Chapter 31: Tu Sisi goes abroad

For the next few days, Gu Xia spent quietly studying, and nothing serious happened.

At six o’clock on Friday night, Gu Xia and Liu Shu were playing Dungeon and Warriors in an Internet cafe.

“Gu Xia, fight seriously, this abyss is really difficult!” Wang Qun shouted.

“Understood, aren’t I fighting hard already?” Gu Xia said helplessly.


Gu Xia looked down at his phone, and there was a message. He put down the mouse, picked up the phone and looked at it. It was sent by Wang Qian, and Gu Xia clicked on the message.

[Gu Xia, Sisi is at the airport now. She is going abroad soon on the 8 o’clock flight. Sisi didn’t want me to tell you, but I secretly went to the toilet and sent you this text message, come quickly!]

Gu Xia stood up immediately in shock, a long-lost warmth poured into his heart, he immediately pushed away the chair and ran outside.

“Hey! Gu Xia, we’re getting killed here, what are you playing? Where are you going!” Wang Qun shouted.

“Forget it, we’ll fight again if we die! Gu Xia must be in a hurry.” Li Wen comforted him.

Gu Xia rushed out of the Internet cafe, saw a taxi parked on the side of the road, and hurried up to it.

“Where do you want to go?” the driver asked.

“Airport, please hurry up!” Gu Xia was about to open the taxi’s door after saying that.

When he opened the door, Gu Xia was stunned for a moment, because the beautiful Xu Mengying was sitting inside.

“Is there someone in my car? You should wait for the next one!” said the taxi driver.

“No, I’ll wait for the next one! Gu Xia, if you are in a hurry, go first.” Xu Mengying got out of the car after she finished speaking.

“Thank you,” Gu Xia thanked her gratefully.

“Go, hurry up! Jiangbei Airport.” Gu Xia urged.

“Okay, sit tight.”


In the waiting room of Jiangbei Airport, Tang Chunhua embraced Tu Sisi with tears on both of their faces. Tu Jianguo, Tu Fangfang and Wang Qian were standing beside them.

“Sisi! When you get to the United States, you must take care of yourself. Your dad and I will visit you when we have time. You should listen to the doctor’s words and receive treatment with peace of mind, you understand?” Tang Chunhua felt sad to part with her daughter.

“Yes, I know Mom, you and Dad should also take care of yourselves. You have already sold the house, and you have to rent a house to live in, woohoo~” Tu Sisi couldn’t help crying into her mother’s arms.

“Daughter, don’t cry~” After speaking, Tang Chunhua also cried while hugging Tu Sisi.

“Don’t cry, you two. Why are you crying for so long? We can go abroad to see Sisi in the future, and she’ll be back when she recovers.” Tu Jianguo couldn’t stand such a sad sight.

“Yeah, Mom.” Tu Fangfang also said.


“Please hurry, uncle!.” Gu Xia kept looking at the time and urged the driver.

“I also want to hurry up! There are so many cars on the road, so how can I drive so fast? What would we do if there is an accident! We’ve been rushing all the way already, just wait until we get on the highway.” ​​The taxi driver said helplessly.

“I’m sorry, uncle, I really want to meet someone very important at the airport. If I’m late, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.” Gu Xia hurriedly apologized and then explained.

“It looks like you’re having trouble with your girlfriend, and your girlfriend is leaving, right?” The taxi driver said with the expression of someone who had experience.

Gu Xia touched his nose and smiled bitterly, “Something like that.”

“Young man, don’t be discouraged! Let this uncle teach you. Girls need to be coaxed, first of all, you have to be sweet, when she is upset, buy her something nice, and say something nice. If talking doesn’t work. Just kiss her like they do on TV!” The taxi driver gave him free wisdom.

“Ha ha…”

Gu Xia’s anxiety was somewhat relieved when he heard the words of the taxi driver.

At 7:30, at the airport, Gu Xia paid the money, got out of the taxi and ran to the waiting room.

After checking the time from time to time, he finally arrived at the waiting room after 41 minutes. 

Gu Xia looked around. After all, the waiting room was very large and there were many people, so it was impossible to find her at a glance.

Finally, in a corner, he saw Tu Sisi who was saying goodbye to her father. Her eyes were hazy with tears and her expression was not very good. 

Gu Xia immediately ran over there and shouted, “Sisi!”

Gu Xia’s voice spread throughout the waiting room, and everyone turned to look at him.

Tu Sisi had said her goodbyes and was about to board the plane. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice calling her, and her body trembled, this was the voice of the person she missed day and night!

Tu Sisi turned around and looked at the sprinting figure. He had lost a lot of weight, and Tu Sisi’s tears couldn’t help flowing down after she saw that. She wanted to get on the plane without looking back, but she didn’t know why she couldn’t move her feet.

When Tu Jianguo and others saw Gu Xia coming, they all consciously walked aside and let the two talk.

“Aren’t you going to speak to me even when you are leaving?” Gu Xia said in a trembling voice.


Even though Tu Sisi had a thousand words to say to the man in front of her, she didn’t know what to say. She hugged Gu Xia hard, lay in this familiar embrace, and tried to breathe the smell of his body, because she wouldn’t be able to smell it for a long time in the future.

“Why didn’t you contact me? Why didn’t you say goodbye? Do you know how much I missed you?” Gu Xia hugged her tightly and let out his feelings.

“I know, I know it all, I’m the same! But I have this disease…uh!”

Before Tu Sisi finished speaking, Gu Xia kissed her.

The two kissed passionately, as if they wanted to merge their own bodies into each other.

After a long time.

The two separated, and Tu Sisi said with a reluctant expression, “I’m leaving.”

“I…” Gu Xia wanted to say that he didn’t want her to leave, but it would be too selfish, and Tu Sisi was going to treat a disease.

“I will go there to see you, trust me!” Gu Xia said seriously.

“Yes, I believe in you.” Tu Sisi said with a smile, she was already satisfied to meet Gu Xia before she left.

“Okay, I’m really leaving, remember to come and see me! If you don’t come, I’ll have a blond Chengcheng with a foreigner.” Tu Sisijiao said angrily.

“You dare!” Gu Xia said with a straight face.

“Okay, go! I will see you again. When I see you, you will see a different me.” Gu Xia said softly.

“Heh! I’m going to get treatment for 5 years, and I’m going to a university there as well. What should I do if I miss you?” Tu Sisi said tenderly.

Gu Xia thought for a moment, then took off the bracelet on his hand and put it on her. He had it since he was a freshman in high school. 

Gu Xia said, “This is what my mother got for me from the temple, and I always had it with me. Now this is yours. If you miss me, just look at this bracelet.”

“Yes! I’ll take good care of it. I have to go now.”


“Mom, dad, sister, Qianqian, goodbye, I’m leaving.” Tu Sisi waved.


Tu Sisi turned around and got into the plane. When she turned around, tears fell from her eyes, and she secretly said, “Goodbye my family. Goodbye my lover and friends.”

Author’s note: I have read everyone’s comments in the past few days. Many people said that the story was abusive, and some people said that it was not a good read. But what I want to say is that when two people are together, they will definitely not only have sex, but there will also be conflicts. This book has more than 60,000 words written so far, and I basically keep the speed of at least two releases a day. This book can’t meet everyone’s taste, and even the great God can’t achieve that, so I can only keep writing. My original intention was to write this book well, so that readers who really like this book can read it comfortably.

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