Chapter 29: The villainess sneers (part 1)

Shael began to worry. How, could she pull off that “Scam Marriage”.

She thought back to what she had heard a few days ago. It was her memory of the moment in the hospital room, when she overheard the conversation between Duke Jespen and Eran.

[So that means you will marry Shael.]

Eran gave an unexpected answer to Duke Jespen’s enquiry, it was something which he wouldn’t have affirmed in front of Shael.

[Yes, someday I will.]

Yes, Eran agreed with that statement. It was also an answer that surprised her when she first heard it.

It was the same Eran who had cursed at Shael, saying that she was a bi*ch, so why the hell did Eran reply like that?

Then, did Eran become that confident in his ability to break the shackles of their marriage?

However, that fact was also quite unclear. Since he was in front of Duke Jespen, he might have said something he didn’t mean at all. Even if what he had said was true, Shael’s strategy wouldn’t be that easy to implement.

Because Eran’s ‘someday’ could mean a fairly distant future.

Above all, Shael didn’t intend to mention the word ‘marriage’ to Eran first.

Shael was a villainess with self-respect!

Even if the marriage was a fake marriage aimed to torment Eran, she wouldn’t propose it first.

It had to be Eran who asks for her hand in marriage first.

Wasn’t that obvious? It would determine who was above, who would be below.

‘So I have to make Eran ask for marriage first.’

‘No, I should make him beg instead of ask for it!’

Shael thought of a way to do that as well. There was only one way. It was to make Eran fall for her!

However, there was no way Shael knew how to do that. Rather, Shael’s actions up until now must’ve made him hate her. Despite that, she was confident that she could seduce Eran without the help of anything else. 

That much was natural, but…

But, Shael got up from her seat. She wanted to find something that could help her.

The first place Shael headed was the library. The Azbel family’s library. Shael usually didn’t like books very much, but recently she had been getting a lot of help from books.

From the books on losing weight to books on strengthening her fingers. Those were the books she had read in the Mage Tower’s library.

Shael started looking for books that might help her this time too.

And, one such book caught her eye. 

[Ways to Charm People and Develop Affection]

Even at a glance, it seemed like a book that could be of great help to Shael. Of course, she didn’t really want to act affectionately towards Eran, but…

But, Shael picked up the book. Sudden changes were frightening things. What if she treated him affectionately at first and then, she suddenly changed?

She could already imagine the torment Eran would feel from that.

Shael didn’t stop with just one book. She started looking around again.

This time, another book caught Shael’s eyes.

[999 Ways to Develop a Relationship between a Man and a Woman through Pushing and Pulling]

Taken with the interesting title, Shael picked up the book.

‘Ways to develop a relationship between a man and a woman through Pushing and Pulling?’

The title of the book was completely incomprehensible. It might even mean something completely different to what she was thinking.

‘If the meaning of this title is anything like my own thoughts, then I will be able to push Eran incredibly well.’ Shael thought. ‘I can even push him off the edge of a cliff!’

Of course, the title of the book didn’t mean such a thing at all.

However, there was no way that Shael, who was ignorant of such matters, would know this.

On top of that, Shael’s relationships with other people wasn’t great. She hadn’t even properly talked to the maids about such matters.

Only Shael, after picking up that book, would think that the relationship between a man and a woman was such a strange thing.

Now she had two books. However, to Shael, it seemed a bit lacking. 

She was a greedy villainess. So, she went in search of another book.

[999 Hot Ways to Seduce a Man] (G: Where are these books coming from?)

Shael took out her book without realizing it. Unlike the previous two books, she picked it because of the stimulating title.

‘Yes, this is perfect.’ She hugged the books and headed for her room. 

These books would give her the knowledge she needed. These books were the foundations upon which she would construct her grand plan.

She has arranged the books in the order in which she had picked them. 

Then grabbing the first one, Shael opened the book.


Shael started reading the book. 

There was still quite a bit of time before Eran arrived. She had enough time to read a book. So, she should be able to properly prepare.

The first thing mentioned in the book was cooking. 

Shael stopped reading, because she had never cooked before.

Then she opened the book again.

[The important thing is not the taste of the food. Sincerity in cooking the food is important. Even if it doesn’t taste good, he or she will enjoy your dish.]

‘The taste is not important.’ Shael immediately started reading more.

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    lol, this novel is great Shael is quite a character, bit many people would be able to deal with someone like her I real life but these two are both quite big Ms, and they have quite a lot of S traits too, thyere both quite perverted really

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