Chapter 32: The villainess doesn’t give up on the strategy (part 1)

Duke Jespen just happened to see Shael and Eran while passing by the garden with the servants.

Eran and Shael would normally be in Shael’s room.

Seeing Shael’s expression, Duke Jespen was convinced. This situation was Shael idea!

It seemed that Shael herself had suggested that they should go for a walk together.

And looking at Shael’s expression again, he understood that she was planning something.

After confirming that fact, Duke Jespen began to activate his mana.

The servants stood still, holding their breath, as an incredibly complex magic circle was drawn next to Duke Jespen.

What kind of magic was he trying to use? 

To the servants, the shape of the magic circle was rather familiar.

It was teleportation magic!

Duke Jespen suddenly disappeared.

Then he appeared again. He was gone for less than 5 seconds. 

There was a chair in Duke Jespen’s hand, and he held a plate of sweet cookies in his other hand.

It was obvious, the reason Shael liked sweet things was because of heredity. It was in her blood.

Duke Jespen sat in his chair and started snacking on the cookies while watching Shael and Eran’s budding romance.

‘I’m sorry for Shael, but isn’t this the Azbel family’s garden?’

It was wrong for them to do such a thing in public in the first place. As it was a place where many members of the family walked around.


It was at that moment, Shael pushed Eran to the wall. She faced Eran and placed her left hand on the wall. It was an amazing scene! 

Duke Jespen began stuffing even more cookies in his mouth.

Seeing this, the butler on the side frowned and began to sweat.

“Do you want to eat?” Duke Jespen’s eyes widened as he spoke to the butler.

“Gwa, it’s okay, My Lord.”

At some point, Shael had hugged Eran, and Duke Jespen almost shed tears of emotion.


He also began to clamor along with the voices of the maids, but before he knew it, the cookies had disappeared.

Shael was still hugging Eran.

Satisfied with Shael’s boldness, Duke Jespen smiled happily and left. 

If Shael found out about this, he would be in big trouble. 

But when he thought back to the scene, Eran’s face had only showed his bewilderment. Eran’s face didn’t turn red.

It was clear that Duke Jespen’s help was required in this matter. 

Apparently, he had to move forward with the operation.

‘But not now.’

The Duke of Jespen walked to his wife, Enella Azbel.

It was because even Duke Jespen was hungry for love after witnessing the relationship between Eran and Shael.


Shael took her arms away from the wall.

‘Why the hell are you doing things like this?’

She made me walk behind her before, and this time she was even hugging me.

It seems that Shael’s mind has been going crazy lately. No, she was weird from the beginning, but…

‘To think that she’d do such a things in the middle of the day.’

Shael’s face was red. The ignorant villainess seemed to have finally realized that there were many servants around. 

After taking a moment to carefully choose my words, I asked Shael with the usual tone, 

“What the hell was that?”


Shael stayed silent at my words and walked toward the garden.

At the same time, she glared at the maids who were staring at Shael.

The maids quickly left the garden.

Because of that, only Shael and I were present in the garden right now.

The Azbel family’s garden was very large. It was so big, it could be called a forest. 

Shael walked towards the pond in the center.

Her face was still red. Clearly, the villainess was still feeling ashamed. 

‘Well, she deserves it.’

I stopped making fun of Shael and started walking behind her.

The villainess liked to step on the beautiful flowers. So, I had to use healing magic to fix the flowers.

We arrived at the pond before I knew it. There I saw a familiar fish that I had seen with Shael the other day.

It was catfish. 

Just like at the Mage Tower, the catfish were friendly towards Shael this time as well.

Originally, there shouldn’t have been any such fish in the pond. But since there was an abundance of catfish here, it seemed that Shael was behind it.

“I don’t think it was originally there, but did you release it by any chance?”

At my words, Shael nodded her head. 

It seemed that my guess was correct. ‘Could it be that the catfish suited the villainess’ taste?’

I couldn’t understand her taste at all.

Shael stared blankly at the catfish. She just quietly stood still.

It was a very elegant scene. Except for the fact that the target she was looking at was a catfish.

Still, it was the first time I felt the human side of Shael.

Just a few days ago… didn’t she step on the flowers she said she liked and scared the birds?

Just looking at her stand quietly like this made me feel something new about Shael.

It’s just… I couldn’t understand why she was staring at the catfish.

No, looking at it like this, catfish did look somewhat cute.

‘Have I also become weird because of the villainess?’


A powerful catfish came right in front of Shael. 

It seemed a bit awkward, but on the contrary, it looked quite cute.

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