Chapter 20: Lumentium IX (part 2)

Before the regression, I had known Ariel for quite a while, and I had never seen that woman’s face displaying anything other than a enigmatic smile. 

But to think that same Ariel would show such variety of expressions with just one word of provocation; it was clear that Aria was also a huge titan whose lethality couldn’t be measured by my limited comprehensive capacity.

“Ahahahaha! What marvelous words. You got caught off guard by that white-haired woman, right, Ariel Thiers?”

Ariel’s expression hardened even more, perhaps because of the Princess who was laughing like a villainous sister-in-law next to her. However, that was only for a moment, and Ariel, who soon recovered her calm, threw a counter punch at the Princess.

“Ha, I’m sure this lady’s words aren’t just pointed at me. I think there was one other person besides me who was making noise here and accusing Sir Cain.”

“What’s that, are you saying that I was accusing Heir to Estel?”

“Oh, I don’t recall saying that it was you. Does the Princess have a guilty conscience?”

“Young Lord. Let’s get out of here quickly, I feel weird being here.”

“Where do you plan on going? You haven’t even answered the question yet!”

“Oh, right. Come to think of it, Cain hasn’t answered yet. I forgot. I’m sorry, Cain, could you please give a reply?”



It wasn’t enough with just Ariel and the Princess, now even Aria joined in, turning this fiasco into a three-way confrontation.

All the aristocrats who were watching this scene didn’t even know just how dangerous the situation really was. If these three women decided to collide in earnest, not only this hall, but the entire capital might be destroyed without a trace, as if it were rubbed with an eraser.

Right at that moment, a miracle happened. A real miracle!

“Greet the Sun of the Empire!”

“Greet the Sun of the Empire!”

The crowd of nobles who surrounded us parted like the ebb tide. 

All the nobles present at the scene bowed their heads and expressed their reverence towards the person that had just arrived.

In the silence flowing through the banquet hall, the three women’s three-way confrontation also suddenly reached an impasse.

Yes. It was the grand arrival of the Emperor.

Tuck! Tuck! Tuck!

The Emperor, who leisurely walked past the aristocrats, looked at the women who were engaged in a three-way confrontation with interest, then looked at the Princess and asked a question.

“What is it, Iris? It is truly a rare sight to see you raise your voice.”

The Princess hurriedly lowered her head at the question, which contained a hint of amusement.

“…nothing. Your Majesty. It was nothing more than a slight disagreement. It’s really a trivial matter, so I don’t think it’s something that His Majesty should be concerned about.”

Saying that, the Princess glanced at Ariel and Aria, then pretended nothing had happened. 

What flawless acting!

Quick! Someone give them some awards!

“Hmm, I see.”

The Emperor nodded as if he was not interested in her words, and then he looked in my direction. The corner of his mouth arching up into a smile. 

Looking at it now, it became clear that the Emperor’s business was with me, not with the Princess.

“Heir Estel, while we were on our way here, we heard some very interesting news. Did you fight a duel and defeat Sir Lucian, the heir to the Duchy of Tournigen?”

His tone expressed that it was very regrettable that he didn’t get to watch the fun spectacle with his own eyes.

“…I was merely lucky. Your Majesty.”

“Luck? It can’t be just that. Are you saying that it is possible to beat someone who has reached the realm of a Master through luck?”

After a loud laughter, the Emperor glanced back at Lucian, who was still lying on the floor, and continued.

“Sir Lucian has reached the level of Master at such an young age, and Sir Cain, you won against someone who reached the level of Master. Considering the future of the empire, your existence is truly a blessing.”

Saying that, the Emperor patted my shoulder. 

I, however, felt something indescribably ominous about the atmosphere where he blatantly praised me in such manner.

“Then follow me. Iris. You have a lot to do with us today.”

Saying that, the Emperor turned around. 

The Princess also obediently followed behind the Emperor. 

And seeing that, I unknowingly let out a sigh of relief.

‘…I managed to live.’

The Emperor came to this place at the right time and saved my life. If he hadn’t arrived here in time, this place might have been blown up in the air without leaving even a speck of dust.

As I was ecstatic at the thought that I had managed to save my life, the Princess passed by me and whispered in a very small voice.

“…I hope next time we meet, you’ll give me an answer to my question. Heir to Estel, I’ll be looking forward to it.”


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