

When Shael knocked on the door, the head of the household, Jespen Azbel, and his wife, Enella Azbel, came out.

The patriarch of the Azbel family, known for his magic, had the same hair color as Shael. It was sky blue hair, and the sky blue eyes were the same.

I could tell at once that the mistress of the household, Enella Azbel, was Shael’s mother. The two of them looked so similar. But why couldn’t she inherit her kind personality? While thinking about that, the duke said to Shael.

“Shael? Is something wrong?”

“Father! I think he’s finally gone crazy. He suddenly cursed at me!”

“Is that true, Eran Baslett?”

He didn’t even listen to his daughter properly and asked me. Aside from not scolding his daughter, wasn’t it very bad that he unconditionally believed Shael’s nonsense.

“No. However… I could have made a mistake while talking with Shael, so I would be grateful if Shael could tell me what she was dissatisfied about.”

“Obviously! You called me a bit*ch and a dog!”

At Shael’s words, the Duke made an absurd expression. Then he sighed and said.

“Shael. Just stop it. Eran, I’m sorry my daughter is acting so rude.”

“No, it’s okay. For Shael, this could be one of her expressions of affection.”

“Hah? No!”

Then the head of the household, Enella, spoke.

“Shael. It’s very unbecoming.”


I don’t know if this was a scolding, but… it was something Shael heard from Enella, her mother, almost for the first time. Even the duke and his wife, who always said only nice things to Shael, couldn’t praise her for this.

‘That’s right, you should have done well from the beginning. With my previous reputation as a proper noble. Did you really think that the Duke would believe that?’

With an unfair expression on her face, she headed back to her room. I too followed Shael into her room. This time it was the same sound of a chair scratching the floor. Of course, the intensity was stronger than before. I could see how angry she was.

“Are you a dog?”

As if seeking revenge, Shael glared at me and said that.

I raised my eyebrows at the wicked woman’s words.

“Why are you smiling?”

Of course, laughter would come out in funny situations. No matter how much I thought about it, it really was a good decision to pour my frustrations on the wicked woman.

“Thank you for the compliment. We are a fitting pair.”

“Ha, what… What?”

“A bi*tch for a dog. What a fitting pair.”

This time she made an expression as if she had given up. She turned her head away as if she didn’t intend to talk to me. So I said.

“Oh, seeing that you remain silent, it seems that you don’t dislike it.”

“No, no. I don’t like it! You, get out of my room right now!”

Usually, I am the one who wished for out meetings to end. But now, I somehow find it amusing that my words are bothering her.

That’s right. She only committed one-sided misdeeds, and she’s never had anyone who would talk back. There must have been only people around her who would act like a fool if she called them stupid, and act like a weakling if she called them weak.

I have also been like that. But not anymore! If she calls me stupid, I’ll show her that I am a genius. If she calls me weak, I will make sure to show her how strong I am. Plus, it’s a lot of fun teasing her who’s never had her words disapproved. 

I do feel a little guilty about it, but… well, it’s for my plan to rehabilitate her, so it’ll be fine. Shael needs to suffer. Until she’s been hurt, she wouldn’t know what she’s doing wrong. Above all, it’s also for the sake of all I have been through. This is part of her rehabilitative process, with a bit of revenge mixed with fun.

“We’re already having a lover’s quarrel. It seems like our relationship has grown closer.”


Shael took a deep breath and fell silent. This time she didn’t even glare at me, and lay down on her table, then said,

“You’re the worst…”

“Is that so?”


“But so what… Isn’t there a saying that we were fated for each other?”


When I said that, she glared at me as if it were unfair.

‘That right, isn’t it?’ Certainly we were fated for each other. 

A bit*ch and a dog.

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