Chapter 38: First draw with the villainess (part 1)

I tried to open the door of the room as quietly as possible. But it still made a sound.

And, at the same time, a rustle was heard from the bed.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

That was what Shael said as soon as she woke up. She seemed to have been deeply asleep, but…

‘Could she have been acting?’

I got chills! 

If I had really fallen asleep as the villainess had suggested, what kind of disaster would I have had to suffer?

Shael, who was looking at me, stood up and said.

“Then let’s go outside.”

Shael made another suggestion. It seemed that she had finally realized that I wasn’t willing to sleep here.

To be honest, it was also hard to accept Shael’s sudden suggestion to go outside…

But it was a better suggestion than before.

At least there was less possibility of being killed in my sleep.

“Yes, let’s go. Where would you like to go?”


Shael pondered for a moment. 

‘Could it be that she made such an offer without even thinking about where she wanted to go?’

Then Shael opened her mouth.

“Let’s go to the zoo.”

“A zoo?”

At my question, Shael nodded her head.

The villainess suggested going to the zoo.

To be honest, it was a proposal that I never expected she could make.

I was flustered but still followed Shael.

Shael was heading to the Azbel family’s teleportation area.

It was a place full of mana with teleportation magic circles drawn everywhere. 

We arrived at the teleportation field before long, and at the same time, Shael frowned at something. 

It was because Duke Jespen was present, and was staring at Shael.

It was clear that Shael would feel embarrassed about this situation.

 I didn’t know whether he knew it or not… but Duke Jespen still continued to stare at Shael.

I mean, it kind of made sense why he would stare like that.

The villainess had come to this particular teleportation field by her own will, a teleportation field that didn’t lead to places Shael would normally go.

Duke Jespen looked at me for a moment and then nodded as if he understood. Then gave a approving smile before he disappeared.


Shael, who was staring at the place where Duke Jespen was just a moment before, started looking for a suitable magic circle for us.

She chose a magic circle that would lead to the zoo.

It was a magic circle that was quite massive for something that would lead to the zoo.

Come to think of it, there were rumors that Duke Jespen was a great romantic.

The Azbel couple must like going to the zoo a lot.

Thanks to that, I think we could go to the zoo more comfortably.

Shael activated the magic circle. Then, before I knew it, Shael and I were at the zoo.

“So, what animal do you want to see?”

“I didn’t ask to come because there was an animal I wanted to see.”

Unlike what she said, Shael started walking at a certain direction. It was clear that she did want to see something.


I heard a gradual vibrating sound. When I focused my eyes on the source of the sound, I saw a group of dolphins.

They look similar to what I saw in my previous life. The only difference was that, these dolphins were flying through the air.

“Magic Dolphin?”

There was an explanation on the sign. 

They were species that exhaled high-quality mana while floating in the air?

They worked like a kind of natural air purifier. In fact, I could feel that mana quality of the zoo was a lot better that usual when I got here.

Now I know that these dolphins were the reason why the whole zoo had good quality mana.

Shael was silently admiring the dolphins.

It was clear that she was captivated by the mystery of the dolphins flying through the air.

However, the words that came out of Shael’s mouth were enough to make me panic.

“That’s not good. Rather, catfish would be better.”

To say something like that, she was indeed a villainess.

After Shael said that, she started walking again.

But this time, it was different. Unlike her walk to see the dolphins, it was a walk without a destination.

I and Shael started walking around the zoo, curiously looking at the animals.

There was no way that Shael, the villainess, had been to the zoo a lot, and it was the same for me who had just possessed a character in a fantasy world.

So it was natural for us to be captivated by the charms of these exotic animals.

In the meantime, I saw animals that looked like elephants. People were throwing food at them. 

The sign said, [They eat just about anything.]

‘They eat just about anything?’

I immediately pulled out my magic pouch, and quickly started sifting through it.

To be honest, I thought there wouldn’t be anything left because I gave everything to Shael earlier, but fortunately there was a box of cookies left.

It was thanks to the fact that it was hidden by my clothes.

I took out a cookie and threw it at the elephant-like animal. Then, the animal reached out and ate it in one bite.

It was a really cute animal. To the point where I wanted to make more desserts for it.

So it was only natural that Shael would also be interested.

No matter how evil she was, she should also enjoy its cuteness.

Shael looked like she wanted to eat the cookies herself. But I couldn’t let Shael eat them all

“Please take it.”

I said, while handing a cookie to Shael. 

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