Chapter 20: The villainess is stupid (part 1)

Shael stretched her arms and got up. Then, she turned her neck as usual.


Her fiancé was lying next to her.

Contrary to the strange looks he gave her for sleeping so much last night, Eran himself was still sleeping.

“Wake up!”

He didn’t even move. It seemed like it would take quite a while for him to wake up.

Of course, she wouldn’t bother to wait for that.

She put her finger close to Eran’s forehead and prepared to flick it. But she suddenly stopped.


Shael removed her hand and began to practice fingers. She did the same for her wrists.

When she thought that it was good enough. She put her finger close to Eran’s forehead like before.


It was a quieter sound than when Eran had flicked her forehead. And, she even did it with all her might.

As she was preparing for the next flick, unfortunately Eran woke up.

“What is it?”

“Wake up. I woke up a while ago.”

Actually, it happened a little while ago. Shael was just spewing out lies, naturally.

Eran raised his body. He stretched her out with a bewildered look.

“You’re lazy.”

“Ah, yes.”

Eran casually answered and got up from the bed. Apparently, he felt it was unfair that she had flicked on his forehead.

But that was a matter of great happiness for Shael.

She was in a good mood. It was a good way to start her day.

Eran suddenly grinned. He was looking at the stack of cards they played with yesterday.

He was probably planning to beat her up again using that a card game. It was clear to see.

Because his eyes were stuck on Shael’s forehead.

“Do you want to play yesterday’s card game again?”

Shael pondered for a moment. Yesterday’s memory of flashed back into her mind. That alone made her forehead ache.

But she didn’t want to run away!

“Yes, I will.”

At that, Eran opened his hand wide. Shael could understand the meaning.

Five flicks.

It was a very big bet. If she got hit by all of that, she wouldn’t have any forehead left.

However, when she considered the opposite case, it would be a very happy outcome as well.

Therefore, Shael nodded her head.

Seeing her nod, Eran grabbed the bundle of cards. But Shael quickly snatched them up.

She would be the one to split the cards!

“I will split.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

Shael split the cards. She now had one card in her hand. Eran had two cards. This was a battle that she had to win!

‘I just lost yesterday because I had bad luck.’

Her stupid fiancé. He was confident that he would win.

Not knowing that Shael had one bomb card in her hand.

Shael stopped the corner of her mouth from curving up as she tried to stay calm. She was trying to catch her fiancé off guard.

Everything was perfect!

She was determined to completely crush Eran. If you’re cheating, you have to do it flawlessly.

When Eran was about to draw his own cards in the middle of the game. She tossed her own bomb card into the discard pile.

Eran didn’t notice as he was stupidly absorbed in the game.

“This is my victory!”


Seeing the discarded bomb card, Eran gulped. He was worried about his forehead.

Shael started to loosen up her hands again.


Eran was unexpectedly quiet, as if he was watching something strange…

‘Are you feeling intimidated just from watching me loosen my hands?’

It must have been quite intimidating for him. However, Shael quickly erased that thought.

The only thing that mattered to her was being able to flick Eran on his forehead.

Shael vigorously flicked.


Eran still had his eyes closed. It was only natural considering that she still had four flicks left.

Shael waited for the right time. It was something she had learned from the numerous beatings she had received from Eran.

It hurt the most when you aren’t prepared for the flick!

Eran opened his eyes, wondering why Shael had suddenly stopped.




Shael laughed heartily. It was a feeling of immense joy. It was a happy thing for her that she could make her fiancé frown like that.

“I still have one left.”

This was also something she had heard from Eran.


“It hurts!”

Eran grabbed his forehead. Shael ignored Eran’s words and spoke.

“Then let’s go now.”


Shael and Eran finished their preparations. Shael gave her doll to Eran. Same for her other luggage.

“Carry it for me.”

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