Chapter 30: A day with the villainess (part 2)

Shael and I were on top of the mountain before we knew it. A cool breeze blew from everywhere. It was a rewarding climb in its own way.

“Please eat.”

I handed a cookie to Shael. The cookies were disappearing pretty fast.

Well, not as fast as the time when Shael ate all the cupcakes without my knowledge.

These cookies were different!

At my words, Shael started glaring at me with the cookie in her mouth.

“At least you’re being useful for now…”

Are you saying that I’ll be no longer needed when the cookies are gone?

The villainess was being really straight forward now.

Therefore, I had to tone her down a bit.

“Okay, now we have to go down.”

‘If you climb a mountain, isn’t it natural to go down?’ 

She showed a bewildered reaction as if she hadn’t thought of that.

Then Shael, who was sitting on a rock, said, “Because of someone, my legs can’t move.”

It seemed that Shael had even overworked her legs for cookies. I didn’t expect that she would tire out her legs that much.

“The I’ll just leave you here.”


Of course I was joking. I pointed to my back so that I could carry Shael.

Shael, who hesitated for a moment, saw that the sky getting dark and leaned on my back.

I began to descend the mountain with Shael on my back.

If this was a novel, this kind of scene would be considered a romantic scene.

But, it wasn’t the same for Shael and me. Rather, it would be a bloody scene.

I could imagine Shael frowning at the back.

No, Shael would definitely be like that. I could tell without looking at her face now.

“You’re heavy. You should stop eating sweets.”


The villainess glared at me, and I also fired back. It was a daily routine that had began from that day.

I just laughed out loud, because I felt strange about the repetition of this eccentric daily routine and the fact that I was getting used to it.



It was the sound of a door opening. Without knocking.

Duke Jespen was entering Shael’s room. 

It was to move his daughter, who had fallen asleep in the chair, to her bed.

Then Duke Jespen checked the books on Shael’s desk. He found it strange that Shael, who hated books so much, was reading books.

However, Duke Jespen couldn’t help but be surprised when he checked the titles of the books.

[999 Ways to Develop a Relationship between a Man and a Woman through Pushing and Pulling]

[999 Hot Ways to Seduce a Man]

Duke Jespen jaws almost dropped to the floor in surprise at the bizarre title of the books.

His precious daughter was making her own efforts to connect with her fiancé.

However, there was no way Shael could easily succeed.

As a father, how could he just watch this situation go on?

‘I have to do something!’ Thought Duke Jespen.


Shael was tearing up the book.

The book, which used to be titled [Ways to Charm People and Develop Affection] had been reduced to such a state that even the title was unrecognizable.

‘I did it at the risk of shame, but there was no progress at all!’

Actually, it was Shael, who didn’t follow the contents of the book at all from the time Eran told her to keep climbing the mountain, but…

Shael had endured as much as she could, in her own way. However, in Shael’s opinion, this book wasn’t helpful at all.

‘Oh, except that I was able to master the recipe for sweet and savory cookies.’

Of course, that wasn’t Shael’s purpose.

Shael pulled out another book.

[999 Ways to Develop a Relationship between a Man and a Woman through Pushing and Pulling]


Shael opened the book. She then began to skim through it.

[First of all, you have to push the target away. You need to make your target feel your cold side.]

[When the other person is talking, look at them coldly and answer them.]

[It’s also important to look at them as if they’re annoying.]

Look at Eran coldly and answer. And look at him like he’s annoying? 

Shael asked herself, ‘Isn’t that what I usually do to Eran?’

Shael suddenly had the urge to tear the book apart right away. 

‘Are these really behaviors that help develop relationships between men and women?’

‘Not at all!’ Thought Shael.

‘No, what if these words are true…’ Shael felt hesitant.

So, she continued turning the pages.

Again, what she read in the book was what she had been doing to Eran from the start.

The impatient villainess closed the book without bothering to read more.

The she though, ‘Let’s read the next one.’

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