Chapter 23: Lumentium XII (part 2)

‘I am not Cain’s first…’

He had already stroked another girl’s neck and held her in his arms. 

Iris felt that if she were to be held in his arms, he would unconsciously make the comparison:

[Sarah Cernard felt better to hold in my arms.]

He might think of something like that. 

‘As much as that, I don’t want to think…I hate it, hate it. I don’t like it!’


In fact, Cain did nothing wrong. That man was like a star. Iris was well aware of the number of moths that were fascinated by his starlight. So he was not in the wrong. The one’s in the wrong are the moths. The women who don’t even know their place and approach him are the problem.

So she had to step in. She could no longer stand by and watch other bugs approaching that person without knowing their place. 

‘My patience ends here. I endured for a year. And then I endured two more months. I can’t stand it any longer!’

At that moment, deep inside Iris el Devhart’s heart, a slender string suddenly snapped.


[Cain’s POV]

When I returned to the banquet hall after finishing my conversation with Sarah, the banquet was slowly nearing its end. 

When I left the place, it was crowded with people and there was no place to stand still, but now only a few nobles and servants remained. To be honest, fewer people would be better for me. Now that I was such a celebrity among the nobles, I was kind of getting fed up with being stared at all the time.

“Young Lord Cain!”

It was then…as if I found an oasis in the middle of the desert, my eyes fell on the only person who cared for me even when everyone around me was hostile.

Her name was Aria. She was my strongest nemesis in the past, but now she could be said to be my most powerful ally who was also serving as my exclusive maid.

“…Aria. Could it be that you have waited for me without leaving the banquet hall?”

“Yes. Because I came here with Young Lord Cain. So I thought I should leave with you. Because I am Young Lord Cain’s exclusive maid.”

I couldn’t stand the overflowing joy at her words and hugged her.

“Ah…Young Lord Cain… If you do this in a place like this…”

However, Aria’s words were so faint that I couldn’t hear them well in my ears, which were drunk with joy. No, I couldn’t express my joy simply by hugging. Rather than just hugging, it’d better to hug and spin around—

“…there are a lot of other people, so could you refrain from such behavior? Cain?”

It was then…a calm, but for some reason, thorny tone of voice mercilessly pierced my ears. Because of the chill contained within the voice, I unwittingly took my hand away from Aria. 

When I turned around, I found the Saintess…Ariel, smiling at me.

“Saintess… no, Ariel. Were you still here?”

“Yes, Cain, I am still here.”

Ariel, who still maintained a smile on her face, answered me. 

For some reason, I felt her tone was mixed with dissatisfaction with me, or was it just my imagination?

Either way, it was a strange thing. To think that she still stayed here, even thought she hated all the hustle and bustle.

“…did you have something left to do?”

“Yes, what. But since I just finished, it’s time for me to go back.”

Ariel turned away from me with such a stern tone. 

‘Seriously, why is she so picky today?’

“Aria, let’s go too. I think I’ve seen everything I need to see here.”


I looked ahead and tried to leave the banquet hall, unconsciously humming a song. However, I suddenly found that there was something that was lying at my feet, blocking the way. 

‘What, who left their thing lying on the floor of the banquet hall?’

“…Young Lord Cain, did you intentionally walk towards that man?”

“Oh, is that a person?”

I thought it was trash or something. So I tried to kick it away and pass by, but unfortunately, it turned out to be Lucian, who had lost a duel with me, not just some ordinary trash.

“But why didn’t anyone clean it up?”

“Um, well, someone said they were going to call the priest, but he still hasn’t returned.”

What kind of far off place did he go to call someone? And why didn’t he come back yet?

“Hey, what are you doing? Is this your bedroom?”


I was about to kick the thing, but from a humanitarian point of view, I only lightly tapped his side. However, the man didn’t even move. 

‘Could he be dead?’

“…Sir Cain. This man is still alive.”

“Um, is that so?”

No matter how stupid he may be, seeing him in such a pitiful state in the banquet hall made me feel sorry for him. Surely, he was being a nuisance to the people around him. Above all, wasn’t there a way to easily slove the situation right next to me?

Involuntarily, I glanced sideways at Ariel, who was standing still next to me. She was the most powerful priest in the world, and she was standing right here, so why did those men go to such a far off place to find a priest? 

Without much thought, I asked Ariel for a favor.

“Saintess… no, Ariel. Can you give this guy some healing? It hurts my heart a little to see him lying on his back in such an unsightly manner…”

“I do not like it.”


Ariel glanced at me, and immediately expressed her refusal.

“I do not like it. I won’t.”


What kind of priest refuses to heal the wounded. Wasn’t this dereliction of duty?

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  1. Bruh the poor guy… he was a honorable and talented young man who’a filled with slightly childlike notions of love. Doubt he had anything personally to do with Sarah’s curse, yet here he is being treated like a sack of maggots

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