Chapter 22: The villainess smiles (part 1)


“Yes, twenty.”

For some reason, I felt that the Mage Tower Lord was quite pitiful.

‘No, in the first place, how did you secretly feed him 20 pills? Who the hell is that maid who was bribed Shael?

“She did it because I gave her a lot of money.”

As I looked at Shael in bewilderment and she answered. 

It was a reminder of how terrifying the power money was!

The Mage Tower Lord was still affected by the pills, and the crown prince was closely observing Clie. 

He was checking her for other wounds.

I didn’t know how things would go after the crown prince finished checking that Clie was safe.

It was obvious that the crown prince would challenge the Mage Tower Lord to a fight. If so, would the Mage Tower Lord accept the fight in that state?

He might not even be able to attack the crown prince because of the of the Pill of Lies.

If I used magic to release the effect, he might rather suspect me of being the culprit and attack me.

It was a really headache inducing situation.

Fortunately, the purpose of the banquet was accomplished as the Mage Tower’s curse was suppressed through Shael’s mana.

After the final dance, the long banquet would soon be over. And that final event would also begin soon.

As expected, soon, a beautiful music started playing.

Everyone got up from their seats and started dancing.

I also reached out to Shael. For now, I put off thinking about the Mage Tower Lord and the crown prince.

“Grab it.”

Luckily, Shael followed my lead. It seemed that letting her win was still having a positive effect on her mood.

Shael started to dance, following the movement of my feet. She seemed quite skillful. It was a huge improvement compared to when she first started dancing.

It made me think that maybe she had practiced alone.

“You’ve improved a lot.”

“Yes, I think I dance better than you.”

Anyway, I think I gave the compliment in vain. As Shael began to boldly take the lead as if to show her own dancing skills in response to my words.

There was no way it was perfect. Although she had become quite proficient, Shael was still a beginner.

Shael’s feet were getting twisted. She was even on the verge of falling quite a few times. So she looked quite puzzled.

Fortunately, Shael didn’t fall. Because I supported her with my arms.

“You really are quite good at dancing.”


Shael blushed. 

After saying that she seemed to dance better than me, she immediately made a mistake, so it was natural for her to be ashamed.

Shael patted my hand and said.

“As someone said before, I am heavy, so why don’t you let go?”

Shael was talking about the time I was teaching her to dance.

At that time, she was heavy because of the effect of the Heavy Pollen, although I did tell her that she looked fat. The reason I said that was to make her practice her dance.

The villainess was now bringing up that story again. She was a stupid villainess, but her memory was strangely quite good only in times like this.

“I was joking when I said you looked fat.”

“Do you think I would believe that?”

Shael denied my claim. But she seemed to believe me.

Actually, it was true that she had gained a slight weight, but that wouldn’t make a difference.

Shael was already quite thin, so even if she gained more weight, it wouldn’t matter.

“You are actually very light. So there is no need to try to lose weight.”


“You don’t even have to do that exercise to lose weight.”


Shael continued to keep her mouth shut. Her face was red, and shame was not the reason.

I used magic to enhance my hearing. Then I heard a faint sound.


It was a bit of a strange breathing sound. Shael was breathing very slowly so that I wouldn’t notice it. Apparently, the villainess had poor stamina.

“Now that I see it, you do need to exercise.”

“I’ll go drink some water.”

Shael, who would normally have objected to my words, went to drink some water. It was clear to see that she was having a hard time.

Well, to be honest she not only had to dance, but also circulate her mana into the pillar of the Mage Tower. 

So even if she didn’t dance, she would’ve been tired to some extent.

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