Chapter 35: I love you

[Warning! This chapter contains extra dose of sugar!]

In the famous Hilton Hotel in New York, Tu Sisi and Hu Chao were sitting at the dining table. There were stacks of exquisite food on the dining table, including foie gras, steak and other famous food in western restaurants. And, there was also a bottle of Lafite.

Tu Sisi looked at the western food and the red wine in the glass in front of her, which practically screamed vanity. ‘I really underestimated the life of the rich.’ Tu Sisi said to herself.

“Come on, Sisi.” Hu Chao raised his glass with a smile.

Tu Sisi raised the glass, nodded, and took a sip of wine.

“Sisi! Is there any place you want to go see? I’ll take you there tomorrow!” Hu Chao laughed.

“No, I’m here to treat a disease, not to travel.” Tu Sisi said expressionlessly.

“That’s right! Then I’ll take you to Professor Smith’s place tomorrow! I happen to have something to talk about with Professor Smith too.” Hu Chao shrugged and smiled.

“Hu Chao, you should go back! Don’t waste your time with me, you should be studying hard, not wasting your precious time here.”

“Study? I’ve transferred to New York. Both of us are in the same school, in the same class.”

Tu Sisi, “………”

Tu Sisi really wanted to use the military boxing her father taught her to give him a beating, why does this guy want to be so badly beaten?


After Gu Xia vomited out his insides, he fell asleep on the grass under a tree.

Apparently Gu Xia would have to spend his afternoon in his sleep again. Now, he slept all morning and slept again in the afternoon.

When he woke up, it was already 7 o’clock in the evening, Gu Xia rubbed his eyes, it was already getting dark, so he stood up.


Because of his sleeping posture, the blood circulation of his feet was not smooth, and he fell to the ground as soon as he tried to get up, as legs were weak.

Gu Xia rubbed his numb thighs and smiled bitterly.

It really was as it said in an advertisement of a certain wine, “Although the wine is good, don’t be greedy.”

Gu Xia dragged his tired body back to the dormitory. There was no one in the dormitory. They probably all went out to play around.

Gu Xia took a bath and felt much better. He took out his mobile phone and found that Tu Sisi had called him in the afternoon, but he had no recollection of it at all. He must have been drunk, so he immediately dialed Tu Sisi’s number.

Tu Sisi had just gone to bed not long ago. She had gotten off the plane in the middle of the night. She had just finished eating, and it was now 4:00 a.m. on New York’s side.

The phone’s ringing woke her up, and Tu Sisi took the phone sleepily and pressed the answer button.

[Hello… who is it?]

“Sisi, it’s me! You went to bed so early? Have you arrived in the United States?”

It did not occur to Gu Xia that Tu Sisi would be actually sleeping.

“You idiot, it’s really early in the morning here!” Tu Sisi scolded helplessly.

“Uh… I forgot, I saw that you called me, so I called you back.”

[You were drunk again, don’t you know how to drink less? Is wine so good? You didn’t drink enough in your previous life, and you are still drinking it now. You are a university student now, and you are still getting yourself drunk. You really don’t change.] Tu Sisi kept complaining.

Gu Xia touched his nose when he heard her complaints. He often returned home drunk in his previous life, which caused a lot of trouble to Tu Sisi, so much so that her resentment was this deep.

“I promise, I’ll try not to get drunk in the future! But I really had no choice but to be drunk today!”

[Why was there no choice? Do you want to say that you and your dormitory roommates were too happy and drank too much, or was it a friend’s birthday?]

Hearing Tu Sisi repeating the excuses he had made in his previous life, Gu Xia really couldn’t help laughing.

“It’s like this, I made an adoptive grandfather at the university this morning, then went to his house for dinner. I saw the military uniforms and medals in his home, and then listened to grandfather’s stories about the Sino-Japanese War. You also know that I like watching TV and movies about the Sino-Japanese War, and I am interested in this aspect of things, so I was very happy? It’s okay to drink if someone is happy, right? So I ended up drinking too much.”

After Tu Sisi quietly listened to Gu Xia’s words, her face became much gentler. Of course, she knew that Gu Xia liked these military and war-related things. In her previous life, he often drank with her father when they got married, and pestered him to tell stories about his days as a soldier. The two of them often became drunk, and they hugged each other as brothers in arms.

Thinking of what happened in the past, Tu Sisi couldn’t help laughing bitterly. At that time, Gu Xia also dragged her to say that he would go to the army and told her to wait for him at home, and also said that she was not allowed to cheat or something.

After listening to a lot of his nonsense, Tu Sisi became angry and punched him twice.

[Then you have to treat that adoptive grandfather well. When I go back, you have to take me to see grandfather.]

“Okay, when you come back, I will take his granddaughter-in-law to see the grandfather. He will surely be very happy, but before you go to meet my adoptive grandfather, you have to go with me to see my parents, as well as my grandparents in the countryside. I want to let my dad meet his daughter-in-law from his previous life, haha…”



Tu Sisijiao snorted, and then replied softly.

Tu Sisi touched her face, ‘Um~ I feel a little shy, how could this be?’

‘Haven’t I already seen them in my previous life?’

‘Is it because it would be the first time we are going to meet each other?’

‘Am I nervous?’

‘Well, it must be that…’

Tu Sisi comforted herself.

“I still can’t get used to this. Where are you staying now? Is it a hotel?” Gu Xia asked.

[Hotel? I’m staying at the Hilton Hotel! Not a plain hotel on the street.” Tu Sisi laughed]

“Fu*k! Hilton, how much money did my father-in-law give you! You are so extravagant, living in Hilton!” Gu Xia exclaimed.

Tu Sisi was thinking about whether to tell Gu Xia about Hu Chao being here too. If she told him, this guy would probably be very jealous!


‘Well~ let’s tell him!’

Shouldn’t the husband and wife be honest with each other?

Besides, she has nothing to do with Hu Chao, so what was she afraid of?

[Oh! That’s right, Hu Chao is here too, the hotel was arranged by him, and he also transferred here to come to the same school as me.] Tu Sisi said softly.

“How can that disgusting thing Hu Chao be the same as in our previous life, why does it make me so unhappy? You should just ignore him, wait for me… When I’m on vacation, I’ll fly to see you, and then I’ll have to scold him. That guy made me very unhappy in our past life, and he still makes me unhappy now. “Gu Xia didn’t doubt Tu Sisi. After all, she didn’t accept Hu Chao in her previous life, and the two of them had been married for several years, so they had an emotional foundation.


Tu Sisi smiled… She knew Gu Xia would react like this.

[Okay, I’ll help you scold him at that time. Remember to visit me during the holidays! But you have to have money to come here!]

“I will find a way! Anyway, I will visit you during the winter vacation, and I still want to go to bed with you. We haven’t rolled the sheets in ten years.”

It was indeed ten years. The two had returned to ten years in the past, so didn’t that count as ten years?

[Annoying~ All you want is to do that every day.]

Tu Sisi said while blushing.

[Gu Xia, it’s nice to wear this bracelet, it’s like you’re by my side.] Tu Sisi whispered while touching the bracelet on her wrist.

Although this bracelet was just a red rope with a few beads, it was very simple, but it represented her Gu Xia!

“Okay, go to sleep now…”

[Hmm…] Tu Sisi responded.

[Gu Xia, I want to hear you say those three words, can you tell me.] Tu Sisi suddenly said.

Gu Xia heard her words, touched his nose, and felt a little embarrassed. He was an old man with a wife.

[Come on, say it~]

“Sisi, I love you, I love you…”

Gu Xia said more than a dozen strings of “I love you” in one breath, and he laughed at himself after saying that. He secretly asked himself, ‘What is wrong with me? Isn’t it just saying I love you? It’s not like I didn’t say it in the past…’

[I love you too~]

Gu Xia smiled when he heard the voice from Tu Sisi on the opposite side.

How blissful!

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