Chapter 31: Books (part 1)

The book that made Shael feel embarrassed was torn to shreds.

Of the books Shael had picked out, only one remained.

[999 Hot Ways to Seduce a Man]

‘Yes, I liked the title of this book from the beginning.’ 

The other books didn’t have a title as interesting as this one.

This time, Shael was strangely confident for herself.


Shael started reading the book. As expected, this time it wasn’t as bad at all.

Different from the previous books she had read, there were many tips that would be very helpful to Shael.

At some point, the clock pointed to the time Eran would come. 

Shael, who had already familiarized herself with the contents of the book, began to devise her own strategy.

First of all, Shael started to change her clothes.

[To captivate men, wear thin clothes.]

What Shael chose for this was a thin dress. There wasn’t much exposure, but it was quite thin. That’s why she chose it.

Next, Shael prepared a pair of high-heeled shoes as well. This was also mentioned in the book.

It was a perfect preparation! 

Shael waited for Eran. Before long, Eran came in.

Even that short amount of time felt like a long wait for Shael. But, the time had finally come.

Shael pondered over the contents of the book.

[Please act differently than usual.]

That was a really difficult task. 

‘How exactly should I act?’ 

First of all, Shael said something different than usual.

“Go out.”

It meant that she wanted to go out together. Adding to that, it was a suggestion that she wouldn’t normally make at all.

Eran tilted his head at those words.

“Isn’t it too much to ask someone who has just arrived to leave?”


Eran had misunderstood Shael’s words.

The word “Go out” was interpreted to mean that only Eran should leave the room, not to go out together.

“Let’s go out together. Because it’s boring here.”

At those words, Eran, who was staring at Shael in surprise, stood up. Shael also got up and left the room.

[Be proactive.]

‘Be proactive?’ Shael walked while contemplating on the part that had been emphasized in the book.

Her pace, which should have been leisurely, became faster. Shael started walking ahead of Eran.

She was doing it in order to lead where they would be going. First of all, Shael started walking toward the Azbel family’s garden.


She was wearing a higher heel than usual, so it was making a sound she wasn’t used to. Originally, she would have worn shoes with a much lower heel than this one.

‘Maybe that’s why I feel especially uncomfortable?’

Eran was watching this carefully.

As mentioned in the book, would high heels really work for Eran?

Shael didn’t know. 

At that moment, she shuddered as they were walking towards the garden.

‘Did I wear the thin clothes for nothing?’

The weather was colder than Shael thought.


A cold wind blew. The wind hit Shael’s body.

Nevertheless, Shael didn’t give in, and she continued walking towards the garden.

Then Shael had no choice but to stop. It was because she felt a presence behind her. 

It was Eran who was following Shael. He was standing right behind Shael before he knew it.

“Why are you wearing that stupid outfit in this weather?”

After saying that, Eran put his own coat on Shael. 

Shael grinned. It happened as it was in the book.

[If your target sees your thin clothes and lends you a coat, that’s a success. It means that he has a lot of feelings for you.]

“What are you laughing at? Please walk before I take it away.”

Eran’s words were thorny as usual.

Despite the words that she would normally have refuted, Shael remained silent. 

Finally, she got some meaningful results by following the book!

It made Shael feel better. As if to show Shael’s mood, her steps became even faster than before.



It was the sound of Shael’s heals. 

Eran and Shael, who were walking silently, could only hear that sound.

However, another sound was added to it.

It was also the sound of Shael’s shoes as well. 

At the strange sound, Shael looked at her shoes. The heel of her shoe was broken.

“You need to lose some weight.”

Eran said after checking Shael’s shoes. Shael’s mood, which had improved for a moment, rapidly worsened.

“It’s because the shoes are cheap.”

It was a lie. The shoes looked precious even at a glance.

Eran stopped Shael from continuing to walk and made her sit on a nearby bench.

He held Shael’s shoes and cut them with his magic to make walking easier.

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