Chapter 21: Lumentium X (part 2)

That emotion in her expression wasn’t surprise. It wasn’t even shock. If one had to classify it, that expression would be…one of excitement.

“Come on, talk. Hurry!” 

At Iris’s continued urging, Kris opened his mouth.

“It is a fact that has not been revealed until now, but Lucian von Tournigen has reached the level of a master. When he revealed that he was the Master during the duel and used the aura, Sir Cain…”

At the time of the duel, Kris recalled the sight he had seen, and his whole body trembled. The storm of aura that filled the banquet hall, and the terrible destructive power contained within it. And…

“He…twisted the flow of the opponent’s aura, used the sword as a channel, and used it as his own. And at the end of it, he added his own strength and even returned Lucian von Tournigen’s attack back to him. As far as I know, there is only one swordsmanship capable of such a feat, the Flowing Star.”

Since Kris was an escort knight for the princess, he had watched the princess train with Flowing Star several times. So he was sure. At that time, the stance Iris often used and the stance Cain showed were the same. It was like looking into a mirror, as if one of them was the teacher of the other.

That’s why the matter was very confusing. How on earth did Cain von Estel learn the Flowing Star? How on earth could he utilize the Flowing Star in a way that looked so similar to Iris’s Flowing Star? 

‘It is clear that the two have never met before, but how?’

As Kris was racking his brains over an unsolved mystery, Iris smiled involuntarily as she listened to Kris’s words. 

‘Really, he’s a man you can’t tell if he’s bold or ignorant. When we meet later, I think that I should scold him for being to careless.’

“…Cain. You are not careful at all. I told you to use it only in a place out of sight of others.”

Iris muttered something to herself with a wry smile, then she immediately glanced at Kris and asked a question.

“You didn’t tell anyone but me, did you?”


“Good. Keep that fact to yourself for the time being.”

By “keep to yourself” she meant not to reveal the fact to anyone. Even to the Emperor.

When Kris nodded softly at Iris’s words, she seemed to be lost in thought for a long time before opening her mouth.

“Kris, there’s one more thing you need to do.”

“…please tell me.”

“Ariel Thier of the Empire, Bianca del Castana of the Marquis of Castana, and Kyrie el Denaris of the Guardian of the World Tree.”

She sighed and smiled as she spoke.

“Investigate their whereabouts for the past two months. Don’t miss out on a single thing.”


[Cain’s POV]

The west terrace where I promised to meet Sara was a place where people tended to have quiet conversations. It was the perfect spot for such things, considering that the west terrace was quite far from the banquet hall, and all servants and nobles in the palace were currently gathered in the banquet hall. 

So, it would be hard to find a better place than this to have a quiet conversation.

‘Sarah, what the hell are you thinking?’

Why on earth did she go so far as to meet me using such a cumbersome mean? What is the reason for deceiving the eyes of others and even putting on a play in front of so many people to meet me alone?


I lightly caressed the engagement ring she gave me in my pocket. The feeling of the ring was still very unfamiliar. 

As I carefully touched my engagement ring, I unconsciously smiled. It was because I found this whole situation quite amusing. To think she’d give me an ‘engagement ring’ I had never seen before, and I would end up coming here to meet her in secret. It seemed like some kind of couple’s rendezvous.

While I was thinking about such random things, I arrived at the door leading to the west terrace before I knew it. With no hesitation, I opened the door without hesitation.


The door leading to the terrace opened easily. 

As soon as I opened the door, I felt that the night wind was quite chilly. I raised my head and looked ahead. 

At the railing of the terrace, Sarah was looking up at the moonlit sky. Suddenly, the wind blew, making her sunset-colored hair flutter in the wind.


I called her in a low voice, and she slowly turned to me.

“…you came. I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Because you asked me to come.”

“That’s the problem. I thought it couldn’t be helped if you didn’t come.”

Saying that, Sarah lightly smiled at me. 

As always, Sarah Cernard was downright beautiful. Even I, who thought I had given up all my feelings for her, was moved for a moment.

But it was really just for a fleeting moment. I was no longer a child who was hurt and saddened by the love I once had. In order not to reveal my true intentions, I deliberately asked her a question with a more casual expression than usual.

“I want to get to the point quickly. What did you call me for?”

At my question, Sarah put on a blank expression for a moment, then smiled.

“You have changed, Cain. That’s great, too. I think you’ve become more mature. I thought that men were creatures that didn’t mature even to their death, but it seems that I will have to revise that thought today.”

Saying that, Sarah turned back and walked lightly toward me. It reminded me of a butterfly flying toward me.

“I know it’s impudent, but… I have a favor to ask you.”

“…a favor?”


Saying that, Sarah spoke to me with a truly sorrowful smile.

“Cain, won’t you take me with you?”

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