Chapter 24: Tu Sisi faints

“Wait until we give birth to Cheng Cheng in the future, and we can still tease him as before and watch him grow up.” Gu Xia hugged Tu Sisi and said in her ear.

Tu Sisi leaned against Gu Xia’s arms, looked at his young face and said, “Can we really have our Cheng Cheng again?”

After speaking, she leaned back into Gu Xia’s arms and said, “I’m very afraid. I haven’t dared to think about it for these past few months. But I’m really very afraid…”

Gu Xia hugged Tu Sisi tightly, and with a gloomy expression on his face, he kissed Tu Sisi’s forehead and said, “Okay, when we have a baby in the future and we call him Cheng Cheng, he will be just as cute as Cheng Cheng.”


Ever since Gu Xia was reborn, he never dared to think of his son, not because he didn’t want to, but because he knew that his son had left him forever.

Gu Xia remembered that when Tu Sisi was in the delivery room, it was winter, and he walked outside the door smoking a cigarette, and waited all night long even though it was freezing cold.

He remembered getting up in the middle of the night to change his diapers, prepare milk, and when that little guy called him “Dad” for the first time…

It’s not that he didn’t want to remember, but he loved him so deeply that he didn’t dare to think about him now that he lost him. Because when he thought about him, his heart hurt as if it was being ripped apart!


At night, the four of them went down the mountain together, went back to the hotel to rest after dinner, and planned to go to other places nearby the next morning.

Gu Xia had just finished taking a shower when he heard a hurried knock on the door. He opened the door, and saw Wang Qian standing at the door with a face full of panic. When she saw Gu Xia, she hurriedly said, “Gu Xia, hurry up, something has happened to Sisi. “

Hearing this, Gu Xia hurried to the next room, only to see Tu Sisi lying on the bed, Gu Xia rushed over and shouted, “Sisi, Sisi, why are you like this?”

Seeing that there was no response from Tu Sisi, Gu Xia turned around and asked, “Wang Qian, what’s wrong with Sisi?”

“I don’t know either! I was just watching TV when I heard Sisi calling me, so I ran to the bathroom. As soon as I got inside, Sisi fell on top of me and passed out. I don’t know what happened to her!” Wang Qian said in a panic.

“Don’t worry! Gu Xia, get in the car with Sisi on your back, and let’s take her to the hospital.” Li Sicheng hurried back to his room to get dressed.

Gu Xia carried Tu Sisi on his back and followed Li Sicheng to the parking lot.

“Sisi, don’t worry! We haven’t shared our life with each other yet, didn’t you say you want to have another child with me?”

Gu Xia was sweating profusely, and he kept talking nonstop.

“Quick! Sicheng, hurry up.”

As soon as he got in the car, Gu Xia urged Li Sicheng to drive faster.

Li Sicheng also knew that the situation was urgent, and hurriedly increased the speed. Fortunately, it was night and there were no cars on the road.

After arriving at the hospital, Li Sicheng went to find a doctor. After a while, the doctor on duty came. He asked Gu Xia to put Tu Sisi into the inspection room, and then asked the nurse to close the door.

Outside the inspection room, Gu Xia was walking around, feeling extremely anxious. He didn’t understand what happened to Tu Sisi. She was fine during the day, why did she suddenly pass out at night?

“Gu Xia, don’t worry, the doctor is checking, don’t worry, Sisi will be fine.” Wang Qian comforted him.

“Yes, wait for the doctor to come out, let’s sit down and wait for the result!” Li Sicheng also said.


Gu Xia sighed, sat on the chair, lowered his head and kept grabbing his hair with his hands.

After half an hour, the doctor came out, but Gu Xia felt like a century had passed.

“Doctor, how is she?” Gu Xia hurriedly asked.

“The patient’s health is not an issue. We won’t know detailed results until the examination results come out. The patient will wake up later, so you should go and pay the fee first.” The doctor took off his mask and said.

“There won’t be a problem, right?” Gu Xia asked nervously.

“I’ve already said that the patient is fine. As for why she lost consciousness, we won’t know until the test results come out. Just wait!” the doctor continued.

“Okay, thank you doctor!” Gu Xia said gratefully.

When Gu Xia arrived at the payment office and learned that he had to pay 5,000 yuan, his expression suddenly changed. With the 2,000 yuan his father gave him, he still needed more than 3,000 yuan, so he had to borrow it from Li Sicheng.

After paying the fee, Gu Xia walked into the ward, and Tu Sisi in bed still did not wake up.

“Go back and rest first! I’ll be watching here, and I’ll inform you when Sisi wakes up.” Gu Xia said to them when he noticed Wang Qian with a tired face.

“No, I’m also staying here to wait for Sisi.” Wang Qian stubbornly shook her head.

Gu Xia looked at Li Sicheng, and when he saw that he also shook his head to signal that he would not leave, Gu Xia didn’t say any more.

Tu Sisi’s face was pale, there was a needle in her hand, and her brows were tightly wrinkled, as if she was in pain.

Gu Xia held her hand tightly and softly said, “Sisi, don’t be afraid, I’m by your side!”

Seeing this, Wang Qian pulled Li Sicheng, and then the two quietly walked out of the ward, guarding outside.

“Sisi, wake up! As long as you wake up, I will do whatever you want me to do.”

“Sisi, don’t you want to hold Cheng Cheng? Let’s have another child together, okay?”

“Sisi, wake up!”

Gu Xia kept talking and tears kept streaming down his face.

Since his rebirth, Gu Xia had never felt so uncertain and helpless as today. Even if it was an absurd matter as rebirth, he accepted it very quickly.

He thought that without Tu Sisi, he could live a better and more relaxed life, and he could play around without care and pick up girls.

But at the door of the supermarket, when he first met Tu Sisi, and when he learned that she was also reborn, that string in his heart suddenly twitched. He knew that his thoughts were ridiculous, and he really couldn’t live without her!

“Sisi, do you still remember when we got married? You had been pregnant with Cheng Cheng for two months at that time, and everyone said that I was so lucky to be able to marry such a beautiful wife as you. Yes, they were right, it is my blessing to be able to marry you.” Gu Xia said in a low voice with a face of reminiscence.

In the middle of the night, the hospital was quiet. In the corridor, Wang Qian fell asleep leaning on Li Sicheng. Li Sicheng was looking at Wang Qian who was sleeping with a happy face.

And Gu Xia was too sleepy because he didn’t sleep well last night, and fell asleep with his face on Tu Sisi’s hand.


Gu Xia, who was sleeping, hadn’t slept too deeply, so when he felt the hand under his face move, he woke up immediately.

Gu Xia rubbed his eyes and looked at Tu Sisi, only to see that her eyes were still closed, but her mouth was moving. Gu Xia got excited and hurriedly said, “Sisi, you are awake!”

“Hubby, go see if Cheng Cheng is hungry, make some milk for him to drink…” Tu Sisi said in a dreamy voice.

Gu Xia was close to Tu Sisi’s mouth, but when he heard this sentence, he was filled with self-disgust. He touched Tu Sisi’s face and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry, Cheng Cheng is sleeping after he had milk.”

When Tu Sisi heard the words, a smile appeared on her face, and then she fell asleep again.

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