Chapter 33: Kicked out by the villainess (part 2)

It was magic that erased the sounds coming from sources within a certain range.

Then I started using magic that wouldn’t damage the room. It was part of my nightly magic training session.

Even if I had used the sound blocking magic, I had properly controlled the area of effect so that, as the magic caster, only I could hear the sounds.

I’ve been doing this magic training since I was injured by the Mage Tower Lord. 

I had realized that only training in the morning wasn’t enough.

Everyday after breakfast, I had to come accompany Shael, so I didn’t have enough time to practice magic.

That’s why I started practicing at night while reducing my sleep time.

After some time, drowsiness enveloped me before I know it. And, I too, leaned back on the sofa and began to fall asleep.


The sunlight shined through the windows. The huge windows began to light up Shael’s room. 

I immediately got up from the sofa. I woke up a bit early today, and considering how long she had slept in the Mage Tower, there was no way that Shael would wake up at such a time.

It would probably take a few more hours for her to wake up.

After stretching, I used the sound blocking magic again.

It was time to start practicing magic. 

Suddenly, I felt movement from Shael, who was on the bed.

It seemed that Shael was now awake. 

So I asked her, “Are you awake?”

Of course, there was no need to turn off the sound blocking magic. The sound blocking magic only erased the sounds coming from objects within a certain range. And, I was able increase or decrease the range at will, so she’d be able to hear me if I wanted her to.

“Yes, so you can leave.”

Shael wanted to kick me out right away. And she was doing that while she still remained lying down.

Just as Shael said, I prepared to leave the room right away. It would be a bit of a headache if someone found out that I had slept in Shael’s room.

Two young adults sleeping in the same room? It was obvious what kind of misunderstanding it would cause.

“Yes, I will. But unlike in the Mage Tower, you woke up pretty early today.”


Despite my teasing, Shael remained calm. Normally, she would have made up some excuse saying that she only woke up late because it was at the Magic Tower.

‘Something is strange.’

I approached Shael. Then I put my hand on Shael’s forehead. It was hot like a fireball!

And now, for that reason, I felt like I had to stay here.

Anyway, it seemed to be a valid reason for me to stay. Without me, the villainess would have to endure the pain all by herself.

She was a villainess who only cared about of her own interests. But strangely, she turned into a fool only when she became sick.

Unless we use holy magic, even healing magic wouldn’t be able to cure a fever like this in a short time.

If I inform Duke Jespen of this, he’d find someone with holy magic right away… but Shael wouldn’t like that.

If the Duke became worried, he might bring a lot of people with him.

Is that the reason why Shael chose to suffer alone?

Then, I should stay by her side to take care of her.

I found a towel in Shael’s room and using my magic, I put the cool wet towel on Shael’s forehead.

Then I even started using magic to make her feel more comfortable.

Therefore, the pain caused by the fever seemed to have disappeared. But, she might still feel a bit weak..

However, Shael said to me with a frown on her face.

“I’ve never asked for anything like this, so please leave.”

‘Is she in a bad mood because I am the one taking care of her?’

But she continued before I could give a reply.

“I don’t need it, so remove the magic.”

Shael was refusing my help.

I wanted to take out the Serpent Orb containing the villainess’s dark history, but doing that to a sick person felt a bit inappropriate. So I used another excuse instead.

“Don’t worry, I’m not doing this because of you. This a part of my magic practice. Coincidentally, you are a perfect practice partner.”

I was the one saying it, but I also knew that it was all nonsense without any meaning at all. It made me feel a bit embarrassed.

“Practice with something else!” 

“I won’t.”

Shael let out a sigh in response. 

And, I decided to speak first before she could pester me again. In such situations, all I had to do was, attack. 

So I pointed to the doll placed next to Shael and asked.

“Rather, what’s with this doll?”


It was a doll with one eye sewn up. It was the doll I gave her in the past.

“None of your business.”

“I am just glad that you liked something I gave you and kept it close to you like this.”

At my words, the villainess had no choice but to shut her mouth and fall silent.

So, I was able to successfully stop the villainess from trying to contradict me.

It was at that time, I felt a faint vibration in my pocket.

The source of the vibration was the bracelet that the female lead, Clie, gave me in the past. I had kept the bracelet in my pocket just in case.

I did it to limit its surveillance capabilities. It made me feel strange when I thought that someone could be watching Shael and me through the bracelet.

Now, Clie could only hear my and Shael’s voice through the bracelet.

I didn’t worry too much about that, as it was written in the novel that she would only be able to tell that someone was talking, but wouldn’t be able to hear the details.

The bracelet continued to vibrate for some time. Then someone’s voice was heard. That voice belonged to Clie.

[Eran, can we meet today?]

She was speaking in a fairly intimate tone, with zero formalities.

It was very different from when she gave the bracelet.

The way she was speaking felt very strange.

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