Chapter 28: Stunning legs

Early the next morning, Gu Xia woke up with Li Wen and the other three. Then he took a shower, and went to the cafeteria to have some breakfast before going to class.

“Hey~ Third Bro, where have you been playing these days?” Liu Shu asked.

“I didn’t go anywhere, I just stayed at home.” Gu Xia casually answered and continued drinking porridge. He didn’t want to talk about Mount Tai anymore.

“You locals are just like us non-locals! I went back home to help with farm work, and I didn’t go out for a day.” Liu Shu spit out bitter water.

“I went to my sister’s place to play for a few days, but I didn’t feel good.” Wang Qun also joined the conversation.

“It’s still Li Wen who wins. He has his girlfriend in his arms every day. I don’t think he even took a step out of the hotel door! Hahaha!” Wang Qun joked.

“Fu*k you, you won’t even keep your mouth shut when you eat!” Li Wen angrily shoved a steamed bun into his mouth after hearing this.


Wang Qun hurriedly took out the steamed bun in his mouth as if he was vomiting.


When the three saw Wang Qun playing the joker, they couldn’t help laughing, and Gu Xia’s mood improved a lot.

In the morning, there were very few people eating in the cafeteria. Everyone either slept until class or went to the university gate to eat.

The four of them talked, laughed and ate breakfast, and left the cafeteria. After all, each of their departments was different. Only Liu Shu and Gu Xia were from the same department, so they went together, but they were not in the same class. Of the five classes, Gu Xia was in the third class, Liu Shu was in the first class, and they separated when they got to the building of the Economics and Management Department.

Gu Xia came to Class 3 of the Department of Economics and Management, and saw twenty people sitting inside. Some had their heads down, playing with their mobile phones, and some were reading books. Gu Xia’s arrival did not make everyone look up. After all, he was not a beautiful woman. When there are more wolves and less meat, only beautiful women would attract attention.

Gu Xia casually found a seat and sat down, waiting for the teacher’s arrival. One after another, students entered the classroom, and soon there was less than ten minutes before class began.

Because Gu Xia sat in the last row, and everyone was still unfamiliar with each other, no one talked to him. Gu Xia was also quite happy about it.


“Wow~ so beautiful!”

“That figure is out of this world!”

Gu Xia, who was playing Sokoban with his head down, heard a burst of exclamation. He looked up, and saw a tall, fair-skinned girl standing at the door of the classroom. She was wearing a plaid shirt and plaid skirt, revealing a pair of long white legs.

When Gu Xia saw those legs, the word “stunning legs” flashed in his mind.

The girl saw that everyone was staring, and her face turned red. She looked around, and when she saw that only Gu Xia was sitting alone in the back row, she walked towards Gu Xia.

“Hey~ beauty, sit here with me, the guy next to me is not in the same seat as me.”

“Beauty, sit here. You can even sit on my lap!” (G: What a creep!)

When the male students saw the beautiful woman going towards Gu Xia, many of them started calling her.

Gu Xia saw her sitting next to him with a burst of aroma. He smelled it, and thought, ‘Hmmm… Chanel. She is a rich girl.’

“Hello, my name is Xu Mengying.” The beauty introduced herself.

“Ah!… My name is Gu Xia.” Gu Xia said in a daze.

The male students in the class looked at Gu Xia with jealousy. They wished it was them sitting in Gu Xia’s seat.

Besides Xu Mengying, there were only two other girls in the class, and these two girls also looked at Xu Mengying with jealousy, because they were not as good-looking as her! 

Originally, when Xu Mengying hadn’t come, the other boys showed their hospitality in front of them. But, when Xu Mengying came, she immediately attracted the attention of the boys in the class.

“Tok! Tok! Tok!”

There was a sound of high-heeled shoes at the door. Everyone looked at the door, and saw a woman in her thirties walking in through the door with textbooks in her arms. She wore black-rimmed glasses, giving people the image of an intellectual beauty. 

Her gaze turned sharp as she glanced at the classroom. Seeing that no one was late, she nodded and said, “Hello, classmates, I am your four-year university tutor and an honorary associate professor of this school. My name is Wu Jiahui, you can call me Teacher Wu.”

“Hello Teacher Wu!”

Everyone shouted in unison.

“Wow~ Can teachers be so sexy? It seems that our class will be more eye-catching.”

“Yeah yeah…”

Gu Xia smiled when he heard the whispering voices around him. It seemed that his university life would be really colorful!

“Okay, be quiet. Next, I’ll be calling out your names. Those who have been named will stand up and introduce themselves.” Teacher Wu patted the table and solemnly said.

“Li Liang”

A boy stood up and timidly said, “Present! Everyone, I’m Li Liang.”

Gu Xia looked at him and gave a very brief evaluation. From his timid appearance, he knew that such people do not like talking very much.

“Wang Dandan”




“Gu Xia”

Gu Xia heard his name, and hurriedly stood up and said, “Present! Everyone, my name is Gu Xia, a local. I am 18 years old this year, and have no girlfriend yet. I like to read, play basketball, and admire beautiful women.”

When everyone heard Gu Xia’s self-introduction, especially when they heard the part that he didn’t have a girlfriend and liked admiring beautiful women, they all burst into laughter. Even Teacher Wu laughed.

“Okay, sit down!” Teacher Wu said with a smile.

Gu Xia sat down and looked at Xu Mengying next to him. He saw that she was covering her mouth and laughing. When she noticed that Gu Xia was looking at her, she blushed and hurriedly turned her head away.

“Xu Mengying”

“Present! Hello everyone, my name is Xu Mengying, I live in Xingzi City next to Jiangbei City.” Xu Mengying stood up and shyly introduced herself.

“Very well, everyone has introduced themselves, remember their names, they will be your classmates for the next four years.” Teacher Wu said with a smile.

“Let’s fix the seating order according to the current seating. There is no need to adjust it.” Teacher Wu continued.

Those who were looking forward to changing seats suddenly had a bitter look on their faces. They thought that they could change seats and see if they could sit with Xu Mengying. Even if they were not so lucky, it would be better to sit with the other two girls!

The boys looked at the rough big boys next to them, and couldn’t help sighing. They all looked at Gu Xia and the other two boys who were sitting with the girls with envy and hatred.

Gu Xia noticed these murderous gazed, touched his nose, and jokingly said to Xu Mengying, “It takes a lot of courage to sit next to you! What do you think, will someone hit me after class?”

Xu Mengying was stunned for a moment, she didn’t understand what Gu Xia said for a while. It was only when she noticed the gazes of others, that she understood, and her face turned red again. She gave Gu Xia a blank look, and whispered, “Then go to Liang Jingru. And, let her give you courage!” (G: A pun aimed at the hit song ‘Courage’ by Liang Jingru aka Fish Leong.)

Gu Xia was stunned when he heard her words. He didn’t expect that this girl who blushed and looked shy at every turn could also make jokes.


At the same moment, at Tu Sisi’s home.

Both Tu Jianguo and Tang Chunhua had gone to work, and only Tu Sisi and Tu Fangfang were at home.

Tu Fangfang looked at her younger sister’s dejected appearance and sighed in distress, “What’s the matter with you? Haahh…”

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