Chapter 29: Disciplining the Nun III (part 2)

“I guess so. That is understandable.”

Sister Linda agreed with Bahamut’s words.

Looking straight at her face, Bahamut spoke with a tone filled with strength.

“In that sense, as the representative of the Beden Merchant Company, I would like to make an offer to you.” 

“Would you like to work with us?”

“Work… such a thing… I am just a nun. I can’t possibly do something like getting involved in a professional job…”

Sister Linda expressed her difficulties in reply to Bahamut’s words.

Seeing her reaction, Bahamut loosened his serious expression a little and spoke with a relatively light expression.

“Oh, you don’t have to do something hard. You simply have to do the same things you are doing here in another place.”

“If it’s about doing the same thing. Could it be that it is also about the mines?”


Sister Linda changed her attitude and showed some anticipation.

Noticing that the time was right, Bahamut held out a small map in front of him.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Aosta Mountains. It’s a place a short distance west of here. This is something we are keeping a secret, and…”

After saying those words, Bahamut looked around and lowered his voice.

In response, Sister Linda cautiously approached him, and then Bahamut spoke to her in a hushed voice.

“This is a special piece of information… recently a large-scale gold mine was discovered in the Aosta Mountains.”

“Yes? You mean a… gold mine? Ah!”

Sister Linda was so surprised that she involuntarily raised her voice for a moment.

Although the other people present in the room wouldn’t speak out even if the two talked about something important, Sister Linda still looked around to check and asked again in a quiet voice.

“Is that…is that really true? That must be the first gold mine in this area…”

“Yes, it is. Honestly, I didn’t believe it at first either… but, look here.”

With those words, Bahamut carefully took something out of his pocket.

Right after that, Sister Linda saw a metal that had a slightly angular shape, and was emitting a brilliant golden light.

Realizing what it was, Sister Linda couldn’t take her eyes off of it for a while, and Bahamut spoke in a calm voice while watching her reaction.

“This gold was just mined from that mine. I brought this to prove the authenticity of my claim. Our Company is thinking of developing that gold mine by mobilizing manpower in earnest this time.”

Bahamut continued to speak as he put the metal he had taken out back into his pocket.

Sister Linda asked in a slightly trembling voice, erasing the feelings of regret that was lingering in her heart.

“Oh that… I see. That’s why Lord Bahamut wants to recruit me.”

“Yes, that is the reason. I believe that you will do well in managing the operation of the gold mine, as you have abundant experience in running an iron mine, and furthermore, you also have a great mindset to take care and manage the miners with compassion.”

“Ah… then…”

Sister Linda showed a visibly excited reaction to Bahamut’s words. However, she slightly controlled her emotions and spoke with a slightly agitated expression.

“Umm… first of all, thank you for the generous offer. Please give me a little time to think. As you know, I am also the one in charge of this parish, and this place still needs me. And… above all, I am a priest who

serves the Lord. We cannot commit the mistake of acting recklessly, while guided by riches.”

“I see… indeed. I certainly know that it will take some time in that part. If so, I will send someone in a week to receive a reply. I also need to prepare in advance for this job. Is that alright with you?”

“A week… of course. I will have an answer ready by then.”

“Great! Then, in the meantime, I will wait for a positive response.”

With those words, Bahamut stood up from his seat without losing his trademark smile.

The woman who had been quietly standing next to him followed him outside.

Sister Linda followed behind to see them off with a sincere smile on her lips.

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