Chapter 3: First summon (part 1)

Instructor Oliver, seemingly offended by Ian’s enquiries, wrinkled his face and said,

“Today is the first day… so we will begin the class.”

As if he said that in response to Ian’s question, he glanced at him once and opened the textbook, then proceeded with the class. All the cadets groaned at the fact.

There was nothing to do except for the class, so Ian followed the instructor and opened the textbook. He read the textbook he had received at the entrance ceremony, but he had no idea what it was.

“In the world, the type of a summon is determined only by luck. There is a saying that it is a fate that cannot be changed from birth.”

Tak! Tak!

Oliver scribbled something on the blackboard. Anyways, it was a better lecture than Ian had expected.

“But that is not true. After long research, our summoners have figured out a way to summon a specific beast.”

No one knew exactly what summon would come out of the gacha until they are drawn. But it wasn’t that there was no way to get a specific summon at all. You just have to offer a sacrifice.

Doing so would summon a specific summon associated with the sacrifice that was used.

However, it was very hard to get a high level sacrifice.

Of course, as it was a very valuable item it would be even more difficult get in the real world.

“The most widely known is this wolf series.”


After saying that, Oliver began to draw a wolf on the blackboard. The most common 1-star summoned beast, commonly known as the wolf series.

There were more than ten kinds of wolves, each with a different color of fur, and it was most likely the thing that was used to summon the beast.

“The selection method for this wolf series is very simple. You can summon a particular wolf by sacrificing its fur.”

“Instructor, is there any reason to summon a 1-star beast?”

“That’s a good question. This is to reduce the possibility of summoning other 1-star beasts, for example, the Blue Bird, which is known to be the most useless of 1-star beasts…”

Ian felt dizzy as he listened to their conversation. He didn’t know if he would faint if he listened to more of that bullsh*t.

‘What? They think the Blue Bird is the most useless?’

So, these people don’t want something useful, and use sacrifice to summon a garbage?

‘No, in the first place, why would you need a sacrifice for a 1-star summon?’

Ian wanted to sigh out loud. But he had already attracted a considerable amount of attention. Even if he pointed it out here, he could only make his impressions worse by saying something that might seen controversial.

And, while Ian was quietly attending class while hiding his frustration, a student raised their hand.

“Instructor, please take back the comment that Blue Birds are the most useless.”


At the words that seemed to perfectly represent my feelings, Ian turned his head and looked back at the student who had said those words. Then he immediately turned his head back to how it was before.

“Cadet Syrah. What do you mean?”

“But— it’s a pity to call such a cute pet useless.”

Saying so, she summoned a Blue Bird from the back of her hand, and Instructor Oliver frowned upon seeing it.

“It is against the rules to summon a summoned beast during class.”

“Oh, was it? Sorry~”

Although she apologized, Syrah didn’t send the Blue Bird back. Still, no one in the classroom could complain to her. 

Ian fixed his face on the blackboard to avoid making eye contact with her, pretending to focus on class and started acting normal.

‘Don’t look, don’t look…’

But as if his prayers were of no avail, Syrah quietly turned her head to look at me. She even smiled. 

It was a refreshing smile, but Ian let out a deep sigh.

Syrah Acacia.

One of the main characters in the game, and the most unpredictable female protagonists.


“Today’s class ends here— see you next time.”

After saying those words, Instructor Oliver left the classroom. 

The other cadets began to make friends by talking to the cadets they had became close with.

Ian got up and quickly got ready to get out of the classroom. And right at that moment, Syrah Acacia walked in front of me.

“Hey there, are you that Ian Clark?”

“That’s right. Do you need anything?”

“You were stating at me before? Why?”

‘When was I staring? It was you who said something weird in class and wanted to draw everyone’s attention!’

Of course Ian didn’t say that out loud. Because Syrah Acacia was a strange girl who moved only by her curiosity, and if Ian answered like that, she would continued to bother him as if she discovered an interesting creatures.

No one wanted such a troublesome person to get attached to them.

“It was because I thought the same.”


“What you said. Blue Bird is not a useless pet.”

“Ah, that’s right!”

But despite Ian boring answer, she did not lose interest and kept asking.

“Why did you think so?”


“You can’t even summon… I mean the Clarks aren’t even a family that’s ever dealt with Blue Birds… so why?”

“Do you know about our family?”

“To some extent?”

Feeling a little curious about this girl who knew about his family, which even Ian didn’t know about, he came up with an answer that the people of this world could understand.

“It doesn’t make sense that a Blue Bird would have the same ability as a Gray Wolf. People might think that they are useless in battle, but they might have some other abilities.”

“Well… is that so?”

“It’s reasonable to judge that the Blue Bird might have some other ability to fight a wolf.”

“Oh, that’s great. I’ve never seen anyone do that kind of analysis!”

Naturally, the ability of the Blue Bird was incomparable to that of a wolf. The problem was that a Blue Bird’s skills wouldn’t be unlocked until it leveled up.

And to people in this world who didn’t know how to level up their summons, the Blue Bird might indeed seem useless.

“Then, I’ll be leaving.”

“Wait a minute. One more thing!”


“You told Stella that you were confident that you would summon a 3-star summon.”

“I did.”

“How are you so sure about that?”

Ian paused, and looked at her. Her eyes were urging for an answer, so he grinned and gave a reply.

“After a week, see it with your own eyes.”


Ian ignored her, and quickly returned to his room.

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