Chapter 37: The villainess is hopeless (part 2)

After tilting her head for a moment, Shael nodded her head and started eating the desserts.

Fortunately, I felt relieved that the situation turned out well. But on second thought, I think I brought out too many desserts.

Shael was happily enjoying it…

Now that I camly think about it, she might get sick if she ate them all by herself. In the first place, sweets weren’t something that was good for the body. So I also reached out to take some of the desserts.

“Stop your hands!”

That’s what Shael said before I could even grab one of the desserts, and stare at my hand.

‘I gave them to you, but I can’t even eat it?’

No matter how evil she was, this was going too far!

“I made these, so isn’t it a bit too much to stop me from having one?”

At my words, Shael shook her head in disapproval. She even moved some of the desserts away from in front of me.

What an evil thing to do!

So, before Shael could stop me, I quickly picked up one of the cookies.

But the cookie never reached my mouth.


Suddenly, the cookies were burned to ashes. They disappeared without even leaving any crumbs behind!


Anyway, it seemed like she had used magic. Should you use magic in a situation like this?

But she did it with amazing skill. Casting a spell in such a distance should be quite difficult.

It seems that Shael had grown tremendously in a short period of time.

Then, I tried to move my hand to find another cookie.


Suddenly, the desserts were gone. It was an amazing speed. Several times faster than usual.

Actually, the speed at which Shael was eating wasn’t that fast. But was clear that she was eating in a hurry because she didn’t want to give me anything.

‘Why is she doing this?’ 

Obviously, it wasn’t like this the last time I gave her desserts.

Whenever I tried to take a dessert, she would send me a stern look, but I wouldn’t stop just from that much.

The villainess was behaving in a way that made it hard for me to understand her intentions.

The next thing Shael did was equally confusing.

She gave me a magic tool.

It was a magic tool that provided air containing a bit more pure mana when held against the face.

She was just casually giving it to me, but I couldn’t figure out why.

‘Could it be for my health?’

I decided to ask Shael right away.

“Could it be that you are giving this to me because you were concerned about my health?”

Of course, that couldn’t be the case.

After thinking about my words for a while, Shael spoke.

“I gave it to you because I don’t want to breathe the same air, so please be quiet.”

“Ah, yes.”

I decided to use the magic tool as she wished, then fired back at the villainess as a bonus.

“I don’t like that either, so I will use it.”

Now it was time to savor Shael’s reaction. However, I couldn’t see the angry expression I was hoping to see. 

Rather, Shael, she was putting on an expression as if she had won.

I didn’t have anything more to say to Shael.

It was the first time in a while I felt like I had lost to her.

During the moment of silence, Shael raised her head as if she suddenly remembered something.

“Go to sleep now.”

‘She’s doing it again.’ I sighed heavily and directly asked Shael.

“What do you plan to do while I sleep?”


Shael didn’t respond to my words. She just headed towards her own bed.

“I’ll sleep too, then it’ll be fine, right?”


Without even waiting for a reply, Shael laid down on her bed and closed her eyes.

Shael was really sleeping. 

However, if I also slept… you never know what would happen. Maybe, I would never be able to wake up forever. It was obvious that something bad would happen.

After looking at Shael for a while, I looked around her room. I noticed a piece of paper beside Shael’s bed.

Many things were written on the paper.

It wasn’t Shael’s handwriting. However, I was able to see that it had a stamp showing the writers identity as the pharmacist of the Azbel family.

ㅡSleep a lot.

ㅡBreathe the air filled with pure mana.

ㅡ Avoid sweets.

There were several lines written on it. Even if you look at it, they were all things that were good for the health.

It was clear that the pharmacist wrote it down for Shael, who was supposed to have no interest in my health.

It also matched the actions Shael wanted me to do, but… it must have been a coincidence. Because the villainess wasn’t the type to care about my health.

I saw Shael sleeping, then I lowered my gaze to the paper once more and looked at Shael again.

Then I noticed something, Shael was disobeying her pharmacist’s advice.

ㅡ Always keep your body warm.

She was hugging the doll as usual, but she didn’t cover herself with a blanket. Come to think of it, she ate a lot of sweets as well.

I covered Shael with a blanket. And then, a thought occurred to me.

The villainess was really hopeless.

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