Chapter 3: First summon (part 2)

[Syrah’s POV]

‘It’s boring.’ Syrah Acacia thought in her heart.

Born to the Marquis Acacia, the emotion she felt the most in her life was boredom. Life was so easy for her that it had become boring. 

Her life had been a smooth sailing since she was born. Akin to a ship that moved on its own without doing anything, her life was devoid of an hardship or struggles.

‘I’m really bored.’

There was no one to rebuke her, even less to discipline her. So, it was only natural that she grew up to have a strange personality. 

The environment was perfect to create girl with an eccentric nature who freely acted on her whims.

As a result, Syrah Acacia developed a self-indulgent personality. As she got older, no one pointed out her flaws, and it added an almost unquenchable curiosity to her temperament.

[I’m not going to do it now.]

She became interested in the person called Ian Clark from the moment he said that. 

Rejecting the Divine Summoning Ceremony?

Considering that even the daughter of the Duke Eritz couldn’t do that, it wasn’t surprising that she thought he had some screws lose in his head.

But she found that Ian was completely sane. It wasn’t a reckless attempt to get attention, and it didn’t look like he was crazy either.

After that, she began to follow Ian. It was quite easy for her to be placed in the same class as him.

It was the most interested she felt towards someone after a long time. The feeling was so intense that she thought it was love!

‘Ian Clark.’

As soon as the class was over, she ran up to him. And she talked to him. 

She found that he was an intellectual with a firm conception of the summoned beasts.

He spoke with confident voice as if his knowledge was the truth.

‘Where the hell did his confidence come from?’ She began to wonder.

‘I’m curious.’

‘I want to have him!’

‘I want to keep him by my side forever and play with him until he shatters!’

Syrah Acacia wrapped her arms around her shoulders and felt an extreme sense of excitement.


A week passed.

I woke up very early. 

At 6 o’clock in the morning to be exact. 

And, here was a very specific reason for it.


The 7th day attendance check reward had arrived.

“Shut up… can’t I mute this…?”

I rubbed my eyes and got out of bed. 

The one week time had passed, and finally, the day of the showdown had arrived!

I went to the bathroom, washed my body, and woke my brain up with the meditation technique I had learned in my previous world to take care of my body and mind.

As time passed, the dormitory started to get noisy. It was time for me to get going.

When I opened the door and went outside, the cadets who had been waiting in front of my room without going to class followed me with interested expressions.

‘Yeah, I don’t want to go to the temple right away… would they open the door of the temple in the morning in the first place?’

“Ian Clark.”

Contrary to what I had thought, the impatient young lady of House Eritz seems to have made sure that the temple would still be open even in the early morning.

‘Hahaha, with the power of a Duke, you can even open the gates of the temple earlier than usual!’

Stella looked at me with a triumphant expression.

“Did you get the hairloom?”



“I didn’t get it.”

Hearing that, Stella frowned and looked at me. Perhaps she thought I had given up, so she snorted.

“Huh, then that’s it. I knew it would be like that.”


“Are you joking? You confessed with your own mouth just now. You didn’t get a heirloom.”

“That’s right.”

“I was waiting to see what kind of great heirloom you would get for the summoning ceremony, but there is no need for that now.”

Stella said it was fine and ordered me to go straight to the staff room. She wanted me to hand over my expulsion letter right away.

“Are we not doing the summoning ceremony?”

“Heh, would that make any difference? What are you going to do with no heirloom?”

“You won’t know until I try it.”

“I know even without you trying!”

‘This girl… it’d be fun to prove her wrong…’ I let out a light snort, then smiled and said to her.

“Are you scared?”


“Otherwise, why are you stopping me from doing the summoning ceremony?”

“You…you… nothing would change even if you do it, right?”

I wondered if all the people around me had the same opinion.

But I didn’t care at all. Because I knew very well that this mockery would soon turn into jealousy.

We headed to the temple. Perhaps the priest had already gotten the news, so he had been preparing for the summoning ceremony early in the morning.

I bowed lightly and greeted him.

“Excuse me for bothering you this early in the morning, Priest.”

“Hahaha, it’s fine. I was just waking up for morning prayer.”


“Yes. You can proceed right away.”

The priest said so and pointed to the summoning circle. 

All the other cadets, including Stella, were looking at me.

Stella probably thought that she has driven me to a situation where I couldn’t escape even if I wanted to run away. But, the reality was the opposite.

“If I summon a 3-star summon from here, you promise to give me the heirloom, right?”

“Just be done with it quickly!”


“—Ah, yes. I’ll definitely do that, so go ahead!” Stella shouted at me. 

Many cadets from the noble houses listened to her promise. Now, even Duke Eritz wouldn’t be able to keep the mouths of all these nobles shut.

‘Checkmate!’ I thought, as I reached out towards the summoning circle. 

The soul power contained in my hand flowed down to the summoning circle. Without stopping there, I used the summoning ticket I had received as a reward on the 7th day.

[Do you want to use a 3-star random summon ticket?]


‘Of course yes!’

And after a while, the summoning circle began to turn gold! 

Stella saw that and opened her mouth in amazement.

“No way!”

‘It’s already too late, bi*ch!’

I looked at the summoning circle with excitement, wondering what kind of summons would come out.

I did everything I could, but didn’t know what would come out of this.

It was a matter of pure luck.

Suddenly, two huge wings spread out, scattering snow white feathers in the air, and blessing the people all around.

“Are you my master?”

The Half Angel!

A half-blood of an angel, the Paladin of Salvation raised her head.

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