Chapter 25: The villainess thinks (part 1)

[Even if you have a bad personality, you belong to me.]

The villainess was uttering shocking words!

Shael spat out those words and waited for my reply. 

It was a similar situation that happened once before. In response, I used Detection Magic.

‘Could it be that she took another one of those strange pills again?’

‘No. It seems that she didn’t take any such pills. Then, is she acting crazy?’

She acting like “that time” again.

Right at that moment, the sound of the door opening was heard. Shael stared at the door with her eyes wide open.

It was Duke Jespen. He had entered the room without knocking.

Evidently, Duke Jespen seemed to have heard Shael’s words, as his mouth was wide open at the moment.

Well, Shael’s remarks were just that shocking. Absolutely unbelievable!

He was definitely surprised, but then, the corners of his mouth slightly raised up.

He looked at Shael, and muttered.


It was clear to see what he was surprised by, and Shael couldn’t even make an excuse.

Yes, that was what she said herself. How could she have any excuse?

Shael chose to remain silent as her face blushed red.

Duke Jespen began to look around the room. He was looking at the many medicines lying next to my hospital bed.

His inspection didn’t end with just the medicine. Next to it were packs of herbal juices. The sheer amount must have been quite surprising.

“I wonder how worried she was, there are so many medicines!”

Actually, Shael brought these medicine to feed me something bitter.

Duke Jespen misunderstood it as Shael being worries about me.

“These are… I wanted to… make him eat something bitter…”

That was Shael’s excuse. Then she stopped her mouth halfway through.

It was an excuse no one would believe. You wanted to make me eat something bitter, then why did you bring so many medicines?

It was nonsense!

The Duke of Jespen held back his laugh at his daughter’s clumsy excuse.

“So, what is with this delicacy?”

Duke Jespen was looking at the side dishes I was eating. Even Duke Jespen, who normally ate hearty meals, was surprised by the food.

This, too, was a part of that wicked woman’s plan to eat alone and tease me. Even I was taken aback when she suddenly gave me some side dishes.

“These are…”

This time, Shael couldn’t even make an excuse. She just remained silent and with her blushing face. Apparently, the villainess was feeling ashamed.

A shocking statement, tons of medicine, and a hearty meal.

Duke Jespen seemed to have felt satisfied with the situation and asked me.

“I heard that there was some kind of accident at the Mage Tower.”

“Yes. Somehow, we got caught up in the mess.”

“Preposterous! That greenhorn from the Mage Tower must have acted recklessly again.”

I knew who he was talking about when he used the word “reckless”. It seemed that Duke Jespen was also aware of the Mage Tower Lord’s nasty personality.

However, that title was surprising. A greenhorn? Doesn’t it make the Mage Tower Lord look like some weakling?

But come to think of it, it was also true. No matter how powerful he was, the Mage Tower Lord, who was not yet at his peak, would be considered weak compared to Duke Jespen.

Duke Jespen had an eerie grin on his face.

The members of the Azbel family were considered very kind. Well, except for Shael. 

They were so kind that I could count on one hand the number of times they scolded the wicked Shael.

Even in the novel, it was said that all members of the Azbel family except for Shael were kind.

However, there was something I found out after being transferred in this novel.

Their personalities were sometimes different. I noticed it when I got in tough with the people around me.

At the moment, Duke Jespen was smiling like a villain.

He nodded his head as if he had vowed to take revenge on the Mage Tower Lord. Suddenly, his expression softened. This time, it seemed that he was thinking of something other than the Mage Tower Lord. Then he looked at Shael and said.

“Shael, would you mind stepping aside so I can talk to Eran for a moment?”

Shael stood up obediently. 

Possibly, it would have been too embarrassing for her when Duke Jespen heard the shocking remarks earlier. In response to his request, which she would normally have resisted, she rather obeyed and left the room.

Now, I was having a private meeting with Duke Jespen. 

Duke Jespen was thinking about something.

His thoughts were obvious. He was probably thinking about how to help me and Shael further out relationship.

Duke Jespen really wanted to see his daughter’s wedding soon.


Then he suddenly opened his eyes. 

The Duke Jespen, who had been thinking pleasantly before, had disappeared, and he inquired with a trembling voice,

“Is it possible, that you really are going to live as Shael’s captive?”

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