Chapter 34: Rivals in Love

[This novel does not promote or support war. War causes deaths, war kills.]

“Come on, let’s drink!” 

“I pay my respect to grandpa!”

The two knocked their glass.

When Gu Xia took the first sip of this wine, he enjoyed its aromatic flavor, there was no burning in his mouth, and there was a sweet aroma of wine circulating in his throat, it really had a sublime aftertaste!

“Good wine!”

“Haha~ Drink more if you like it. When you return home in the future, come to me and bring some back for your dad to drink.” Xu Tianxiang laughed.

“No need, grandpa, you should keep it for yourself.”

“You still don’t think of me as your grandfather. You just have to take it as soon as I say it. Or I’ll take it if you still see me as an outsider.” Xu Tianxiang said with his eyes wide open.


“That’s right, come on, let us keep drinking.”

“Grandpa, tell me about the war against Ja*an when you were young, I’m very interested in these things, like what was that TV series called? Yes, Liang jian, I have watched it several times! “

Gu Xia was really interested in these things. He had watched good war themed TV series like Liang jian several times. The quality of the current TV series was very high, unlike a certain TV series in the future, where they tear up an enemy from eight hundred miles away.

After watching that, Gu Xia felt as if he had eaten a poisonous herb, and he had goosebumps all over his body.

That was simply an insult to the soldiers of the Second Sino-Japanese War, what a trash TV series it was!

Oh, you can tear the enemy with your hands? So why not try to tear a chicken, if you can tear it apart, this Gu Xia will immediately sacrifice his knees!

You can kill the enemy with one shot from 250 miles away? That was even more of a bullsh*t. Did the director know how far 250 miles was?

250 miles would be 400 kilometers! Converted to meters, that was 400,000 meters!

That wasn’t a gun, it was a cruise missile, okay!

It took several hours to drive 400 kilometers. Also, can bullets even travel that far, and then kill the enemy at a distance of 400,000 meters?

With that awesome marksmanship, what kind of war was there to fight? Would they even need to fight an eight-year war?

They’d work hard to make bullets and give them to the sharpshooter.

“Bang Bang!”

Just one shot and directly kill all the enemy. Even the artillery shells at that time didn’t have that much range.


“Second Sino-Japanese War”

Xu Tianxiang showed a look of reminiscence, and slowly started to speak, “It was really cruel at that time! There were fights everywhere, corpses were everywhere, and there were not a few people who just starved to death! 

I joined the army when I was fifteen years old. My parents were afraid that I would starve to death because we didn’t have enough to eat, so they sent me to serve as a soldier.

I was also very ignorant at the time. I only knew that I could have enough food in the army. I would do whatever the platoon commander asked me to do. The first time I went to the battlefield, it was because the enemy came to the nearby village to scavenge for food, and the company commander took us to block the enemy. I hid in the back at that time, shooting randomly in the direction of the enemy, regardless of whether I hit or not. At that fight, half of our people died, and I was also shot in the foot, and I was sent elsewhere to recover. After more than a month, I was sent into another company.”

“I followed the large army from south to north, and then from north to east, we fought all over the country, and there were fewer and fewer familiar figures around us, but we did not back down. We dared not and could not back down, because behind our backs we all had a thing in common. That was…our home, our family!”

“Until the end of the war, there were not many of our old brothers left, and most of them were left on the battlefield with no bones left, not even a tombstone!”

Xu Tianxiang wiped away the tears, and his face was full of grief.

“It was really bitter at that time. We sometimes went out and didn’t eat for several days, digging up grass roots and leaves everywhere to eat, and even eating raw meat…”

“Oh how hateful the enemy was! I still think about that time now, so full of blood! But if there is a war again, I will put on a new military uniform and rush to the battlefield.” Xu Tianxiang said with a look of hatred. 

Gu Xia was moved to tears, he felt as if he was born in that era, fighting with enemies and fighting side by side with his brothers.

Xu Tianxiang finished a glass of wine in one sip, his snow-white hair was much like him, who had experienced countless wind and frost.

“Grandpa, this cup is to salute you in the war of resistance, eliminating the enemy for the country…”

Gu Xia drank a glass of wine, then poured another glass and raised it high.

“This cup, to all the soldiers in the war of resistance, you are the most honorable people…”

“This cup, as future generations, thank you for creating a peaceful society for us…”

Gu Xia drank three cups in a row, and because he drank too quickly, his face was flushed red.

“Haha~ Well, what a fine kid, hehe, it’s the first time a youngster said that to me.”

“But you drank this bottle of wine by yourself, so what do I drink? Why don’t you go to the cupboard to get another bottle?”

Xu Tianxiang looked at the empty wine bottle and scolded with laughter.


Gu Xia was drunk. He helped his adoptive grandfather who had drunk too much to rest on the bed, then washed the dishes, looked at the sleeping old veteran, smiled and left.

Gu Xia shook his head and walked towards the dormitory. Two bottles of white wine, one and a half for himself, and half for grandpa. After all, grandpa was quite old, and he drank so much because of happiness.

“Ring Ring!”

Gu Xia picked up the phone and saw that it was Tu Sisi’s number.

“Hey~ Sisi! Urgh!”

After speaking, Gu Xia almost vomited. After all, after drinking so much wine, it would be strange not to vomit.

[Gu Xia, have you been drinking?] asked Tu Sisi, who just got off the plane.

“Drink…I did drink a little….a little, oh sh*t…I drank with my adoptive Grandpa.” Gu Xia replied with broken words.

[Adoptive grandpa? Since when did you have an adopted grandpa?]


Gu Xia didn’t answer because he was leaning against a tree and vomiting.

Tu Sisi was calling from New York Airport, she hung up the phone and shook her head helplessly. She had just called her parents to say that she was safe, and she wanted to report to Gu Xia as well, but who knew that this guy was actually drunk, how much alcohol did he drink? Ah, to vomit like that!

This guy was really worrying. In their previous life, he often went to the clinic to get IV therapy because he drank too much. For that, Tu Sisi had complained a lot to him.

“Sisi, over here!”

Tu Sisi heard someone calling her, so she couldn’t help turning her head to look, only to see a handsome man in a white suit leaning on a car with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

Tu Sisi frowned. This person was Hu Chao who Gu Xia always hated. Tu Sisi was also helpless about this guy. This Hu Chao was really haunted! She could not avoid him regardless of her past life or this life. The two have been in the same school and class since junior high school.

Tu Sisi was almost annoyed by him to death. He gave her this and that every day, but she doesn’t accept any of it, and even scolded him. But, he still smiles at her, and keeps sticking to her like a candy.

This time, she guessed that Hu Chao learned from his father that she was coming to the United States, so he came here. His father and her father were comrades in arms, but his father had made a fortune in business, and his family was estimated to be worth billions!

However, Hu Chao’s father was still the same as before. He didn’t look down on her father because he made a fortune, so Tu Sisi has always respected Hu Chao’s father, but for Hu Chao, hehe…

“Sisi, get in the car! I’ll take you to where you will live first. It’s late today, and I’ll show you around tomorrow.” Hu Chao handed the flowers to Tu Sisi, said with a smile.

Tu Sisi looked at him, although this guy was tall, rich and handsome, and although he looked a bit like Eddie Peng, she didn’t like him.

‘If I were reborn and had no memory of my past life, I might have agreed to be with him, but that’s a big if…’

Tu Sisi took the flowers and glanced down, “Rose, why do you give roses every time!”

The thing she didn’t like the most was roses. Gu Xia knew that she liked lilies. He used to buy lilies for her when he bought flowers. He said that in his heart, she was as white and flawless as lilies, with a charming fragrance.

Thinking about it, Tu Sisi’s face turned red, probably thinking of some embarrassing moment!

Hu Chao looked at the beautiful girl in front of him, and his heart rippled. He liked Tu Sisi since junior high school, and he has been pursuing her ever since. His family also did not object to his pursuit of her, so in Hu Chao’s heart, Tu Sisi was his future bride.

“Hu Chao, don’t you have your studies, why would you travel around with me?” Tu Sisi said helplessly.

“Sisi, if you go somewhere, of course I’m coming too. You are unfamiliar with this place, so how can I rest assured?” Hu Chao said softly.

“Get in the car first! Are you hungry, do you want to go get something to eat?” Hu Chao opened the door of the red Lamborghini, bent over and made a gentleman’s invitation.

Tu Sisi glanced at him, it was really hard to avoid this guy!

After Tu Sisi sat in the Lamborghini, Hu Chao started the car roaring away like a Spanish bull, leaving behind the envious crowd at the airport gate.

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