Chapter 2: Unexpected Close Encounter (part 1)

The long awaited and dreaded reunion was very sudden.

She cast her gaze into the waves of people in the lobby on the first floor, where students were bustling about. She was going to check again today to see if she could find “him” in the crowd. It was her daily routine to search for her first love.

[His appearance was definitely unusual.]

[It’s hard to see silver hair and red eyes in this day and age, genetically speaking.]

[But, I understand. No matter how much he’s changed, I’m confident that I can recognize ‘him’!]

“I’m sure I’ll be able to recognize him.”

She said to a friend of hers who was walking next to her with a sense of blind confidence. 

There was a possibility that this friend would be taken aback and their friendship would be cut short, but her ‘cool beauty’ friend just accepted it with a simple, “Hmmm, I see.”

From the very beginning of their friendship, she had re-categorized Rubi as a friend who had memories of her previous life, and thankfully, she had continued to be a friend to her. They both got a job at a corporation that managed a famous private university. They went to elementary school, middle school, high school, and university together and they continue to be best friends even now that we were both working. Somehow, since their last move, they were now in the same department at the private university where they both work.

“Are you still looking for him? That “imaginary boyfriend” of yours. You should start looking for a real man. If you go to a blind date with a 3-D boyfriend, you will be able to put your 2-D one behind you and start fresh.”

She replied with a voice full of enthusiasm.

“If ‘Yuto’ is there, I would go to those things with full preparedness”

“He’s only in your imagination. You idiot.”

Kaede sounded as level headed as usual and brushed her long hair up smoothly. The chestnut colored hair shined with the halo of divine angels.

[Even though it’s been certified as a legendary “trashy game”.]

Rumi laughed to herself. 

She knew. If she had lived her life without taking it seriously, how happy she would have been. But she had to take it seriously. Because of that incident that shook her life.

It was during her job hunting days. She was searching the internet and just for fun, and entered the information of her first love “he” into a major search engine and found him. The identity of the first love from Rumi’s past life. 

[The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for. Or, you’ll have nothing but despair.]

“We’re on the fourth floor, aren’t we?”

The main conference room was there. Finance, Personnel, and General Affairs were coming from Building A for today’s staff training. 

[It’s been a while since we’ve all been in the same room. Geez.]

The visage of a white priestess’s uniform slowly overlapped with the slender back figure of her friend as she pressed the floor buttons of the elevator. The actual fact was that, Rubi and Kaede were also acquaintances from their previous life, although she didn’t seem to have any memory of it.

[The fact that we used to be a lot more than just some ordinary people… I’m not sure what to do with that knowledge. But, I’m glad to see you. I’m really glad to see you again.]

In her previous life, Rumi was a character in a game that was considered a legendary trashy game in this day and age. And she was the heroine of the game, the Hero “Ruby”. 

The shock of that information was so great that she couldn’t even eat for a few days. By the way, Kaede was one of the three members of her party, a pure female priestess who could use recovery spells.

[I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not. Wait a minute. Hold on. (Time!)]


[Yeah. This is for real.]

[I mean, wasn’t I a character in the game? I was…right?]

These were her string of thoughts during those days.

Ever since then, she became aware of the memories of herself as someone who had lived another life. She remembered it quite vividly. But she had a dim understanding that this was a completely different place from the world she used to live before.

First of all, there was no “magic” in the world she lived in now. The first thing to remember was that there was no “magic” in the world she lived in now. The many advanced magic that she had learned when she was a Hero and remembered every detail of the chanting spells and activation conditions, became just a waste of memory. 

And the environment, common sense, and sense of ethics were all different from the memories of her previous life. In that world, where human life was extremely light, so light that it seemed as if it would fly away at any moment. There were no “human rights” as we know them today.

It took her a long time to understand. The world was full of wonders that transcended human knowledge. And she immediately thought.

[What about ‘Yuto’? Was he reincarnated too?]

Even after being reincarnated, Rumi’s first love still occupied 90% of her thoughts.  

The last boss of the game “Ragnarok Fantasy: Dragons’ Battle”, the young Demon King “Yuto” with silver hair and crimson eyes. His words vividly came back to her mind.

[The Demon King and the Brave are always born in pairs.]

If that rule was still in effect, he might have been born at the same time as Rumi in this world, in this time period.

[Let’s go… and look for him. I’ll definitely find him.]

Rumi clenched her fists.  

[I still love him. I only want him. I will definitely find Yuto in the modern world and seduce him.]

[Fortunately, there are no such professions as “Demon King” or “Hero” in the modern world. We just have to be careful not to create enmity between us.]

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