Chapter 39: Changes in personality

Gu Xia felt that it was necessary to burst her self-confidence, oh no, it should be called megalomania.

“First of all, don’t you understand that what I just said was polite? I didn’t look at you out of respect. If I keep staring at you, you’ll probably think that I am a pervert. I didn’t talk to you because we don’t know each other, and Han Jing, I’m not feeling inferior, I just don’t want to talk, understand?”

Gu Xia looked at her expressionless face, thinking, ‘Did I say too much!?’

If she started crying now and said that I bullied her, he would be embarrassed to death.



Gu Xia, “………”

‘What the hell is this? I rebuked her, and she laughed? Could it be that water got in her brain?’

“Are you thinking, ‘I rebuked her and she’s still laughing? Did water get in her brain?’” Han Jing said with a smile.

“How did you know that?” Gu Xia blurted out.

“Well~ I won’t tell you, hehe~”

Gu Xia looked at Han Jing, who was walking a few steps ahead, and pouted, ‘A woman is really incomprehensible. But I don’t want to understand her. Hell…I don’t even understand Tu Sisi thoroughly…’

They walked all the way to a hot pot restaurant called Chuanxiang Old Hotpot at the gate of the university.

Li Wen had already reserved a seat. It was a partitioned booth. The table was quite large and could accommodate more than a dozen people to eat together.

The decoration of the store was also very elegant, with some light music playing in the background. Since it just opened, there were special offers. There were many people who ate hot pot. Although this season was not that cold, the Mid-Autumn Festival was coming soon, so there were still a lot of people who ate hot pot.

Most of the things ordered were ordered by girls, after all, women were the first priority here.

Gu Xia only asked Li Wen to order a piece of pork belly for himself. Gu Xia’s favorite food for hot pot was pork belly. He liked to cook it spicy, and then put it in his mouth. Its crunchy and spicy flavor had a pleasant taste.



In the Hilton Hotel, Tu Sisi woke up in a daze.

After waking up, her complexion changed, because she realized that illness had acted up again, and this was the third time it happened.

The first time was at Mount Tai, the second time was at home, and it was just the third time.

Fortunately, Gu Xia comforted her, otherwise she would definitely do something out of control.

Just like the last time she was at home, she had said and done a lot of weird things, almost scaring her parents to death.

Fortunately, it didn’t happen on the street, or in front of Hu Chao and the others.

Otherwise, things would not end well.

The first time she passed out and had to be taken to the hospital.

The second time she fainted at home.

Fortunately, Gu Xia had helped her this time. It seemed that Gu Xia was really her bane!

Tu Si then remembered, ‘It seems that Gu Xia asked me to help him with some data?’

‘Um… I have to write it well, if he succeeds and earns money, he will be able to see me as soon as possible. I’m a little excited to think about it…’


“Come on, cheers… to the first contact between our two dormitories.”

In the hot pot restaurant, Wang Qun shouted with a beer in his hand.

The ladies also picked up the cup of herbal tea and shouted, “Cheers~”

Gu Xia looked at Wang Qun whose face was sparkling, and Li Wen and Song Yiyi, who were sitting together.

And then there was Liu Shu, who was burying his head in his food, why did this guy feel so uncomfortable.

Gu Xia thought about it, and he still couldn’t think of a reason, so he also lowered his head and ate the pork belly in front of him.


There was a plate full of pork belly just now, how come there are only two pieces left?

Gu Xia looked at the two pieces of pork belly on the plate in front of him and was stunned.

Then he noticed that Han Jing’s bowl was full of rinsed pork belly,

Gu Xia felt aggrieved.

‘If you like to eat pork belly, then why didn’t you order it? Why are you eating the pork belly I ordered? I have put the pork belly in front of me, and you still ate it! And did your eyes get a cramp? Why are you winking at me? Do you have some kind of illness?’

Gu Xia didn’t look at Han Jing, who was smiling and winking at him.

He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control himself and grab the pork belly from her bowl!

Then he thought how good his Sisi was! Every time they went to eat hot pot, she would help him cook it, and she didn’t eat it herself. She was really the best!

Gu Xia reluctantly picked up the last two pieces of pork belly and rinsed it, and put it in his mouth, ‘Um~ this is the taste, delicious…’

“Waiter, bring four servings of hairy belly to me.”

Gu Xia called the waiter and ordered.

Gu Xia thought to himself that he could have a good time now, right?

You want to rob? I will be ready when you try to grab it all and eat it.

“Gu Xia, drink! Don’t just keep eating!”

Wang Qun shouted.

Gu Xia raised the beer and took a sip.

“Feifei, come, eat this, this is delicious.”

“Thank you~”

Gu Xia watched as Wang Qun kept feeding Li Feifei, and he was very attentive. It seemed that this kid really liked Li Feifei.

As for Liu Shu?

Forget it, let’s not talk about it. Except for drinking, this guy didn’t even raise his head, he just kept eating. 

Gu Xia didn’t want to think too much and he just grabbed his rinsed pork belly to eat.

“Hey~ Gu Xia, your name is Gu Xia, right? Which Gu and which Xia?” Han Jing asked with a smile.

“Gu from ancient, and Xia from summer.”

“Oh~ your name is so unique.”

“Your name is also quite unique.” Gu Xia pouted.

“Thank you.”


‘Forget it, I can’t chat with this woman, I can’t continue to chat… I’ll just eat in silence!’

Gu Xia glanced at Liu Shu, this guy always eats with a hairy belly, and he didn’t even eat a few pieces.

‘This guy always talked about chasing girls, so why aren’t you chasing them! Don’t you see Huang Jing sitting there? So go up and chat! You’re a man, what are you afraid of!’

‘Even if you don’t like the quietHuang Jing, isn’t there still this proactive Han Jing? Why don’t you go after her?’

It’s a pity that Liu Shu didn’t know what Gu Xia was thinking, and even if he knew, he would pretend not to hear it.

“Hey~ Yiyi, Li Wen, you asked us out, just let us see you two kiss! Oh, hey, you’re even feeding him.” Han Jing joked.

Song Yiyi blushed when she heard her words, and ran to Han Jing’s side, and the two started bickering.

“Come on, are you guys men or children? Drink this bottle with me, and let’s see who is the real man. Come, drink.”

Gu Xia watched Han Jing finish drinking a bottle of wine in one breath, and was stunned. ‘Are you a man or us, can’t you drink slowly, why do you have to drink in one go? You will have no friends like this…’

“What’s the matter? I’ve finished drinking it, are you not a man! Can’t you do it? Gu Xia, you drink first.”

After speaking, Han Jing glanced at Gu Xia.

“Yeah, Gu Xia, take the lead, you can’t lose face in our dormitory No. 333! Drink it.” Wang Qun coaxed.

“Gu Xia, men can’t say no~”

Da*mn, it was really not worth it to make friends!

Gu Xia shook his head with a wry smile, raised his head and finished a bottle.

After drinking, his stomach felt a bit bloated. After all, it was 550 ml.

“That’s more like a man.”

“Come on, Wang Qun, drink one.”

Gu Xia watched Han Jing finish four bottles in a row, Wang Qun, Liu Shu and Li Wen also drank a bottle due to her taunting.

‘Fu*k! It was 550 ml a bottle! So, 4 bottles added up to 2200ml. How can you do this without stopping?’

Even if it was water, Gu Xia thought that he couldn’t drink that much!

Although the beer would be digested after burping a few times and urinating, but drinking 4 bottles in a row like this was amazing!

Unexpectedly, she turned out to be a master of the wine table!

“Why am I the only one who’s drinking, and you guys aren’t making any movement at all? Can’t you drink more? If you’re a man, you have to be able to drink.” Han Jing shouted.

Gu Xia and Li Wen looked at each other with a wry smile, indicating their inability.

“It’s only drinking, I’ll go first.”

Wang Qun couldn’t listen to her taunts, so he picked up a bottle of beer and faced her, followed by Li Feifei, Huang Qin, Song Yiyi and the others. Since Li Feifei and the others said they could not drink anymore, they only drank a glass of beer.

After finishing four bottles, Wang Qun kept hiccuping with a bitter look on his face, and just as he was about to sit down, he heard Han Jing say, “Hey, you haven’t finished the circle yet, why did you want to sit down? Your roommates also haven’t drank yet.”

Gu Xia saw Wang Qun’s expression and knew that he couldn’t drink anymore. It wasn’t because he couldn’t drink more, but because his stomach was full. If he drank more, he would definitely vomit.

“Forget it! You just drank with us boys just now, and the girls from your dormitory didn’t participate. So what Wang Qun did is justified.”

Gu Xia had to open his mouth and he couldn’t just watch Wang Qun drink and vomit. Wang Qun was a proud general and he wouldn’t be able to stand it.

After he finished speaking, he kicked Li Wen with his foot, gave him a look, and asked him to quickly say a few words. If they drank like this tonight, they all would definitely vomit.

“Yeah, Han Jing, don’t drink like this, or we all will all get drunk later.”

Yiyi also added, “Han Jing, drink slowly!”

“Hehe~ okay!”

Han Jing smiled, but didn’t continue to force Wang Qun to drink. Wang Qun breathed a sigh of relief, he almost vomited out just now, but fortunately held back. If he vomited here, it would be a matter of great shame.

Gu Xia felt that since his rebirth, his personality had changed a bit, especially since he went to the university, he has become a lot more cheerful.

In his previous life, he had to pay the mortgage every month, and he had to earn a livelihood. He always felt depressed and tired every day.

After being reborn, all those pressures were gone, and his personality had changed a bit. Gu Xia didn’t know if this was good or bad?

‘But so far, it’s pretty good…’

After eating the hot pot, Li Wen proposed to go karaoke. This guy was not short of money anyway, but Gu Xia didn’t go.

And after chatting, Gu Xia found out that Han Jing studied psychology, no wonder she spoke so sharply… But it had nothing to do with him anyways.

The group went to the karaoke, while Gu Xia returned to the dormitory, and continued to write on the notebook to prepare for another idea.

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