Chapter 2: Would you like to bet (part 2)

“Earlier you said that it would be shameful to be in the same academy with a liar who doesn’t even honor their words, didn’t you?”

“Yes I did.”

“Then, if I manage to get a 3-stars summon from my heirloom, I should be able draw a higher ties summon from a Eritz family heirloom?”

“You can dream of it.”

“Then if I succeed, give me one of your family heirlooms.”

Stella’s expression hardened. Originally, it was not something she could decide on her own. Even if she was the eldest daughter of the ducal family and the successor to the next generation, she wasn’t the head of the household right now.

Also, the family heirloom was not something that even the head of the family could take out at will. However, Stella Eritz was a person whose pride pierced the sky.

“Ha, yes. If you really succeed! I’ll do that.”

“Do you promise?”

No more words were needed. Ian immediately bowed to the priest and left the temple.

The priest hesitated for a moment, but there was nothing he could do now.



Returning to the dormitory, Ian lay flat on his bed and checked the rewards of the attendance check he had seen this morning.

[Day 1 Reward ─ 100 Soul Power]

With this, the soul power to activate the magic circle was collected. And Ian immediately turned to the 7th day reward.

[Day 7 Reward – 3-Star Random Summon Ticket]

‘That’s quite reassuring.’

If he just waited for a week, Ian would definitely get a 3-star summon. It was a little annoying that it was random, but it was still better than summoning 1 or 2 stars. At that moment, a quest window flashed in the corner caught his eye.

[Sub Quest]

Get approval from Stella Eritz (NEW!)

– Receive heirloom (random) upon success

– Expulsion on Failure (Death)

‘No, your reward is what I asked for anyway!’

Looking at the shameless quest window, Ian slowly closed his eyes. He was tired from going through a lot of things at once. However, he immediately opened his eyes.

“Oh, I have class today.”

Realizing that he had willfully left during the summoning ceremony, he got up. Finding the classroom wouldn’t be too difficult. Because there was a quest window.

‘What are they going to teach me in the first place?’

In a fantasy world, in an academy that dealt with summoned beasts and fought against demons, it was unlikely that mathematics or science would be taught.

Feeling somewhat curious, Ian left the room.


While walking down the hallway, Ian felt the eyes of the cadets following him. All the cadets looked at him and muttered to each other.

‘Damn, did I drag too much aggro… … .’

His little quarrel with Stella Eritz, who was the daughter of one of the four pillars of the Empire, had quickly spread throughout the academy. It was strange why they didn’t put their hands on him yet. Was it because they were afraid of Stella, who had a bet with me, or because they were afraid of a baron’s family, Ian didn’t know.

Ironically, it was his opponent’s prestige that allowed Ian to save his skin.

‘Is it here?’

He entered the classroom and picked a random seat in the back. 

The classroom gave him a college-like feel. 

Ian sat in a corner to avoid the eyes of the cadets. Due to the location of his seat, the cadets were not able to openly look back, so Ian was able to avoid their gaze. After a certain amount of time passed, the teacher came in and gathered the children’s attention.

The teacher was a muscular, bald man with a well built body.

“Nice to meet. I am Oliver Crockett, who will be in charge of this class for this year.”

He said so and showed the back of his hand. It was not visible from afar, but the children sitting in the front gasped, he seemed to have a fairly high-ranking summon. Fortunately, he kindly explained what his summon was for the students in the back seat.

“As you can see, I am the owner of the 3-star summon, the Stone Turtle.”

Stone Turtle. 

A summoned beast that was useful for tanking, but would be useless later because it had no other use. However, at the very beginning of the story, it was a summoned beast that would be a strong support.

“I summoned this summoned beast without any heirlooms.”



The cadets who heard that, of course, exclaimed in awe as well. 

He summoned a 3-star pet from a normal gacha? It was also without any heirlooms?

That was incredible luck. Among the hundreds of thousands of users, those who had experienced such a thing wouldn’t even exceed hundreds.

“That’s because of my ‘skills’, and although it’s not yet, but you too can become great summoners like me.”


But hearing what followed, Ian couldn’t help but doubt his ears. It was because the words he had just uttered were beyond common sense.


‘Where the hell are there skills in gacha?’ 

In gacha, the only skills available were money and luck. However, he was talking as if one could summon a 3-star summon with ability, so it was ridiculous. 

Ian couldn’t stand such blatant delusion, and finally he raised his hand.

“There… Ian Clark? Do you have a questions?”

“I do have a question for you.”

“Yes, what it it?”

“So, among the students you taught, did you have any students who summoned 3-stars?”

At that, the teacher shut his mouth. 

‘Yes that’s it. Where’s your so called gacha skill?’

But perhaps because of his pride, he explained with a casual smile.

“Hmm, my career isn’t very long, so there were no students who had summoned a 3-star summon like me yet. There were several cadets who summoned 2-star summoned beasts.”

“Oh, yes. All right.”

If there were only “several” 2-stars, was that really something you could take pride in? 

The difference between 3-star and 2-star seemed very little on the surface, but in practice the difference was massive.

In the game, a user could summon multiple summons with the growth of their soul power, but would that be the same for people in this world who could only summon one in their lifetime, or two or three times at most?

Moreover, summoning a 3-star summon was way more difficult than summoning a 2-star summon.

And even after knowing that, Ian was confident that he could summon a 3-star.

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